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    I have a penchant for going on and on about the arc of each song when reviewing shows. They're fun for me to write since I get to relive the experience but maybe not nearly as much fun to read. Short and sweet then...... I thought the band was at the top of their game and everyone was treated to an outstanding thrill ride! The music always compels me to dance to try and physically channel it from start to finish. That was no easy task given the length and song selection of the show - I think I got most all of the way through it although I HAD to pause for a minute during the middle of Sugar Mags. My engine was bellowing smoke and dropping parts. The performance by band and crew was truly sublime. The vibe from the dancers kept me going all night - as soon as I would slow down, it seemed like everyone else was picking up my slack which just pushed me forward somehow. I'll say this: BillK522 is my fuc*in hero! That dood had the dance-hammer down ALL nite long. I'm certain a 3rd set at hyper-speed would've been no problem for him. Next Level. After-show was simply outstanding despite being over in the blink of an eye! So nice to see old friends old and meet some new ones! Great people just made it so very awesome! Just as I said last year: DSO is a world-class band who simply blew apart a world-class venue! Feel very sore but very blessed!
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    I’m nominating Izaacb for this year’s New Member of the year award, for correctly calling the 6/9/73 show Please upvote this !!!
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    Solid call and investigative work!!! And every time I look at some of those older setlists my mind always gets blown. Having a MAMU and a smoking fast big river at where the encore would be in a normal show was just unfair. I left it all out there for that big river and then an eyes. Wtf. I had to stop dancing mid eyes and take a pee break just to catch my breath to not lose face trying to keep up with bill k tea and gr8fulpair. I was making the comment to them during big river that they need to elevate more and I began hopping leaving the ground not realizing an eyes was upcoming. Rookie mistake on my part. It’s like practicing for a marathon and then we get one of the 100 mile endurance races and I ran the 1st 26 miles at marathon pace thinking I could do it the whole time. Fortunately I caught a 6th wind after taking a 5 minute dance break and crossed the finish line standing so much fun
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    Pulled the trigger on tickets...taking my father, who saw Jerry & the Grateful Dead 200-something times but never (and still hasn't) made it to Red Rocks. Should be a great weekend!
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    Yeah, that was really something last night. I thought it seemed a good bit more crowded than last year. The floor, about the size of a damn airplane hangar, was full enough to push is to the back wall for dance space. Even that got tight cause our awesome assemblage needed about 3000-5000 sq ft depending on what song was being played. Hey BillK, way to put on a 4.5 hr aroebics clinic... 😅😜🥴 Not many breaks in that show last night but that China doll rendered me danceless and emotional. I think Jeff's ability to deliver the tender vocals and super delicate guitar riffs is as good as it's ever been. The Loser was sublime. Like 6 cowboy songs in that show and they ripped every one of them to shreds. Hopefully the damage to my thighs and calves will be temporary. El Paso smoked! Nice drawn out trans from China cat to rider and the Hes Gone kepts the jams going to all the best places. That second set almost seems continuous in my mind. That was a big ol fat Barn burner chock full of killer songs, glad I got to experience it with some tolerant people that don't care what they or others look like when they dance. Happy to make some new friends and bask in the glow of some old ones. Y'all are an important part of my total experience. Rude is in charge of helicopter rental next year cause DC traffic sucks ass. Our uber driver home was fucking horrible, prob got horns blown at us about 5 times and almost flattened by a surburban. Hahahaha, part of the adventure.
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    Please tell me you were sore as shit yesterday. At least that'll make you seem more human. 😂
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    Blushing. Dance like the its the last show you'll see. Reflect the band's lifeforce. Love you guys. Praise DSO.
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    By RR you’ll no longer be a newbie. I’d like you to consider somewhere between rows 20-25 center. Maybe we can get a forum gathering. A bit early to start that process, so squirrel it away. Hopefully c u there
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    I don’t ever mind your musings.
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    Favorite show of the 8 I saw...this is why I do this!!!
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    I have seen Billy Strings 10 times this year.....4 of them at FREE festivals...Whimmydiddle,Buck Lake Ranch,Black Swamp Arts,Firefly....just spent two nights in Grand Rapids.That band has got me shak'in my bones again.....i am over 60. Every time he plays there is a SBD for free on Mixlr...... look for BillyStreams. Tonight from Colorado at 11pm eastern....."never miss a sunday show" Peace WildBill
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    Well, it was a truly magnificent concert, from start to end, and a true battle of endurance to keep up with the band's relentless pace. The sound in the hall was exceptionally fine, probably my favorite place to have seen a concert, will definitely return if possible. It was a pleasure to meet everyone last night in our nation's capitol. My favorite part of the night was Skip's ruthless Other One tease out of Truckin'. It sounded so sneaky and greasy, and the bass tone sounded so punchy and clear. I think if he actually kicked off The Other One in that theater, the place could have blasted into smithereens. The introduction to Playing in the Band was such a fantastic release after all that tension that was built up in the bass solo, especially after expecting a completely different release in The Other One, just masterful!!! Thank you to all for such a fun night.
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    I gotta mention the lighting at the concert, given the recent discussion on the board. I thought it was perfect, not distracting or blinding at all, and complemented the music perfectly all night 🤩🤩
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    I’m listening to Hardpan’s recording of this show on Relisten its perfect. I was at the show and now I’m there again. Thanks so much for your efforts and time!! 😁
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    Its a heads up for chuck to hit the road again. That tease came as a test of the emergency broadcasting network. This was just a test. In the case of an actual low spark, you better have tickets. I’ve got my Philly flight booked but flying out early Sunday. Bix and I were pumped about the cowboys beating the saints and in the spirit I yelled a go cowboys waiting for the Uber telling some people coming from a club I’m much less likely to be stabbed in DC than Philly saying that to which the DC guys said if you say that in our neighborhood you will get stabbed and they didn’t say it jokingly. Before I yelled that I saw at least 4 cops close even though they would have likely looked the other way for the 1st few blows. It would have been a cool story getting to explain the scars and a good omen for a deep playoff run. Drift complete.
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    Yea! I thought that might be you. That’s why I kept asking you your name. Plus, I knew you are tall. Yea, when I dance my hands turn into butterflies during mating season.
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    I use a comfy insert and running shoes and realize I need to upgrade again. I may get some usain bolt track shoes that weigh 4 grams but think those only last 400 meters. I’d have to carry 4-5 pairs to survive a show. We were talkinj after the show about how did the fans survive allman brothers then a 4.5 hour dead show in the heat. We know the answer really. There weren’t 45-65yr olds at the show and in 73 they probably walked 4 miles to RFK and didn’t think twice about it. They just took off their shirts and got a great sunburn and got to experience one of the great pleasures of life. It’s best not to think too long about those kinds of things though even though I lived vicariously through probably a 15yr old rob barraco who said he lied to his parents to go to that rfk show. I wonder if he ever imagined when he was at that show if he would have played with the allman brothers 40 years later at their farewell shows. That’s sort of crazy to think about. I’m guessing if you said that to him at rfk “you are going to play keyboards with the allmans someday” he’d have laughed his ass off and asked how much acid you had eaten lol.
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    Yea, I met you. Pretty sure, but you didn’t give me your stage name and I couldn’t remember your given name. I kept asking but it still didn’t make it to long term. The band is so incredible that I was running out of energy thinking the set was almost over but they just kept going and going and going. Had to dig deep and push to the end. Easy with that song list. SUGAR MAGS! My first Row Jimmy in a long time. Box a rain is like no other song. Those lyrics kill. I dug up some old sneakers for the show cuz My new ones don’t dance well. Mistake. My feet are killing me today. Gotta find some nice ones before Philly! anyway, I had a blast, really enjoyed the people, took the show to a new level. Thanks everybody!
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    So during the show I was standing next to a guy and we were talking about the show and I only knew the openers from each of the 2 rfk shows and I was like we were hoping for a dew opener(both stylists are ridiculous so there was no disappointment) and the guy was like but they played the dark star last Night so he ruled out the 6-10. I’m like ok this guy knows his stuff. Then he’s like I posted how I thought the dark star ruled out 6-10. I’m like who are you on forums and that’s how I met Greg from chestertown. It’s always funny when you happen to just be standing right next to someone and you have chatted online for a while. To be fair we were in the big dance area back right and like minded people tend to congregate in similar areas. Also got to meet hardpan and thank him for his hard work getting his recordings up the next day. Like a great deadhead he’s like I’ve got to get them up quick so I can listen to the previous night on my drive to the next show. Also got to groove with bill k which is always a delight. Very few have his energy and he kept our area clear of talkers and standers. Honestly why would anyone come in to this insane dance area and think this is where I’m going to plant myself and start a conversation with my girlfriend. Our dance area would scare anyone who wasn’t familiar with it he scene and people who are familiar should realize we can’t bob and weave and twist if someone comes in the middle of this and just stands. Luckily we were all pretty aggressively dancing and non dancers didn’t stick around for more than a minute or 2. Not judging if u aren’t grooving, but u don’t go to the back in this insane mass of 20 people dripping sweat using every inch of space and think this is the spot to stand. We had a symphony of dance going. The entire space was everyone’s to use and there were no fixed spots. It’s a beautiful thing when everyone moves around in and out or free space and there’s such a complex dynamic and everyone has spacial awareness and it’s like we are playing the band. It was one of those cosmic nights. Bravo Dso. Bravo all of you that I call friends and help take the experience to another level. Still beaming back in Kentucky. Until next time
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    Perfectly said BillK522 and Greg. I wish I were able to express my feelings and thoughts in a similar manner. But I’m more of a lover than a writer. I waited for that MD opening song in hopes of it kicking off the 6/10/73 show, but didn’t give a shit after Promise land filled the anthem. Such a good time. I love the vibe when everyone around me is just tied to every note. The couple next to me smiled and dance for all 4 hours, I couldn’t help telling them how great it was. His response: “nothing left to do but smile smile smile”. i responded a corny “jerry loves you”. After the show they hunted me down and both gave me a hug. It meant a lot to me. I’m slowly meeting members of the board at the shows but still enjoy “being on the outside”. Met Hardpan and his brother Jake. 2 gentlemen for sure, and saw Gregfromchester in his signature classic tie dye. Hope to dance together with more of you. Let the winter tour begin!
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    DSO loves myhomeinNorfolkVirginia and Norfolk loves DSO. Happy happy all around!
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    Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC (6/9/73) Promised Land Deal Looks Like Rain They Love Each Other Jack Straw Loose Lucy Mexicali Blues Row Jimmy El Paso Box of Rain Sugaree Beat it on Down the Line Tennessee Jed Greatest Story Ever Told China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider He's Gone Truckin' Playing in the Band Loser Me and My Uncle Mississippi Half-Step Big River Eyes of the World China Doll Sugar Magnolia Filler: Mr Charlie
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