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    DSO just might be hitting BM around this time and can make our own Woodstock, minus the rain and shocks.
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    Mix of music. I think I’ll find a grate way to celebrate closer to home
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    This is a small setup(35k). The 1999 one was like 400k people. Screw that nonsense. My roommate got the 1994 Woodstock PPV. Big Concerts on tv. Was sort of novel. I think he vcr’d the whole thing.
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    Baby's in scarlet, her shackles in grey If loves to love she's got it salted away. Out of the rat trap and under the wire, Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Put it down heavy, strip it down lean Got to lay it down dirty and play it back clean FIRE! Fire on the Mountain!
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    The dire wolf collects his due, while the boys sing ‘round the fire.
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    I must be getting old. It sounds like something I would try to avoid as opposed to going to. Gimme DSO in a cozy venue. On second thought, it doesn’t have to be cozy.
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    I’m committed to jubilee and Colorado run so I doubt I’ll be doing any Woodstock stuff. I’m less than confident they have me in mind as a target audience anyway. “Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with Kanye and friends” 🙄 lol
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    polished like a golden bowl, the finest ever seen