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  1. A Little Help?

    It is becoming difficult to be a reasonable person in the middle these days with the mentality of "your either with us or against us". I really believe we need a third party or even more. Force the politicians to form coalitions to pass legislation.
  2. NFL Knockout pool

    Looks like gr8tfulpair is the champ, everyone buy him a beer next time you see him. Let's see if he can take it to the house and get some free Jubilee tickets. Here is the week 7 slate: Chiefs@Raiders Buccaneers@Bills Panthers@Bears Titans@Browns Saints@Packers Jaguars@Colts Cardinals@Rams Jets@Dolphins Ravens@Vikings Cowboys@49'ers Bengals@Steelers Broncos@Chargers Seahawks@Giants Falcons@Patriots Redskins@Eagles Good luck!
  3. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    Crazy upset weekend! The path is wide open for all of these one loss teams if they run the table. Absolutely shocked that Clemson lost at Syracuse. Clemson went from best resume to suspect in one weekend with their loss coupled with losses by Louisville and Auburn
  4. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    I was thinking the same. At the Taft, I saw 1 drummer and three mics and said 71 for sure hoping for one of the hot August 71 shows with pigpen. Then I saw no organ and it had to be fall when pig was out sick. Same set up in Columbus, but then there was an extra mic, didn't think Lisa would be sitting out three nights in a row. Still thought it might be an early 72 until the Lucy
  5. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    They definitely did the second verse. Skip hit a line of bass bombs right as Rob went to the mic to sing it
  6. NFL Knockout pool

    Looks like we are down to 3. Here is the week 6 slate: Eagles@Panthers Dolphins@Falcons Bears@Ravens Browns@Texans Packers@Vikings Lions@Saints Patriots@Jets 49er's@Redskins Buccaneers@Cardinals Rams@Jaguars Steelers@Chiefs Chargers@Raiders Giants@Broncos Colts@Titans Good luck
  7. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    Crazy year up to this point. Georgia looks good. Can TCU keep it up? Clemson looking like a lock if they can get by NC ST. Difficult to gauge how good Washington, Penn St., Wisconsin and Alabama are due to lack of competition at this point.
  8. Hockey

    Crazy high scoring games at the start
  9. Baseball 2017

    Huge swing, down 0-2, not looking good. Now 1-1 with Scherzer in game 3
  10. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    I have to add that Lisa was awesome on you ain't woman enough, there wasn't a woman there that didn't have a "damn right" look on their face
  11. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    Incredible! First set dominated by Pigpen Barraco, second set out of this world. I've seen a lot of shows with these guys over a lot of years and this was quite possibly the best
  12. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    Actually 10-30-71
  13. I think a lot depends on if you are at a show or just listening at home or in the car. There are a lot of songs that aren't my favorites that can be really fun at a show (cowboy songs come to mind) and others like roses, BTW, slower FOTD etc. That can slow a show down but I love listening to traveling in the car. The one song I've never been able to get into is definitely NFA. Nothing screams head to the exit and listen for the encore from a distance more than that one to me.
  14. NFL 2017-18

    Really difficult to get a read on this year at the quarter pole. I think the chiefs are pretty good, but not completely sold yet. Everyone else seems to have at least one clunker that makes you scratch your head
  15. Cleveland - Oct 5

    Michigan is not kicking anyone's ass with that offense, unless you have a back channeling the hated Tim Biakabatuka the buckeyes shouldn't have any trouble. I assume Matt will be giving a test or in class reading to the students Friday on the day between