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  1. Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce
  2. bs69

    College football

    Pretty shocking beatdown last night. Could be that the Bama assistant coaching carousel finally has caught up with them. Bama looked lost last night
  3. bs69

    Top 10 albums

    We had a local place here in Cincy called the cupboard down in the Clifton area near Bogart's
  4. bs69

    Top 10 albums

    I'll throw a few out for consideration: Stones/ Let it bleed, when I was a kid my aunt gave me her old 8 track player and this tape to play on it, played the hell out of it Chicago/ Chicago Transit Authority, A lot of people hear Chicago and immediately think of the sappy 80's ballads, this is a very different animal and a must listen if you haven't Moody Blues/ In search of the lost chord, spent many an evening staring at the ceiling and listening to this straight through Beatles/ White album, tough to choose but this one has so many great songs Hendrix/ Axis bold as love, mind blowing Hendrix Zeppelin/ Physical Graffiti, this is difficult to decide because I love zeppelin but hey this one's a double. Really like a lot of the deeper tracks here: Ten years gone, In the light, Sick again, In my time of dying, down by the seaside Pink Floyd/ Animals and Meddle, The wall, Dark side and wish you were here are all awesome and introduced me to Floyd but I really dig these two and play them more probably because they didn't get the airplay Stevie Ray Vaughan/ Texas Flood, brought on my blues phase Yes, Classic Yes, wore this one out. When I worked at a ski resort in Colorado in the late 80's I would listen to Heart of the Sunrise on my way to work every morning, it was the exact length of my commute Rush/2112, brilliant from start to finish I honestly never listened to GD albums always live tapes, after listening to the live stuff I find it difficult to listen to studio versions
  5. bs69

    Rolling stones

    Stones were absolutely amazing in the Mick Taylor years, not so much after in my opinion. I'd certainly drop a lot of cash to go back and see them in 72. For Steely Dan pull out Pretzel logic and Royal Scam and find the live show from London in 74
  6. bs69

    Rolling stones

    Dig up some early seventies shows before they stopped touring, great stuff. I know there is one from London and from Seattle out there from 74 that are excellent.
  7. bs69

    Rolling stones

    Saw them a few times even they started touring again in the nineties. Great shows
  8. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Mike, you are the undisputed champ this year, shoot me a PM and let me know what show you want a ticket for. Congrats on some great picking. Brad
  9. Idiocracy, scariest movie ever made
  10. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    On we go, here are this week's games: Jaguars@Titans Jets@Bills Giants@Redskins Saints@Buccaneers Patriots@Dolphins Ravens@Chiefs Colts@Texans Panthers@Browns Falcons@Packers Broncos@49ers Bengals@Chargers Eagles@Cowboys Lions @Cardinals Steelers@Raiders Rams@Bears Vikings@Seahawks Vikings Chiefs Steelers Panthers Chargers Saints Outside Patriots Titans Texans
  11. bs69

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    But I don't know what to do???
  12. bs69

    College football

    How do you feel About the Pac 12., BIG 12 and ACC? You seem to be fixated on belittling the Big 10
  13. bs69

    College football

    I would agree that A&M is better than Northwestern this year. But, similar to college basketball you can get teams with a lot of 3 star players that are in the system for 4-5 years that can challenge the teams with a lot of 5 star talent playing in their first or second year. That's why teams like Michigan state, Iowa or Purdue seem to give the Buckeyes fits. Seems like we are breaking in a new secondary every year and they tend to make mistakes. That is what has been so impressive about Alabama, they seem to be able to integrate those guys every year.
  14. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Down to two, here are this week's games: Saints@Cowboys Ravens@Falcons Panthers@Buccaneers Bears@Giants Bills @Dolphins Broncos@Bengals Rams@Lions Cardinals@Packers Browns@Texans Colts@Jaguars Jets@Titans Chiefs@Raiders 49'ers@Seahawks Chargers@Steelers Redskins@Eagles Vikings Chiefs Steelers Panthers Chargers Saints Patriots Titans
  15. bs69

    College football

    Auburn beat Washington, not LSU. To be fair to Northwestern, they have gone 7-2 in their last 9 games with the two losses being close games with Michigan and Notre Dame. Obviously a much better team now than they were at the start of the year