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    Breathe folks! This too shall pass and we will be back rocking the universe;-)
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    I’m glad I was able to find all these tapes and see that they got back to the GD! 5 years of my life..
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    Will be a time of most joyful communion. I think DSO is going to need larger venues. Just daydreaming about the next Jack Straw, Bertha or Cold Rain and Snow kickoff and being surrounded by all your beautiful faces and graceful and jubilant moves. My love to you all, friends, strangers, band and crew ❤️❤️
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    ... that postponing the tour is a wise decision. Stop and think about it, if just one person is infected they can spread the virus to a lot of people they aren't going to infect just one, maybe it can be hundreds. Then those people can spread it, maybe at another show and more people are infected and all of these people go to any number of places; other shows, bars sports events, on and on. What if the band gets sick, there could be no more shows! Some of you have said that the Disaster in Chief should have taken the situation seriously to begin with, well we all need to take it seriously. missing some shows is an inconvenience, I'd rather be inconvenienced than DEAD! While I'm ranting: It's time for the revolution! No I don't mean we should start blowing things up and carrying guns (too much of that now). It is time to vote out all the worthless fucking politicians that are in office now. Elect some new blood. This bullshit of voting for parties is just that BULLSHIT! I got an email from the DNC (yes I am presently registered as a democrat, not for long) anyway, the subject was "Here is who to vote for" I replied to it "Fuck You" Enough! Just think about consequences. Be safe, stay healthy. I love you all!
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    Ron - As for the first paragraph I quoted: well said, succinct, and I couldn't agree more. The fact that it took Florida's Republican governor until today to fully enact sensible measures is yet another body blow in the partisan world of Trump. I mean, why shut down while the President is so optimistic it'll be business as usual by Easter? As for the second paragraph I'm confused about how we got there, acrimonious moments in this tread or otherwise. There's no reason you should bear 100% of the costs around here.
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    Rob, you doing this for us is more than helping us pass this uncertain time, it also reminds us of why we love DSO so much. Most of us fans are indeed aware of how much you contribute not only as a long-term band member, but also as the master of those incredibly well recorded shows in your bands archive. A lot of bands record their shows, of course, and many even occasionally release some of them to the public, but you have taken this a step further by carefully and lovingly tend to them, just like you have with some of the GD tapes you have been tasked with rescuing and restoring in the past. Not trying to butter you up, but I just wanted to let you know how grateful I, and every DSO fan I know am for your tireless efforts. We miss being able to see you all in person, but trust that you and the rest of the band are safe, happy, and eager to get out on the road once the dust has settled from this epidemic. The joy we will all experience upon being able to gather and celebrate together will be impossible to measure! Peace to you, your family, and the rest of the band and crew. Topher
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    That has nothing to do with this thread and I should not have posted it here. I owe you all an explanation and plan to soon. Right now there is too much Drama in my life (having very little to do with this thread). I'm sorry I got out of control and behaved in a manner I have preached against for years! I have edited that post, a little too late. In my defense it (to me) was like a slap in the face. As Rick said we have met and I think he is a great person and I did and do consider him a friend.
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    I'm looking for a story/quote/review that talks about the transition from Scarlet > Fire from 11/30/80. Mango might know - somehow I think he's shared it before. As soon as I read it, I'll recognize it right away - please post it here. I'm sure most of you know it and I think it's become an official release. If by some chance you never heard it before, do yourself a favor:
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    Trumps press conferences are more like campaign speeches, I'm doing a great job, better than anyone else has ever done (paraphrased). He talks about bills he signed, have any of them actually been instituted? All the while blaming others for the current situation (mostly China) he says if he had known sooner it would not have gotten to this point. He knew sooner had he taken it seriously sooner instead of making stupid statements like "This isn't like Ebola, you get Ebola and you just vanish". I don't believe that the CIA and DOD etc and their spies and Satellites that no one knew what was happening. They have the top people on stage asshole to elbow, scratching there noses patting each other on the back (figuratively and literally) with Pence in the middle who brags he has been in contact with infected people and hasn't been tested. In one press conference Mike Pompousahole was asked questions none of which were answered, actually his answer to everything was I want to thank my staff for all their hard work, or at the direction of the president Me and my staff are doing a great job. Couldn't stand him when he was Kansas representative. Meanwhile, back at the hill Congress can't/won't pass legislation. They continually attach riders to bills that have nothing to do with the main purpose of that bill. an example no specifics They have a Bill, it's a great thing wonderful for the country, in fine print they slip in Gun Control, or Anti-abortion etc. On another note I wonder why Iraq and Russia are relatively unaffected.
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    I'm not quite that old, Mason and I am not and would not have been OK with Japanese Internment! I'm sorry you have such a low opinion of me. As for answering your questions there are way to many to keep up with. When is enough enough, I suppose the answer is different for everyone how the fuck am I supposed to answer that? Whatever my answer is I believe you would have a problem with it. As for your phone it sounded like you were saying the virus was transmitted by the phone, not on the phone. But don't you think if you have the phone close to your face and someone coughs and it gets on the phone it might be on your face also. I'm willing to listen to the Doctors and Scientist and take what politicians and biased news media have to say with a grain of salt. I am old and have medical issues so yes I am willing to stand for more than I would when I was young, dumb and full of ....... I'm sorry believing postponing a tour stirred up so much hate!!
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    There's a dragon with matches loose on the town....
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    How about releasing the sets lists for the COVID canceled shows so we can create a fantasy tour self quarantined dance party? 😍
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    What the crap? The DSO Spring NC shows have been the highlight of my year(s). I guess I'll have to stay in my effin cave and listen to old tapes Oh BTW, new to the forum. Pleasure to meet all of you 😁
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    Not planning on canceling as of this moment;-)
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    Did first set last night...second set for tonight... What I wanna know is why did it take so long for them to get Lisa on board?!! Those first two weeks were valuable time lost without her ! 😆
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    One night in 1987 I wandered over to the Bluebird Café (Nashville) on Writer's Night. The place is super small and intimate.....I was sitting at a table near the front - about 15 feet from the stage. About an hour into the show in wanders John Prine, joined by an Irish looking dude who played an orange Strat. Prine played for about 40 minutes then left.....priceless memory....so grateful. One of a kind.....
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    You’re invited to join us! Be 'In The Stream' next Fri. April 10 from 9 AM – 10PM ET on FANS - Belong Here powered by LD Systems! Four back-to-back shows from The Capitol Theatre with live Q & As in between featuring: 12:15 PM ET - Lisa & Rob Barraco 4:00 PM ET - Rob Koritz & Dino 8:15 PM ET - Rob Eaton & Skip Get on the guest list now-->> FANS.COM
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    I would drive from Lorain , Ohio to Chicago on regular basis.. could make it in less than 5 hours easy when all fell into place to see DSO at Martyer's starting in pre-2000... nice little parking lot across the street I seem to recall ... maybe 30 spots max.. without looking I'm guessing it was on Lincoln Street .. or Lincoln was right in area ..
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    I’m curious to ask if barraco’s headband is now a face mask. It’s nice to have a readily available accessory serving duel purposes.
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    My opinion? It’s not up to the band or the fans. It’s up to the virus and the way we react to it. I don’t think it’s going away for a long time. It’s already to late for us to do a really good job. It’s going to get to the point that it hits close to every one’s home, family. Then, we’ll take the necessary precautions. Unfortunately, people will go back to business as usual, between the psychological and financial stresses. We will still have 95% of the population without any immunity to it, haven’t caught it yet or died from it. I suspect that it’ll be a mess until a vaccine or some sort of preventative meds come along. My brother described it like steering a large ship. It takes a long while to make it turn. I think it’s going to take a grass roots approach for success. It can’t come from the top down. Our fearless leader is incompetent. Just my casual, somewhat intelligent observation. I am not a scientist or a doctor. I think we have to look at this like Jerry’s coma times two. but remember, when things got going again, a fun time was had by all. Never give up hope. That’s all, thanks for letting me share.
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    In the next few days I will put the tomatoes, and pepper, and mellons out into my small garden. They are about ten inches tall now, all started from seed, some seed from last year's fruit. Round and round, the cut of the plow in the furrowed fieldSeasons round, the bushels of corn and the barley mealBroken ground, open and beckoning to the spring; black dirt live again Peace and Love, Doc
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    This is the drums space part of your life.
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    I’ve been giving this some thought. The answer is clear. Corr-O-na! Shake it up, baBY!
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    July DSO Colorado doesn’t happen I might go crazy. Like move to a cave and get a pet squirrel crazy.
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    That is a great idea! Not only for DSO, but for other musicians during this time...a way for people to enjoy some 'live' music while stuck at home,, and a way for musicians to be able to make a few dollars during this time of hardship... The handful of live stream shows that I've watched, DSO, and other bands,,,have been a really cool experience to be able to connect with the music in the moment,,from home.
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    Let’s see. I live alone. I work alone. I just got a horrible haircut. Sure, I’ll avoid people for a couple months. I was going to anyway.
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    Wow when you put the "trifecta of devotion" like that it's got an impressive ring to it. Ignoring the sharing and playing, has Rob ever made a more seminal Dead tape than with Jeff Silberman in Philly 4-21-84? Beyond this recording in and of itself, the capture seemed to open the door to more spaced omni efforts and even even more large diaphragm microphone efforts.
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    Happy Friday everybody, Yahoo it's a real Happy Friday for me---just scored my 2 front row tickets to Dark Star show on June 26th @ The Chesterfield Amphitheater!!! YIP!!! So take that coronavirus!!!! The tour must go on.... Enjoy the day and be safe everybody....
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    So I'll tell you all about something that happened In Seattle this last time. During drums, I'm dancing, someone I don't know randomly decided to interupt and volunteer to me, "You know, back in the day, thousands of years ago, if you got sick, they'd take you out into the middle of nowhere, surround, and beat drums at you." He looked me right in the eyes and said, "This [going to dead shows] is the healthiest thing anyone can do." Deadheads are protected ;3 What the world needs more than anything in the midst of all this is the experience of these shows - If any are forced to be cancelled, it will be a terrible tragedy and a missed opportunity to send a much needed message.
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    Went to see Melvin Seals and JGB this past Saturday at the Cap, great time! My first time seeing the full band, the only other time I've seen Melvin was with DSO as his band a couple years ago at the Jubilee. High energy dance tempo all night long, with a few breaks in the onslaught with some slower songs. Great time to break up the winter between fall Northeast and sorting Northeast DSO, usually go into concert hibernation during winter. I would see them again if they are within an hour or so. Local CT Grateful Dead band Stella Blues Band opened up, which was a lovely surprise in how tight they are and well they played.
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    dark black hashish saturated with opium was very best while listening to "Dark Star" when it first came out on the album in the early seventies
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    I’d say “and I left his dead ass there by the side of the road” but that seems rather gauche.
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    chuck, if you scroll down, youll see james left a review of show( sort of ), more to pay respects to scotty...Miss the ole daze buddy...
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    Ron I wear my old and in the way tshirt constantly now and fault you not for your reaction. Talking shit out loud to let off steam in this environment shouldn’t result In draconian action. MC is young and perhaps in this instance he knows not what he is saying but in the aggregate represents a positive force for much in what we are aligned. I would ask to put off rash decisions until the next show.
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    https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2020/03/my-whole-household-has-covid-19/608902/ good article about symptoms
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    Fiona Whelan Prine on Twitter @FionaPrine I have recovered from Covid-19. We are humbled by the outpouring of love for me and John and our precious family. He is stable. Please continue to send your amazing Love and prayers. Sing his songs. Stay home and wash hands. John loves you. I love you
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    It's even worse than It appears, but It's alright. Praise DSO.
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    These are the horns of the dilemmaWhat truth this proof against all lies?When sacred fails before profaneThe wisest man is deemed insaneEven the purest of romantics compromise.
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    There's a small business-owner I use to powerwash our house and clean our gutters. He called me before he came yesterday and asked if there were any seniors on the cul-de-sac that might need the same service (for free). Not only did he provide that service to 3 other homeowners free of charge, he went to the store and picked up some extra food and basic supplies for them. I know news outlets need to give us information we need and this virus situation is serious - we still need more good news and less fear-mongering.
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    A bit of light shone into this new reality when this package landed over the weekend. What a treasure. The best release since the Pacific Northwest '72 through '74 and one of the best of them all. This is simply a shining jewel. It's 2 shows from Boston Music Hall, 2 from the Beacon Theatre, and 1 from Passaic. Jesse Jarnow did a great job with the extensive liner notes. The sound is as clean, crisp, and open as one could fathom. The soundstage is particularly astounding, with Garcia's guitar shimmering from the left channel. Here's a self-isolating listening assignment: cue up Slipknot from 6-14. If you don't have the box than the circulating Betty board will do fine. 10 minutes of utter majesty. My new moniker for '76 Dead is "understated perfection."
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    Nor for the pestilenceThat waiteth in the darknessNor for the destructionThat waiteth in the noon-day hour
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    That's right, the women are smarter..... When push comes to shove,..... We will get by...... The cow is giving kerosene..... Nothing left to do but smile, smile smile.... Test me, test me.....why don't you arrest me.... Keep your day job.... If the thunder don't get you then the lightning will.... Ashes to ashes all fall down....
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    Just an FYI on The Relix Channel this Friday (3-20) @ 8:oo pm ET they are playing The Thrill is Gone a tribute to BB King filmed live from The Capital on Sunday Feb 16th, 2020 (this is a FREE stream)---they have a pretty cool line-up --Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi just to name a few....be safe everybody
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    Yeah that 7-15-88 Sean Weber tape is next level stuff. There's a particular Phil load in the Eaton / Silberman 4-21-84 that is haunting. I want to say it's right before China Doll.
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    Staying far, far away from the roadhouse and any other purveyor of pleasure (or sorrow if I can help it). The beer I reference comes from my own socially distanced refrigerator. When you’re in the crosshairs of the Boomer Remover the end is always near.
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    Strangers stopping strangers, just to shake their hand....Wait! ...better just keep firing glances across the room.
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    And I’m proud to have shared it with you all. It was an honor and a privilege.
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    Will just be getting back from Italy on the Diamond Princess 2 cruise ship in time for this tour!!! Can't wait!!! If the President isnt cancelling his tour, no way DSO should. Plus deadheads are super hygienic and always keep a 1 meter distance from each other. Don't make me tweet "My trip to Mar-a-Lago got cancelled because of DSO overreacting to COVID-19". DSO may get a new presidential nickname. Best to stay off that radar.
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