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  2. https://archive.org/details/billystrings2019-09-15.brainwave https://liveforlivemusic.com/features/reviews/greensky-bluegrass-billy-strings-red-rocks-9-15-19/
  3. Yea, I noticed that they would lock on to one star and go into great depth, detail. I understand the Carter Family story and their contributions, I get it. Then they went all in with Jimmie Rodgers. It gave me the impression that he was the only person singing country music when he had his moment in the sun. I’m sure that’s not true. I’m not so sure that a fair picture is being painted. Something has to be left out to go into such detail with certain stars.
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  5. I'd like to hear that black peter again...
  6. Kind of thought Woody Guthrie would get more than a passing mention last night
  7. I was wondering the same thing. Last year we got the double treat of not only a couple of great audience recordings on archive.org (thank you, tapers!), but also a wonderful, free, stellar video of their whole first show at Red Rocks, including Keller Williams' opening act, uploaded to youtube by Nugs (thank you, Nugsters!). This year we get nada! I have a hard time believing nobody captured a decent audio recording of this year's show, even with the rain. Perhaps we will get lucky, and one will surface down the road, but I share your frustration, Jim!
  8. Hello, I didn't attend Red Rocks this year. I would love to listen to what I missed, but so far no recording has surfaced. Any leads? Thanks in advance!
  9. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I'm in for the duration. Burns' docs are always a marathon, but well worth it!
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  11. I thoroughly enjoyed that documentary. I love how it can be brought all the way back to it’s conception. Reminds me of the Grateful Dead and the acid tests, etc. it also flashed me back to something I had seen or read about the Harry Smith anthology of American Folk music. (?) it seems that Jerry and the boys tapped into this in their beginnings. I also read, in Reader’s Digest of all places, that When Jerry was little, his grandmother was into bluegrass and always had the radio playing Bill Monroe. Totally way cool.
  12. Ugh. There goes my exec producer credit for getting jk together with the Dso guys for the new Bravo show “Tension island”. The premise was awkward tension with great editing to make it look like every comment elicits frowns. Was even going to have a cliffhanger where the front desk says “sorry Mr Kadlicek, we don’t have any room in your name” and then computer animate his mouth to say “I’m risking my life flying to Jamaica”. Then some tense music plays and we cut to commercial. Back to the drawing board.
  13. That was from a Jimmy Rodger's tune. At one point of the show, Marty Stewart was naming off country stars that had covered Jimmy Rodgers. They had a photo of Jerry up on the screen but the words just wouldn't come out his of mouth as to who it was. They held the photo of Jerry up for what seemed a long time. Jerry recorded a version of Blue Yodel # 9 (Standing on the Corner) by Jimmy Rodgers. He played with David Grisman on that recording.
  14. Tea

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    I finished a long re-cap of my show experience and have now thought better of it. Needless to say, it was a really wonderful time in a really magical place. 26 years since my last concert at RR and I was treated to a thrilling experience. The weather ran the full spectrum as did the variety of the show. I was so glad to be next to my brother on one side and what felt like a band of brothers and sisters on the other. I felt surrounded by love, joy, wonder, mystery, excitement, and acceptance. I was also surrounded by rain within a moment of the band trailing off from that White Rabbit I like to take that ride again! 2 nights at Red Rox would be dead, solid, perfect (after a couple in Boulder of course to whet our appetites). Thanks to DSO and Crew - there was a great deal to pull off and everyone did so in spades
  15. I saw it. Great documentary, I learned a lot. At one point, someone was talking and the background music was the lyrics, ‘I ‘d rather drink muddy water, sleep in a hollow log.... I always thought those lyrics were part of early versions of I know you Ryder. Apparently, it’s an entirely different song. Anybody?
  16. Who's watching? Caught the first episode last night and was impressed. DVR is set for the rest
  17. I will be there to capture all the magic pouring from the stage for the whole event.
  18. Such a fun and shamanic night! Thanks to you and weather command and everyone else for helping to pull it up from the depths....ahhhhhh
  19. I braved the mosh pit stage left for a good part of the first set, but eventually retreated to the balcony for 8 more sq ft of dance space. 2nd set was a surreal dance party on the aisle in the balcony. People eventually figured we weren't giving up, so they bailed. Sweet.
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  21. Jealous of all you lucky ducks getting to see this, looks like Jeff is going to be playing with Melvin Seals and JGB for Jam in the Sand.
  22. Perhaps a typo but I like "Om Target". That is what we're all here for, ya?
  23. Second that. The Rahj was very pleased on this fine evening. Second that. The Rahj was very pleased on this fine evening.
  24. Hardpan

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    Listening to the original recording of this show tonight, Bob Wagner's killer audience recording. Really special to listen to the GD recording and remember the time I was having during the show, almost like listening back on to our own version of that night, I feel lucky to be alive to experience the music this band brings through right now.
  25. video not the best, but good show from 72
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