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    It was cold? Bwahahahaha that's why I left my jacket on til partway thru bertha, huh? I thought it was just where I was in front of wharf rat table with the draft lmao. During second set we went up to to tippy tops and it was quite pleasant weather and amazing drum sounds up there- like I have never heard! Very acoustically awesome place with definite sweet spots for different tones. we had our girlfriend from home drive us to the show and ended up with a few others in the car as well. And the 3 of us got us all miracles and us girls made it in just as the boys took the stage. Divine! Every day!!! she was starry eyed at me cause since we had shown up to put fingers in the air in the cold rain I kept getting hugged by people from all over the country since the other boys were down the road with a night off. Lot reminded me of the Variety in Atlanta at my first DSO show ever- before John left they had a kinda large vending scene but we have worked hard to begin restoring that- shout out to my friends who have been vending dso (which we never make much money at, btw, we all do everything else we do in life to make it to dso where we mostly "lose" money) all these years cause lord knows I got tired of doing it alone and now there are enough of us that I have barely been selling shit- just giving all my crafts away for love of the scene. The point is that we stand there with our wares whether we turn a profit or not bc it's part of continuing the GD experience cool to see so many at this one- part of why I cried so hard during this Stella!!! thanks for the golden road filler to send me down south to family for the holidays. May not see y'all til seasons change and a new year has begun. More review if this show later but I got a lot to say and have to sneak internet around public places since we traveling all the time hehe. kiss kiss til later!
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    This write up has so many great lines I don't know where to start. My favorite though might be the description of Morning Dew: "Weir sang it so good, I wondered why they ever had Garcia in the first place." http://gratefuldean.com/the-official-no-butthurt-boston-review/
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    Sometime yesterday a directory disappeared from the server (14,000 + files). The datacenter cannot tell me how this happened. I have recovered, repaired or replaced most of the files. I have not yet been able to save the Reviews/Setlists & DSO Nugs Forums or the "In Memorium" section. The Database is intact so all of the posts are there, It's just a matter of trying to extract the data. Also, apparently, bulk email is not working. I sent an email notification last night, it appears it didn't send. Most things are working now, but I may have to take the forums offline (for short periods). If you encounter problems pleas let me know, include as much information as possible (error messages etc.) admin@dsoforums.net Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Not everyone likes titanium rebar, but those that do really, really like it.
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    This was an unexpected show for us. We were grateful for a forums buddy that called last minute to pick us up and all drive away from Boston and towards DSO in a definitive choice that I always make this way we were late but made it in during duprees. The don't ease was one I have been deeply craving and it was wonderful! Super lovely crowd! we came in at the end of iko from smoking section and decided, "fuck it" and when Jesse asked me if I wanted to go to my usual spot, I nodded and we made a dash around security blocking the crowded front and when we made it to the second row with me miming my finger in the "please, just one song up front" gesture and the guys who let us in front of em said we could stay all night. So we did. I spent the rest of the show dancing with the loveliest women of all ages as they took turns twirling me and giggling and dancing with me- they tried to speak to me the whole night off n on but sometimes the river keeps on talking and you never can hear a word it say. Sober and everything! Lmao. Body language is my preferred communication during shows, hehe. hes gone was melting but joyful and the miracle set us up to get 5 miracles for our whole crew the next day, it was so good (next day in 85 and 2017 hehehe). The China doll ripped me away in its gloomy salvation and what happened after was a magnificent blur of this band doing what makes em the only ones that do what they do!!! The crowd absolutely Lost It to daytripper and for the white rabbit filler I found our ride and we did the family aisle dance since security wasn't stopping us at that point. Excellent times- so grateful for the ride!
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    The Wheel > Playin' Reprise > Playin' > Day Tripper
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    Uploaded the wheel > playin reprise > playin > day tripper to youtube and here too.
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    Great time had by my crew of 5 who still love and prefer RECREATIONS! Great show, in so many ways. Thanks for all that you do to recreate the Grateful Dead experience. Best wishes to you all!
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    Just uploaded the White Rabbit filler. To youtube and this forum. I have the wheel>playin>day tripper as well. will upload tomorrow.
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    "He who carries a cat by the tail will learn a lesson he can learn in no other way" Ottomon Roman😎