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    Astounding performance by Dark Star Orchestra tonight. First set highlights to me were Looks Like Rain and Greatest Story. Second set high energy throughout, China/Rider and Samson brought the energy high. To Lay Me Down was lovely and tender. Playin had some excellent extended playing, nice grooves. Drums was powerful and loud, great audience response, with Rob and Dino continuing to play the beast during Nobody's Fault. Lost Sailor/Saint was rocking. Black Peter had great delivery by Jeff, with some strong peaks in there. Sugar Magnolia brought the energy up high yet again, just some absolutely ferocious playing in the end and the audience was brought to one final, frenzied peak. Brokedown was the perfect encore. Lisa and Jennifer Markard of the Zen Tricksters came out to join the rest of the band in a fine rendition of I'll Be With Thee. Top notch performance tonight.
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    Elective... Mdnt hr> Aiko Usd2luv TN Jd Masterpc Dire wolf My uncle> Cmbrlnd Foolish> Box rn Gimme lvn Gd lvn Ship fls Stphn>music>drmz> Jam Musc Stephen Dew!!!!! Sat nite Let it rock Werewolves
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    Oh yeah, what he said, without the shorthand, LOL
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    5/4/81 philly Dont ease Biodtl Jack a roe Rooster Cold rain Mama tried> Mexcali Althea LL rain Bertha>gr8est China rider Samson To lay me down Playin Drumz Nobodys fault Sailor Saint Peter Sugr mags Brkdwn i’ll be w thee
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    You’re still walking, so I’m sure that you can dance. Just a saint of circumstance....(you are still walking, right?)
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