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  1. Ashland

    King bee! Sad to have missed this, happy for those that didn't
  2. College hoops

    Good read, thanks
  3. College hoops

    Villanova seems to be doing a good job at building a cohesive team
  4. College hoops

    Impressive win for Virginia Saturday. Also a very impressive showing from the SEC taking 6 out of 10 from the Big 12 capped by Kentucky showing what they are capable of. Not sure if they can put it together for a string of games in the tourney though.
  5. College hoops

    Wichita finding the American a little tougher than the MVC
  6. Does trash reproduce under the snow? Everything always looked so dirty when the snow melts
  7. College hoops

    Now that the football season is over, time for hoops. It seems to me in the early going that the Big 12 and Big East are the strongest. ACC and Pac 12 are about the same as usual. The Big ten is down and the SEC is much improved. Really no overwhelming favorites at this point, could be a year where someone a little off the radar makes a run to the title
  8. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    Not the best played game last night but pretty exciting. Georgia had it and choked. That Alabama kicker would have had to move far and fast if they didn't win, may still need to do that.
  9. Hockey

    Nope, getting into the heart of the season. My Blue Jackets are treading water while trying to get healthy. Lots of injuries this year
  10. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Some teams, like my Bengals, never get over the hump
  11. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Impressive run for both. Here is this weekend's playoff slate: Titans@Chiefs Bills@Jaguars Falcons@Rams Panthers@Saints Good luck!
  12. NYE 12/31/17

    Wow, certainly something for everyone. Happy New year everyone
  13. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Good competition! One week to go. If it goes to the playoffs, start with a fresh slate. Here is this week: Packers@Lions Texans@Colts Bears@Vikings Jets@Patriots Redskins@Giants Cowboys@Eagles Browns@Steelers Panthers@Falcons Bengals@Ravens Bills@Dolphins Saints@Buccaneers Jaguars@Titans Chiefs@Broncos Raiders@Chargers 49'ers@Rams Cardinals@Seahawks Good luck!

    PM Taper Ron and he'll let you know where to send it
  15. Favorite Dance Songs?

    Along with Tea's excellent choices I'll add: Kid Charlemagne Music Cumberland