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    My heartfelt prayers go out to you and your family as you deal with this. I know the struggle brain cancer can wrought on a family. My own mother has been being treated for this for the past two years. I pray that you get the news that we continue to get as to my mother's condition. She was diagnosed as having a certain enzyme that has stumped the doctor's as to how long she has left. According to them, they don't have a clue. After the surgery and chemo, the cancer hasn't spread. So each MRI that she has is a moment of triumph. I have taken my mom to several DSO shows in the Twin Cities area. Again, my prayers go out to her that she has many successful days ahead with a long life ahead.
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    Rick's Mom needs a prayer or 2. She is undergoing a difficult time. Please keep her and Rick in your thoughts 💓💓 Rick's Mom is one of the sweetest souls on the planet.....Ill never forget the time she opened her house to us during dso land some 7 years ago....Mea, my pup was with us and she took it upon herself to treat Mea like she was her own dog. . Not something I'll EVER forget....I would place Mea in her crate...once we arrived back home after dso show, Mea was out and about because Mrs. E. couldn't stand to see Mea in her crate...Mea didnt mind 😉😍...THINKING of Rick's Mom during this difficult time..Love you Rick and your awesome family!!!! You are one of my oldest friends thru the music of DSO...I'm here for you for anything...please know this!!!
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    This show was a journey. I made it through in hero's journey fashion. In the heart of Jersey, with talkers drinkers and cigarette smokers on free range, joy is still possible.
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    Love, Strength, Hope, and Healing to your Mom and to you and your family. So tough to hear - Moms are what make our worlds go round. She’s a fearless soul who will meet this head-on and may you draw strength from everyone who loves you.
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    So how to begin. How to capture this terrible emotion? How’d do I tell the story when the words are so hard to write These last two shows I’ve been carrying myself with a real heavy heart. My mom needs your prayers. She was diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s life sentence. I can’t explain how the songs resonate other to say that Terrapin is heaven and I know my mom will be there much sooner than I’m ready to handle. Ready to accept. Have even truly begun to understand. But whether it one day or 3 years its time to cherish every 2nd of mom. Nobody has ever loved like my mom does. Nobody ever will. So as her body becomes a brokedown palace I pray for the river to sing her sweet sweet songs. I really appreciate the love and support many of you have already shared with me. Big big thanks to Rob B and DSO for all you’ve done for me and looking at for me and my family as I work my way through this. I have so much I want to say and share but it’s all so fresh. I don’t even understand. How to talk about something I haven’t grasped yet. I truly hope I don’t have to update this heartfelt cry for many years. We will see what tomorrow brings but she’s still here and I need to get with it and be there and cherish it. Love is real
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    We are awaiting the pathology report. They know it’s cancer. They believe it’s advanced and aggressive but they won’t say anything about median life expectancy until they get the pathology report. She had another MRI last night to see how well they did removing the tumor. We will have those results tonite. Pathology tonite or tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your story.
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    Looks like dreamy weather for PBC shows! Mid 80s high and ☀️ / mid 60s low...Pretty darn good for the South! It’ll feel like May.
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    Rick, Today at our haumana, I put you and your mom in the circle (dedicating our practice) while we chanted the E Ho Mai, calling in Aloha, or love. We all danced for you a beautiful kahiko hula byt Loea Hewitt at Pauahi with his grandmother and learning to look for the signs the Universe brings to us if we have eyes to see. And another for the goddess Poliahu known for her peaceful protection and calm ways who lives at Mauna Kea. We sang with the peaceful protesters at Mauna Kea today at 5:00EST and closed with a Mahalo chant and offered up the practice to the heavens as an offering of love and healing. I pray the journey will be easier than hard as you all negotiate this diagnosis. I know that blessings will be there along the way and pray these are many, bringing courage and strength for whatever Love has to show and share with you.
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    My mom as opened her doors to many different people traveling through and traveling in the DSO community. Not just at the shore house. She conveniently left town for several years in a row when DSO played Philadelphia New Years. She knew I was having a house party with lots of friends. I appreciate the post Bix and I love you guys dearly.
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    wonder which bands play what days? Also wondering if we will have more freedom to come and go from the concert area being it’s a jubilee vibe or if you’ll have to commit to staying for the remainder once you decide to enter? Curiosities galore. Can’t wait to get down on the mountain
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