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  1. First round series coming down to the wire. It's a shame the Vegas v San Jose game was so late last night. Must have been a great game
  2. I think the fact that the Jackets were playing meaningful games down the stretch and Tampa wasn't played in our favor. I also think we're built better for the playoffs this year. Hoping the layoff doesn't lead to rust as the Leaf's and B's duke it out
  3. CBJ, hopefully we close it out this time
  4. bs69

    2019 masterS

    I got DJ, Rahm, Scott, Koepka and Sergio in my draft. Looking good but a lot of golf left
  5. Huge win for my Jackets, but we know what happened against the Caps last year. Hoping for a different outcome this time
  6. bs69

    Birmingham 4/7/19

    Big fan of the other one sandwiches of that era
  7. bs69


    It's playoff time! In the first round I'll take Tampa, Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Nashville, Calgary and San Jose. Fortunately my Blue Jackets made the playoffs, unfortunately they get the Lightning in round 1.
  8. I'd probably fill out a bracket. Initial thought is Duke, Virginia, Gonzaga and Kentucky. Pretty much chalk.
  9. My first show 6-24-85
  10. The show with the Throwin>viola>stone's late in the second set
  11. Looks like it is either the former Annie's or very close to it. A couple miles from Riverbend Hopefully they'll mix in Springfield again while in the area
  12. Not many of those teams close the deal, you are correct about that. The UNLV teams of the early nineties comes to mind as a team that won it. There have been several to make the championship game and lose: Brad Stevens Butler teams, Utah in 98 when Tubby got his title at Kentucky, Memphis.
  13. I wouldn't call Villanova's schedule soft last year, if you remember Xavier was a 1 seed out of the big east. Maybe Uconn a few years back?
  14. Makes Gonzaga tough to predict, but they have a lot of talent
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