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    Haven’t had chance to say a few words about the black mountain weekend. The shows, the friends, the smiling faces, the weather, the pisgah beer, the super 8, barbecue food on the way and the breakfast at Louises makes for unforgettable and special times, with amazing people and phenomenal music. Crazy fingers >playin > monster terrapin was a first night specialty for me. On the way we spoke about getting some pig and when easy wind started the boys linked up and had sheer joy, which only followed with a China>rider that blew the lid off. How often do you get a easy wind china rider filler? Where do they come up With this shit lol the fantasy is also something I love hearing, makes us all happy..and Jeff has absolutely mastered wharf rat. Wasn't sure what to expect the second night but we all knew it was gonna be the goods. So to open H>S>F was right up everyones alley. Hearing the opening notes to Ruben and Cherise is so satisfying and the song itself is one of my favorites, besides being an absolute awesome song but probably because of the rarity played from the GD and DSO as well. I’ve caught it 3 times now and it was on my list for a long time without hearing it. There’s nothing wrong at all getting a slamming scarlet>fire and it’s just beautifully done by DSO and it gets your heart rate through the roof BUT the alligator>Stephen> viola could go down for me as a 3 piece masterpiece from DSO. Wow..I was happy as fuck and actually had to sit down for a second and enjoy what was going down. Jesus this band brings the realness to this music and It was a perfect ending to a summer of 9 shows. But the party wasn’t over as it continued at the super 8. More beers, the cops haha and chilling by the creek ended the night off. What a blast, what a weekend and what a summer. The Music doesn’t stop as DSO his east coast this fall/winter and New Years. Forecast is looking plentiful for the rest of 2018, we are truly blessed to have this. Thank you DSO band and crew and all of the DSO family here.
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    Thought this would be a fun thread to talk about any type of live music you saw recently non Dso since there’s a review section for that and to allow people to suggest good bands. I’ll gst it started. Just did a 3-show widespread panic run in Nashville. Was a fantastic time. It doesn’t heal my soul like dead, but I met a lot of cool people and looked around Sunday night and behind me was someone I saw on Dso west coast summer tour. It’s harder rockin jams but jimmy herring is just phenomenal and the new drummer is outstanding. The gf thoroughly enjoyed it even though she recognized maybe 6 songs the whole weekend. Think she really digs the harder rock jams. Thinking back she really gets blown away by loud hard rockin dead jams like TOO. I think I’ll make it a point to add 6 or so panic shows a year to the rotation. Think deadco just dropped out of the rotation. Even with panic not resonating like the dead, we had a better time than at the deadco shoreline shows and at a better price. Think my rotation will be Dso, JRAD and panic, prioritized in that order. The gf used her reasoning skills to get us to add night 3 like “I don’t have to work until afternoon Tuesday” or “tickets are being given away almost on CashorTrade” or “I don’t want to sit at home bored on a holiday”. Of course I’m used to the “wow look at the hotel price I found in Pittsburgh the night of the Dso show” spiel. She actually thinks that works better than “please please let’s do this show.” Started this thread out with a sweet drift.
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    Anybody here heard Lucinda's "Drunken Angel" would know of Blaze Foley. Also if you're into Townes Van Zandt (not for everyone). There is a new Ethan Hawke movie that will hopefully be at a theater called "Blaze" Check out the Blaze 2018 movie trailer. Here is what was posted about last night's premier : Ethan Hawke’s film Blaze, with q/a after, played to a sold-out house at Nash’s Belcourt Theatre last night. I quite recommend it; Nashville may be the first city outside of Texas to receive a screening. Alynda Segarra (sp?) from Hurrah for the Riff Raff sings “Drunken Angel” over the closing credits, with Lu duly listed as songwriter as the credits are ending. It’s a fine job; Alynda also plays Blaze’s sister. Hawke brought up Lucinda’s name in the course of the q/a session, in the context of pointing out how many singer/songwriters he wanted to involve in the film. Gurf Morlix portrays a character by the name of Gurf. Hawke didn’t give Charlie Sexton many drunken or comic scenes as Townes Van Zandt, which pleased me. There is some of that, but mainly Sexton is framed reflecting on Blaze to a radio DJ, shortly after Blaze’s death. And I’m afraid “a senseless bar altercation” is not how it went down; let’s give Lu the same license in song intros maybe that she has for the penning of the lyrics themselves. Kris Kristofferson has maybe four words in a hospital scene as Blaze’s father, but oh boy it’s him. Blaze’s girlfriend/wife Sybil is every bit as intriguing a character as Blaze. Her source book and co-screenwriter status are evident, without seeming self-serving. Both leads did some fine acting. I wish I had seen the documentary by Kevin Triplett which preceded this fiction/dramatization by a few years.
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    Sure was fun dancing with all you fuckers! Y'all are damn good, despite what the general public has to say about you.
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    https://m.imdb.com/title/tt6569640/ Load up on 5.56 and 9mm. Don’t forget vitamins and Crest.
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    don't drag me into this
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