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  1. bs69

    Rolling stones

    Dig up some early seventies shows before they stopped touring, great stuff. I know there is one from London and from Seattle out there from 74 that are excellent.
  2. bs69

    Rolling stones

    Saw them a few times even they started touring again in the nineties. Great shows
  3. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Mike, you are the undisputed champ this year, shoot me a PM and let me know what show you want a ticket for. Congrats on some great picking. Brad
  4. Idiocracy, scariest movie ever made
  5. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    On we go, here are this week's games: Jaguars@Titans Jets@Bills Giants@Redskins Saints@Buccaneers Patriots@Dolphins Ravens@Chiefs Colts@Texans Panthers@Browns Falcons@Packers Broncos@49ers Bengals@Chargers Eagles@Cowboys Lions @Cardinals Steelers@Raiders Rams@Bears Vikings@Seahawks Vikings Chiefs Steelers Panthers Chargers Saints Outside Patriots Titans Texans
  6. bs69

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    But I don't know what to do???
  7. bs69

    College football

    How do you feel About the Pac 12., BIG 12 and ACC? You seem to be fixated on belittling the Big 10
  8. bs69

    College football

    I would agree that A&M is better than Northwestern this year. But, similar to college basketball you can get teams with a lot of 3 star players that are in the system for 4-5 years that can challenge the teams with a lot of 5 star talent playing in their first or second year. That's why teams like Michigan state, Iowa or Purdue seem to give the Buckeyes fits. Seems like we are breaking in a new secondary every year and they tend to make mistakes. That is what has been so impressive about Alabama, they seem to be able to integrate those guys every year.
  9. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Down to two, here are this week's games: Saints@Cowboys Ravens@Falcons Panthers@Buccaneers Bears@Giants Bills @Dolphins Broncos@Bengals Rams@Lions Cardinals@Packers Browns@Texans Colts@Jaguars Jets@Titans Chiefs@Raiders 49'ers@Seahawks Chargers@Steelers Redskins@Eagles Vikings Chiefs Steelers Panthers Chargers Saints Patriots Titans
  10. bs69

    College football

    Auburn beat Washington, not LSU. To be fair to Northwestern, they have gone 7-2 in their last 9 games with the two losses being close games with Michigan and Notre Dame. Obviously a much better team now than they were at the start of the year
  11. bs69

    I saw it coming!

    After reading through the Penns thread I was going to comment when I realized Ron had locked it, so I'll add I brief comment here. I am deeply saddened if what apparently went down did, as I was when unsavory elements invaded the Dead scene in the 90's. I also, like Poetry girl and others, was a bit offended by the touch head references. No matter when you come into an established scene there is always a learning curve and it is the responsibility of the veterans to teach the newcomers. Many of these newcomers will become the veterans of the future.
  12. bs69

    College football

    I fail to see the argument against UCF in your stats, if the average top 5 team would be 11.5-.5 against their schedule how do you argue against them when they are 12-0 against that schedule? I get that a team in their situation has to go undefeated and play at least a decent schedule, but I don't think 2-3 loss teams should be ahead of them just because they play a power 5 schedule. I'm not arguing that they should be in this year given their schedule but I don't think it should be automatic that a group of five team gets left out. If the American and Mountain West were smart, they would leave a week open about 2/3 of the way through the season and match up their better teams for another strong game. If UCF were able to add a win against Fresno, Boise or Utah St. They would be in a better position. I'm a Cincinnati grad and would like to at least have a glimmer of hope. We're have a good team ( not close to playoff worthy) this year but were playing a roster of mainly freshman and sophomores. We should be better next year and play a schedule that includes a home game against UCLA (who should be much improved in year 2 with Chip Kelly) and a road game at Ohio State along with our annual game with Miami of Ohio. If we could add a game against one of the top Mountain West teams to those three in our non conference instead of an FCS team, I think that would give us the schedule to go to the playoff if we went undefeated.
  13. bs69

    College football

    That sucks for him/ them, the kid can play some ball
  14. bs69

    College football

    Both would have to recuse themselves. Another interesting thought, does UCF have a chance if Alabama, Texas and Northwestern all win next week? Any word on Milton? Is he finished for the year or possibly back for a bowl game?
  15. bs69

    College football

    You are correct in that Ohio State needs Alabama to win next week. I have no doubt that they should probably take Alabama with a loss in the championship game with Georgia over the Buckeyes as long as it is a reasonably close game. There is also no doubt that the Buckeyes loss to Purdue is a worse loss than Oklahoma's loss to Texas. However, Ohio state has better wins with the wins at Penn St. and over Michigan. It also amazes me how the Maryland scare keeps coming up but nobody mentions the Oklahoma escape at home against Oklahoma state? Maryland did also beat Texas, they were a team with talent that was real Jekyll and Hyde with all of the off field distractions. Rude, I hung in through the 2nd OT last night but couldn't make it any further. I felt real bad for Ed O soaked in Gatorade through multiple overtimes and then losing.