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  1. Hockey

    Jackets v Caps series crazy good to watch, not good for my blood pressure. Jackets need to win Thursday night and not let them back in it. How about Fleury? Giving up only 3 goals in four games to the kings!
  2. Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    I'll be there camping in VIP, can't wait
  3. Masters

    This is good stuff, not much better in sports than Sunday at the Masters
  4. Hockey

    One week to go, about time for some playoff hockey! Hoping the Blue Jackets can run the table and steal home ice from the Penguins
  5. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Look in the bed on the morning, children find your families gone
  6. College hoops

    I have noticed this in a lot of the tournament games. Send like a lot more whistles than usual. Their intent of creating more offense by calling fouls for all the incidental bumps on the perimeter has backfired. Too many stops and starts and the games have no rhythm. They need to go back and make some rule changes.
  7. Baseball

    Time for another season of the national pastime. Here are my picks for this year: NL East: Nationals Central: Cubs West: Dodgers WC1: Brewers WC2: Diamondbacks AL East: Yankees Central: Indians West: Astros WC1: Red Sox WC2: Angels
  8. Is it just me or does Steve Parrish sound exactly like Tommy Chong?
  9. Bad acid trip

    Saw "former mlb pitcher" in the link and immediately thought of Doc Ellis. If you don't know the story, Google Doc Ellis lsd. I'm a tech idiot or I'd put a link up
  10. College hoops

    Absolutely crushed after my Bearcats meltdown yesterday. Coupled with the Xavier loss it is a depressing day in Cincy today
  11. College hoops

    Love to see someone taking my Cincy Bearcats and I do like our draw, but if we get Arizona that's not a good matchup for us. By the way, Cincy and Virginia are in the same region
  12. Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    Was thinking the same. All left and right coast. Was looking forward to some summer shows in the area. Please slip in a Springfield show again this summer!
  13. DeaD and Co., thoughts?

    This is well stated. It's going to be different. You can't expect guys in their seventies to play at the same tempo as they did in their twenties and thirties. They've had to change some things to keep on going. I'm good with that and will have fun going to see them this summer with an open mind. I certainly enjoy the music being delivered at a DSO show more but I definitely still accept and respect the originals for what they are today.
  14. College hoops

    I've got Arizona, Michigan, Villanova and Michigan St. in the final four. Avoid these teams in your bracket if your smart
  15. Spring Dso Jerry band song ideas

    Mission, shining star, second that emotion, would also love to see them try to tackle some old and in the way stuff.