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    '72-'74 themed electric. Set 1 ?? ?? Black Throated Wind Mr. Charlie Box of Rain Beat It On Down the Line Loose Lucy You Ain't Woman Enough Me and Bobby Mcgee Scarlet Begonias Set 2 Not Fade Away> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider> Not Fade Away Greatest Story Ever Told Dark Star> The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) One More Saturday Night Encore Midnight Moonlight I missed the first sound or two. Someone mentioned they opened with Here Comes Sunshine.
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    You folks are in for an exceptional midnight show with Billy on Saturday. This is what he laid out this past weekend at the midnight show which went until around 4:30am:
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    A buddy of mine (not especially a head) has been to 2 shows with me. The 69 at HOB in Cleveland a couple years ago, and the 69 in Louisville last time they came thru. I told him he is probably the only person in the world, who has seen multiple DSO shows, that has seen Big Boy Pete at 100% of his shows. 😆😂😆 I told him there are probably people who have seen over a hundred shows and never got ONE of those. Lol
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    I did make the train home okay. The show ended about 11:20pm.....Metro Center is only an 8-minute walk from the Hamilton. I did have to take the Orange line to E. Falls Church in order to connect to the Silver line to Tysons. Just be sure to be walking out of the venue by 11:30 tonight...…..given the 8pm showtime, shouldn't be a problem.
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    How could one not walk down the street and pay $40 to hear DSO do a Dark Star>Two Souls? My only regret was going up front for the second set. Apparently I have forgotten everything I learned.
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    I'm glad different people like different things. Helps with the dance space.
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    My buddy’s 1st show was Louisville for that 69 and he knew no dead and thought it was amazing. But he was engaged fully.
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    Excited for Jubilee! Took the van out to a friend’s place for a trial run, torrential downpour, rainbow, and beautiful weather all. Caught three bands and starting to get showfit. The last one played well into the night and on into the downpour. One tarp kept dumping water onto the covered stage. Swept the stage of water. It kept coming. I grabbed a 20 ft 2x4 and lifted the tarp edge over the stage tent while others lifted water pooling from the sides. It didn’t last as the rain once again set in. All I could think was the barefooted guitarist was going to get electrocuted. We grabbed a rug out of the van and unfurled it on the stage. It lhelped.... No one died..... I did do the flash dance scene though, unexpectedly and not in a chair. More like a winning coach taking a cooler of Gatorade over the head. For the love of music!
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    LOL on facebook someone said if DSO keeps doing shows like that they wont have any fans left and another said they had seen 300 dead type shows and this was the worst one they ever saw. Maybe its all those "original" dso songs they did last night. Its weird that you only get those kind of posts from 1 area of the country..........one of the only places where people will attack what they love. Get 3 hits then strike out and you are a bum. At least the bleachers didnt throw beer or batteries at the band.....The gf saw that setlist and drooled and even though she is the least combative person I know, wanted to post something like so sorry they didnt play touch of grey or something sarcastic. Its one reason why I left facebook. Id for sure have got into an online fight with those fools. The gf had never listened to almost any 69 stuff when she saw her 1st dso 69 and I figured she'd have a tough time with it, but instead she loved it and the eleven became her current fav dance song. I get that 69 may not be someones favorite dead but to post those posts is just being an asshole. And there I go being being a hypocrite and making a snide remark about the northeast after saying how people should keep negative comments to themselves, but then again Im not a northeast-head and follow the northeast around the country and when the northeast has 1 day of weather I dont like, I bash it.
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