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  1. Already posted this in the one Pitt thread, but thought I'd make another with the above subject to make sure it was seen in case anyone wanted to check it out. There's this plus a bunch of others from this show, but it's not complete, yet. Enjoy!
  2. This and a bunch more I posted to youtube. It's not the entire show, yet. Had battery issues, used daughter's iPhone to get a few. Haven't had the chance to upload those songs yet. Enjoy!
  3. Personal highlights and other notes: Most of the 1st set, actually. But the Playin was Top Notch 72 style. Yes, have some. Happy Birthday Ellie between sets "That poor bastard dies everytime" - Eaton, after El Paso Don't Ease! and Big River! I counted 28 beats to BIODTL, and sure enough the show was 10/28/72, so my counting skills, like the Playin, are still in top notch shape "Send that one out to Robert Hunter" - Jeff, after Attics Dark Star's notes I jotted down as they happened: good start, lulls, verses, slow purposeful Dino-led space jam, funk jam, space jam, disjointed jam, Eaton leaves, Skip jam, Eaton returns, Skip-lite jam, meltdown/feedback, Sugar Mag. JBGoode and Two Souls were the perfect ending.
  4. Great shows this weekend in Cleveland and Detroit. The band is greater than the sum of its parts, but Eaton was the MVP of this pair of nights: Framing the songs as well as highlighting, and lunging often lol. Just great stuff. Detroit spefically had a powerful Woman Enough, a bouncy Iko, a Shining Star with a very tender, delicate ending, an electric NFA, and a Dew that Skip dropped about 9 bombs on. I'm surpised we all survived. I was lucky enough to catch the bombs on my phone. Maybe I'll get the chance to stick it up on youtube. Can't wait for next weekend's Columbus and Pittsburgh shows! Thanks to all involved!!!
  5. I thought the highlights were Bird Song, Greatest Story (there were mouths agape in stunned amazement during it), and definitely the Lovelight. Lots of tunes had a slower take, I thought, and I was digging it. LOVE the original setlists done in a specific style. Looking forward to listening - thanks again stdilbert
  6. One of the best shows I've seen. Start to finish. Period. Thanks, Minnesota, for getting the recording up SO quickly. Well done!!
  7. I wasn't near the fire dancers, but from my vantage point in front of the SBD they looked cool. The timing of them coming out, and probably the location, seems to be less than ideal. However, my biggest complaint of yet another AWESOME Jubilee would have to be the lack of those hand washing stations near the porta-johns. The hand sanitizer a) doesn't clean your hands and b) leaves them really sticky. And keep bringing the Giants, including the giant caterpillar bendy thing. Love the spectacle. Aside from the caterpillar they move around and don't block anyone's view for more than a few moments.
  8. This was awesome! Big fan of the Garcia-lead GD renditions of the tune, in particular the 7/1/85 version. Jerry's guitar playing, while not exactly perfect, is exquisite and emotionally powerful, as are his vocals, especially when he sings the "forget about the dead you left, THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW YOU" line. It's like there's a little Chewbacca in him, lol, as his voice resonates from the back of his throat. Really worth checking out. Thank you John!
  9. 20 years for me, coming up this June (6/23/99 at Graffiti's in Pittsburgh where they did 9/11/87). I went because I missed live Dead music (only 3 GD shows, all the summer of '95, for me) and I expected a decent/good show, but I couldn't have imagined that DSO would be the PERFECT thing to fill the void left by the Dead. I was a budding deadhead in '95 with a 100 hours or so of tapes, and in '99 I was ironically a already a relic, of sorts, with several more hundred hours to listen to on XLII's, but no LIVE show to go see/experience/participate in. Futhur Festival was good, but didn't quite cut it for me, and neither did any other "jam" band, not even the ABB. I needed live Grateful Dead music, and played at a certain level, I might add. I had seen several cover bands in the years right after Jerry checked out, but it just wasn't good enough. Then 6/23/99 everything changed for me. The WHOLE show was like a dead show. Sounded like a dead show. Was improvised, like a dead show. It even had a drums/space that rivaled what the boyz used to do. Drumz, and Scott's Brent-esque vocals, are what really won me over that night. And as I approach 20 years of seeing this band, I can't imagine what my life would have been like without them. As they are to many of you, to me these shows are, I can't think of the proper word(s) to put here.. spiritual, magical, educational, chaotic, liturgical, "rite-of-passage-al", poetic.. I think you get the idea. Like I said before, DSO has perfectly filled the void. Shows 192 - 194 coming up at the Jubilee, and hoping to hit 200 in 2019. polished like a golden bowlthe finest ever seen
  10. DaysBetween

    Atlanta #2

    Not sure who all was in attendance, but Lisa singing on Jack Straw followed by a West LA (which debuts in 82 if I'm not mistaken), solidified this as an Original from the GetGo. Sorry I don't mean to be one of "those guys" We had Lisa on Jack Straw, Cassidy, All Over Now, Corrina, Help, Franklin's, The Wheel, China Doll, and Let It Rock (harmonica). Barraco does a Jeapordy tuning before Jackaroe. Tom Thumb included starting out on Prilosec, if I heard right, and definitely went back to Fulton County. Set 2 opened up with Barraco and Jeff playing around with the "extra" section to Terrapin (what is that, At A Siding?). But enough of the details, let's get to what's really important... GREAT SHOW. Perhaps not the spaciest or jammiest ever, but it had great high energy and was just plain FUN all night. Definitely my favorite of the 2 Atlantas. Jack had that awesome buildup and subsequent explosion. Cassidy, Big RxR, and All Over Now were pretty ripping. Stranger and Franklin's (although not together) were the highlights of a 2nd set that started hot and never cooled down. Nothing was in there that was down in any way. And I loved the transition from Corrina > Help. I'd like to hear that again, actually.. Had a great much needed weekend away. Thank you DSO. See ya at the Jubilee.
  11. DaysBetween


    Minglewood and Deal were quite killer in the 1st set. Jeff was teasing something bluesy like a ZZTop tune right before Deal, and Eaton seemed to be confused by this, haha. Shakedown, Drumz > Other One including a little Roll were tasty as well but the best was yet to come on Night 2....
  12. AWESOME. Thanks for recording and posting Dave!
  13. Hehheh, thanks. As one who tried to memorize Deadbase back in the day, I saw that they'd list the Anymores in the Tape Timings section, and so I tend to count em at the end of every Bertha. Just one of those things that I always do at shows I also hold up my beverage at "Inspiration" in Terrapin, pound my chest at "some are mathematicians" in Tangled Up (I teach the stuff), and giggle like a schoolgirl whenever a singer blows a line because I can't help it; I just find that damn funny and enjoyable. Shows the boys are for real, and what's going down on stage, is for real. Funny thing I JUST realized though.... I don't think I've EVER seen Lisa mess up a line. EVER. Guess the Women (truly) Are Smarter. Ha!
  14. theCause w/ Jeff Mattson and Lisa Mackey 3/23/19 Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA Acoustic w/Randy Bauman on keys Dire Wolf Bird Song Monkey and The Engineer Rosalie McFall Cassidy To Lay Me Down On The Road Again Ripple Electric 1 Iko Sugaree Big River ? Country song sung by bass player Black-Throated Wind China Cat > Love The One Your With > I Know You Rider Might As Well Electric 2 w/ Randy Bauman on keys (most/all?) Shakedown Saint Etta James song (Don't Make Me Cry?) Lazy Lightning > Supplication ? Jeff Original ? theCause Original > Bertha White Rabbit With A Little Help From My Friends (w/ several guest singers) Jeff on everything. Lisa on 3/4 of it all. GREAT night. Some transitions to/from the jams within songs were a little iffy, but the raw power of it all more than made up for it. Lots of spirited play. The whole acoustic set was sublime, especially Rosalie and To Lay Me Down. Beautiful harmony between Lisa and Jill. Crazy surprise between China and Rider. Awesome Shakedown, and whatever that Etta James song was was just KILLED by Jill. Might have been my favorite tune of the night. Anyone know the Jeff original? It kinda reminded me of a Trey Anastasio composition, which is not a criticism lol just an observation theCause's original was a catchy tune as well. 15 "anymore's" to end the Bertha. White Rabbit. I've heard it a few times now, but I think this was THE one. Brought. The. House. Down. The people near me not familiar with Lisa were blown away. I was like, she's always like this! LOL No, the Rabbit was a really REALLY good Rabbit. Help From My Friends was played and even sung in that Joe Cocker at Woodstock-ish way, and was the perfect end to a great night. See you all there next year!!!!
  15. Closest show for us in the Pittsburgh area is about 4.5 hours away, either the 6/30 Sylvania, OH or the 8/2 Rochester, NY. In fact there seems to be a pretty big void, kind of a big circle jetting off the southeast side of Lake Erie that swallows up Columbus, Buffalo, Cleveland, & Pittsburgh. Kinda strange, seeing as they played Canalside (Buffalo) the last several years, if I'm correct. Stage AE in Pittsburgh has seen summer shows as recently as 2017. I would love any addition, including a return trip to Springfield, OH as Rude mentioned. Regardless, the Jubilee is a given for me - and I'm SOOOOOO thankful that this monumental annual event is only 3 hours from me. And I can probably swing at least one and *possibly* a couple more other shows this summer. Still hoping for those additions but I will find a way to get enough DSO dosage! 😄
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