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  1. Your 2017

    Way to go Rude. Congrats on your epic year! Your 37 beats my personal best of 34 in 2001. We had kids in 2002, so those days are long gone lol. Those days being the days where work was the only thing restricting my show-going. These days it's about 8 per year, which I'm happy with and it keeps me going, but if only I could get it to 20 or so! Ahhh a man can dream
  2. Red Rocks 2018!!

    In the words of Keanu, "whoa!" This is major. Our little band has grown up lol and is headed to Red Rocks. I've always wanted to see a show at Red Rocks, and now I have THE show to see at Red Rocks. Incredible!
  3. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Driving out for Montclair early tomorrow morning. Should be an epic, historic couple of shows
  4. DSO video compilation 1999-2005

    I saw 4 Chopper gigs (who hailed from St. Louis, right?) back in early 2000. The dude had some serious energy. And whipped up the crowd with it. BTW the "Lost DSO fan" at about the 28 minute mark is a buddy of mine. No that's not his burnt out van lol. We just thought we'd use it as a prop while we killed time between shows on the Easter 2001 run.
  5. DSO video compilation 1999-2005

    So I posted something to check out just before the 20th anniversary show coming up on 11/11. Video clips of a lot of shows from the 1999-2005 era. About 3 hours worth. Let me know what you think, and enjoy folks! See ya in Albany
  6. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    There aren't that many. Candyman and slow FOTDs come to mind. And Must Have Been The Roses. I am BIG FAN of the Jerry ballads, which makes my least fav dead tunes all the Stranger (pun intended). I guess those three I mentioned are just the lowest rungs on the ladder, so to speak.
  7. Bryan Adcock Appreciation Thread

    So this past Saturday was Bryan's last show, after 18 years of being The Man at the lighting board. He was always a man behind the scenes, but he was instrumental in creating that scene up on the stage that we love to watch. I know for me, I never paid that much attention to the lights at a show until I met Bry at my 3rd DSO show in Erie, PA back in '99. He asked me if I was the guy video taping at the previous show at Penn State (I was). [Whoa, I just realized how this kind of sounds like the story of how people met in a romance novel hahaha]. Anywho, Bryan was pretty new to the band, and obviously so was I, and we kind of "grew into our shoes" at the same time. And I gained an appreciation of the lights at a show that I probably wouldn't have ever acquired if not for Blinky. I go to shows for the music first and foremost, but, especially over the years as his skills (and number of weapons in his arsenal) increased, I also want to go see the green/orange combos dance across the stage, the perfectly timed blasts, and the trippy shapes rotating slow and then fast on the tiedye backdrops, and all over the house, actually. So I raise my IPA to toast Bryan of not just manning the position for all those years, but for adding such a complex visual dimension to the experience we just call 'shows'. Won't be the same without ya buddy. I wish you nothing but the best. CHEERS!
  8. Rob Eaton

    Everybody in DSO is and was an awesome fit. What I mean is, even as the lineup has changed, each player has brought something new/different, and the final product hasn't diminished whatsoever. Even during the Bobby Rotisserie League era, circa 2000 (right?) each guy brought something tasty to the table. And it convoluted and crazy as it was, it too was a real good time.
  9. Rob Eaton

    Reminds me of "Could Bobby play lead?" thread that flooded rec.music.gdead in the weeks/months after 8/9/95. Gotta agree with Mango but let me add this. (I'm not saying anybody here was saying this, but what I read just got me thinking, is all. Everybody be cool ). It kind of bothers me when it's stated that Bobby (and in DSO's case Eaton) lays down the basis or structure or foundation or pick-your-own-word-here of a song, so that Garcia could do his thing. In an old Guitar Player Grateful Dead special issue (1993) it was stated, and I'll have to paraphrase a little because I'm not gonna pull that magazine out of whichever bin I have it stored in, via an art metaphor that Weir "draws the outline of a song, and Garcia adds the color". As I listened to more and more GD from that point on, year after year, I've found that at many times, it's Weir/Eaton doing the coloring with incredibly interesting lines, especially in songs like Morning Dew, China Cat, Terrapin, and, well, actually, Space. The reason I fell in love with GD music was that it forced me to listen to all of the pieces, which sometimes are doing very different things, all at the same time. And in a single song I might like what Phil did here, and what Jerry did there, and the way Bobby kinda played around Brent, etc etc etc. And obviously, because I've been seeing this band now for 18 of the 20 years, I love that DSO does the Exact Same Thing.
  10. Favorite Scarlet>Fire transitions

    7-01-85 There is a specific moment where things slow a bit and Jerry hits this waaahh and you know that the Fire has started. I even snipped about 4 seconds of this, including the waaahh, and made it my notification sound on my phone years ago. It's actually very cool, if I do say so myself, but now when I listen to this Scarlet > Fire in its entirety, it's really weird to hear that waaahh out of the phone context. I've almost ruined that transition for myself because I've heard that 4 seconds literally 1000s of times. LOL https://archive.org/details/gd85-07-01.composite.torbjorn.17350.sbeok.shnf Here's the link to listen. I don't recommend making it a ringtone though...
  11. Matt Reynolds

    Have to echo what comesatime just said. Shocked and saddened is exactly how I, and I think all of us, feel right now.
  12. Dark Star Jubilee

    Had to leave after the 1st set Sunday (lots to do Monday morning). Saw that there was a lot of rain on the way, according to the radar. Did that rain come, and if so, how hard? Sunday was supposed to be the bad weather day, but it wasn't bad all at, unless it finally came during set 2. GREAT shows though. Loved all the old stuff the first two nights.
  13. Jubilee Roll Call

    In. Question: I've always camped outside the concert bowl (up the hill)... What's it like down in the bowl? Enough space for a 6-man tent and an EZ Up? Is it all slightly sloped? I know it's really steep by the Shakedown. Is it worth a couple of trips, not to mention the purchase of a canvas collapsible wagon, to camp down over the hill? Any advice is appreciated, and thanks all
  14. Saban Theater 2/24

    Setlist has already been posted, but here were the highlights, according to this happy reviewer. Cassidy was good in the 1st set, and Walking Blues, in kind of an upset, was even better. But the DEAL blew both of them out of the water. And was that a Doogie Howser tuning by Barraco before Candyman?? Awesome lol. In the 2nd I thought Believe It Or Not was really well done, but the monster Playin, complete with the reprise before Drums, was not to be missed. Drums/Space also keep the jams coming hard. Twas my first time at the Saban and the experience was great. Loved how the lights, uh, lit up the beautiful interior. Kinda chilly inside, but the show and the large crowd more than made up for it.
  15. DaysBetween