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    Sorry it took so long to take care of them. I have been out of commission for awhile (feeling a little better today, thank you). There was a total of ten spammers, three of them had their registrations flagged for review. The other seven posted a total of 237 times. All of them have been banned, their posts deleted and their Email, IP's etc forwarded to Spam DB's.
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    No matter what you do, they can find a way. Sort of like how I child-proofed my house and they keep getting back in.
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    I think they were spamming about institutions of higher learning. But we have proven ourselves to be unworthy and they have departed to share their beneficence with others. i miss them already.
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    Not pathetic at all. For a taper at a Dead show, one of the treats was listening to the evening's work in the hotel room during after show partying.
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    This may sound pathetic, but I downloaded Hardpan’s 3+ Hour recording and listen to the whole thing tonight on my flight between Philly and Des Moines. It fit perfectly in the hours between. Ahhh the memories, seems like just yesterday!
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    I ran into a fellow dancer from the show this afternoon at the local drug store. Nice chat. The after show glow still going strong. A classic recreation of a classic show. Now, with Hardpan’s recording, ....... it ain’t never gonna end!
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    We passed headphones back and forth for a couple hours after the show in the hotel and listened to it on the ride home, now that's pathetic 🤪🤪
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    Do you come in peace? Do you like to dance? Do you wanna engage in ancient peace pipe ritual?
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    I thought the ants were running the show now?
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    Added bonus: zero of Tea’s armed squirrels were harmed in this war. Thanks Ron!!!
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    Now that is a classic! Living vicariously through archive recording
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    Wow! Just started listening to your recording -- which is fantastic. They absolutely capture and convey the 1973 sound, the beauty and tempo and freshness and love and everything. I was there, and it takes me right back. Thank you, DSO, and thank you, Hardpan, for sharing it.
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    THANK YOU Hardpan! I love live music, and then listening to it again and again, year after year. Well done!
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    Crank that China Doll and close your eyes and try not to sniffle. Bet ya can't.
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    Fantastic quality audience. Piping this through the stereo reveals the crisp highs that can get lost in many audience recordings. Bravo brother!!!! I love the feel of being at the show when listening to aud recordings but there’s nothing lacking with the sound like many recordings. Having those mics 15’? in the air I’m guessing helped the sound quality somewhat and kept talkers from affecting the sound as well. That big river was as fast as I remembered it. 1:25 into the 2nd set I left it all on the dance floor with that smoking tempo rendition not realizing I had to survive another 30 minutes of music in that set. Thank you GD for putting a China Doll after Eyes or Id have spent the rest of the night with an IV bag in my arm in a DC hospital next to guys with bullet wounds instead of with good friends chilling with cocktails. 😂
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    Boss in NY this week, everyone else gone for the day. Time to crank! Thanks again Hardpan!
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    If you don't want to have to stand to see, I would recommend snatching up the front row loge seats -- which I see are still available on left side. (Though I see they're "verified resale" tix, but still cheaper than premium). Loge is in fact the very first rows of the balcony. There's an aisle behind and behind that the "balcony" seats begin. I can't speak to the seating on the floor, but I suspect you might have people standing in front of you. Go loge for great view and sound. Great venue! I've got tix for both shows (front row loge 12/30, front row balcony 12/31).
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    Just got my recording of this show uploaded to the archive if anyone wants to listen to it: https://archive.org/details/dso2018-12-01.nak300.cp1.cp4.flac24