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    Pro tip: if with a gf/wife, sneak it all in their bra. Those will hold 2 vapes, booze, and of course things like chapstick, gum, etc as purses are not the way to go at a show. Boobs are like a fanny pack but better and multi purpose. After the show getting in bed will result in “I wondered where _______ went” as coins, cash and Lost vape carts fall out.
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    Evolution occurs in sudden burst, with periods of relative stasis in between
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    My son invited me to drive over to the western shore and catch a ravens preseason game Thursday night. That should provoke fall fever. 50 yard line seats, all expenses paid, VIP parking.
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    4/7/91 - Orlando, FL Set One: Jack Straw ; Sugaree ; Wang Dang Doodle ; Row Jimmy ; Black Throated Wind ; Reuben And Cherise ; The Promised Land Set Two: Crazy Fingers > Playing In The Band > Uncle John's Band > Playing In The Band > Drums > Space > Box Of Rain > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > Turn On Your Lovelight Encore: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Filler: Strange Man ; New Speedway Boogie > Playing In The Band (reprise) > Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)
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    We went to Walmart and got these 3oz empty lotion containers that I filled with four roses single barrel barrel strength bourbon all west coast tour last year. They went in her Fanny pack. No one is going to open chicks lotion containers. Great minds think alike Vic. People gave me a weird look when drinking from it. It’s like the it’s always Sunny episode the gang goes to the jersey shore. Everyone else was drinking booze from lotion containers but Charlie was drinking sun tan lotion lol. She sets off the scanner every time we go in but, unlike with males, it goes no further. If questioned she just says underwire bra lol. These new wands don’t just detect metal. They detect gaps and liquids. Booze has set it off before. Of anyone going to a show, she’d be the one you wouldn’t guess was sneaking stuff in lol. But that was my influence to start and she’s now taken it to a whole other level. She once snuck in bowl and a vape. I’m like why do you need 2. She’s like the vape is the chaser. Monster I tell ya. I’ll be like shit I forgot the airplane bottles at the hotel. She’s like I already got them in my bra. She’s the organizer and I’m the planner. We make a good travel team I also have my 1st set rule. Gotta drink all the booze you are going to drink set 1 to be sober by drive time in cities with free parking. That’s probably a foreign concept to New Yorkers and Chicagoans. You mean some cities have free parking lots. Yes they do.
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    We had a pretty good dance space and enthusiastic dancers on night two at Hampton Beach. I had a good breakthrough on my freedom at shows on night three at the Jubilee, it's been easier to find and drop into that groove lately on the past few I've attended.
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    Unless you're in Black Mountain and you won't get shit done...😅😅
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    Love the art, hate the artist. There's also one more 21st century..
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    My lady says I discovered something in Jamaica and every show since I’ve been searching for the discovery.
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    Sneak in airplane bottles of booze if you plan to drink at a show. All venues have ridiculous prices. At live nation venues I won’t spend a penny if I can avoid it. Others I don’t mind buying a beer(on top of a few airplane bottles). I also check if we can bring in sealed bottles of water and bring the liter ones. It’s the principle of the thing. I’m there for the band and they get my money with a ticket sale, but don’t want to shell out 1-2k a year on Venue concessions. Plus it’s also a principle of a being a good deadhead to sneak things in. I think many of us pride ourselves on thumbing our noses at authority to an extent.
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    Everyone is a great and different dancer which creates the magic. Everyone expresses themselves differently which really represents the dead music itself. The improvisational jazz dancing with its ebb and flow has a chaotic beauty with its own pulse and once in a while you achieve group nirvana and split the atom.
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