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  2. Las Vegas 2/22/18

    Finally got to hear how they'd handle a recreation Corrina in comparison to the DSO Corrinas they've been rocking at electives. Their ability to switch between styles or approaches to a song never ceases to amaze. I really would love for them to keep going and do more later shows and pull in more later material. Awesome venue.
  3. Anaheim

    Oh, of course - Now I feel silly.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Spring Tour

    My schedule looks close to PGs so far. Atlanta for sure. Wanee for sure. No family heritage stuff for me though. That trip sounds interesting and enriching.
  6. Dead and co has lost their mind

    I got a 2002 bottle.. the label explains what an artist Jerry was. I've been having a bottle each year from a case that I bought.. following Peter Rowan's advise... there's more to treasure than to save
  7. Las Vegas 2/22/18

    And I'm sure the Althea, Stagger Lee,,Wheel>Stella among others puts some perk in your step today (or perhaps a few more sore spots!😉) helluva filler there as well
  8. Las Vegas 2/22/18

    ChuckVegas ... you got an "Eyes" ... the world is right ... at least today ...
  9. Dead and co has lost their mind

    Anybody have a reasonably priced 2001 J Garcia Cabernet Sauvignon?
  10. Anaheim

    Thanks for the clarification Rob!
  11. Las Vegas 2/22/18

    12-11-92 Oakland Filler: Why Don’t We Do it in the Road; Tore Up; I’ll Take a Melody Wonderful time and the pain I am in now was worth every second of dancing bliss. More to come. Highlight of the highlights: Eyes>Corrina. Discuss amongst yourselves!
  12. Spring Tour

    For us- Atlanta, Asheville , Charleston and.... Wanee. Gonna stop off on way back home from Wanee to visit where my Civil War Veteran great grandfather who survived Gettysburg in Cobb’s legion dropped dead At age 75 and left my grandfather Robert Lee, at age 3 fatherless, soon to be motherless at 5. ———-excited to see the Indian Mounds. This is where the Native American side of my family hails- my maternal great grandmother. I have talon cusps on my lateral teeth to prove it.
  13. Anaheim

    So, not to disparage anyone, but, Skip started that jam from Hard to Handle from 71;-). Loves it!!
  14. Anaheim

    Chad Wackerman......wow, awesome drummer!
  15. Winter Olympics

    DVR is the ONLY way to watch the Olympics imo......I typically watch the prime time 4 hour broadcast in 2 hours.
  16. Dead and co has lost their mind

    Wait a second and please back up. Let's not get JGarcia ties into this discussion. "Merchandising sellouts?" Seriously? They were totally righteous and as Rude says fairly priced. Awesome pieces of art based on designs by Garcia himself. Anyone have anything on that level to say about the Dead & Co rose hat? I didn't think so.
  17. San Francisco Night #1

    I think Rude's equation has imbalanced parenthesis. But more importantly lacks the critical logarithm of Garcia's essence coefficient.
  18. Last week
  19. Winter Olympics

    I typically don’t get much into Olympics but watched the OT and shootout of the women’s hockey last night. Winning goal was badass. She gave that goalie the old okie doke.
  20. Winter Olympics

    It's been grate to watch but I need to be DVR-ing this stuff. With what little free time I have for myself, I can't spend half of it watching the same commercials over-and-over. For the 100th time: I'm not buying a Toyota nor am I interested in diabetes medication. As for our new pop-culture star - one word. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  21. Winter Olympics

    welcome America’s newest star. I mean hungarys newest star!!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/NBCOlympics/status/965746567192997889/video/1
  22. Anaheim

    Glad y’all got the electric set. I had heard the equipment was hemmed up tight in Tahoe and might not make it there. Way to go, team DSO!! “Have faith in in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through.... no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. “
  23. Anaheim

    just saw that sml attributed that Shakedown jam to GSET - I'm guessing that is right...
  24. Anaheim

    I had a great time last night. Venue was perfect for the size of crowd - plenty of space all around. Much more open floor than the old HOB. Show was pure fire and fun. Awesome elective set list with one great song choice after another. Jack Straw hit those big notes hard and you knew they were on. Always love to hear 4th street and they seem to play it with just enough frequency. I missed hearing Little Light from the G.Dead and other than a Phil show in 1999 I think this may have been my first. Love the song and they put some awesome slightly spacey touches on it. I was ready for some jamming and Bird Song hit the spot. Big OtherOne-ish jam in there, but most BirdSongs have it. Shakedown got the 2nd set off to a groovy start. I heard that same 70s theme jam as mention above I don't think it was 'tighten up' (from 70s Dancin') but could be... The rest of predrums had plenty of space for jamming and dancing. Post drums while not as mesmerizing as earlier parts still was great and the song choices again were superb. Played right up to the midnight curfew. This show was everything I wanted and needed and MORE. Another superb mid-week OC show Can't wait for Saban and San Diego!
  25. Anaheim

    Good query, Scotty. I don't think there is a name, not one I've heard- I think it's just part of the song. The progression goes C Bb F C This would fit perfectly into the shakedown jam. Forgive me bc my music speak is less than my ability to play but in Shakedown they are jamming over the C7 chord (key of F?). Naturally it would flow. Thanks, I'm taking this opportunity to learn GSET a little better
  26. Anaheim

    Chad Wackerman from Frank Zappa's '84 band? I love playing Positively 4th Street, I just hope those who are listening are not offended. It's a great song to play and sing. Thanks for the list and venue review. Keep on keeping on like you do!
  27. Anaheim

    Home brew~ Jack Straw Sittin' On Top Of The World It's All Over Now West LA Fade Away CC Rider Positively 4th Street Just A Little Light Mama Tried Bird Song The Music Never Stopped Shakedown Street Crazy Fingers Unbroken Chain Playin' In The Band > Drums > Space King Solomon's Marbles Hey Jude > Playin' Reprise Attics Of My Life Around And Around E: Day Tripper Before returning, Shakedown broke into the jam they do in the early 70s Greatest Stories which was super cool. (If this one has a name, someone let me know.) Chad Wackerman sat in on drums for at least Playin' and Drums, possibly more. Attics had Jeff, Eaton, and Lisa singing. The first HOB I've been to that wasn't awful - It sounded great and had plenty of room and places to dance.
  28. Link To Jambase... definitely astral traveling for this couch show.
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