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  1. Maybe a loophole! Course near me is still open, have a 4 pm tee time tomorrow. This course is allowing carts but only one golfer per cart and they are wiping them down before and after use. I think I'll still walk, I've been sitting enough
  2. Relax Ron, I'm sure Rick is just being sarcastic. He is correct though in my opinion, we can't just be so accepting in losing our freedoms. We now have the government paying us to stay home, they will let us know when it is safe to go out again if ever. If there was absolutely nothing going on right now, how would we know the difference if we're stuck at home with our only news being what they feed us on TV? It's a dangerous precedent.
  3. I'll get by, just worried about the general public. House is certainly as clean as it's ever been.
  4. Here's the problem. Ohio went on lockdown Monday. Just prior to going on lockdown they said we should reach our peak in late April. Now we've been on lockdown and today they say the peak will be in mid May. This tells me the earliest they are going to set us free is June. That's a long time to keep Americans on lockdown. You are going to end up with a lot of mental health problems, domestic violence issues, people sitting in their houses getting wasted all day. The only exercise we can get is walking or riding a bike in the neighborhood, unfortunately this is Ohio in late March and April and it rains 5 out of 7 days. A lot of problems out of this mess. I have to admit, I've spent the last 3 hours drinking beer and watching Chappelle show reruns on comedy central. Normally a great day when done by choice, but somehow not as satisfying today.
  5. Well they've done it here. For some twisted reason they've deemed golf nonessential. I got one last 9 holes in this evening. No carts, no rakes, no need to touch the pin, never got within 10 ft. of my playing partners. Good exercise and no spread risk.
  6. Family friend? Hope everyone stays healthy, just wondering if anyone has been personally affected yet. I haven't heard from anyone that knows anyone that has been infected
  7. Does anyone personally know somebody that has caught the virus?
  8. The problem with statistics is they are so easily manipulated and the statistics we are dealing with here are not very accurate. Everything is a guess. We could have an extremely dangerous problem on our hands or we may be overreacting in a way that is crippling our economy. Think about this, China is returning to normal and is going to be ahead of the curve economically getting back to normal
  9. bs69

    Who do you love?

    Damn, gave up beer for lent of all years! Thankful my local golf course is staying open, played yesterday and playing tomorrow. Have to walk which is good for me
  10. If they close the golf courses, that would be going to far. Pretty easy to keep 6' apart on the golf course.
  11. It seems to me that the vast majority of people dying are seniors or people with underlying conditions, could we not just tell those people to self isolate and let the rest of society go on as normal or is that not PC? There rest of us will become infected, recover and go about our lives while there virus runs its course like any flu season. When it's deemed safe, let those under isolation know. The main thing is to check on our seniors who are at risk and make sure they have what they need to stay isolated.
  12. If you're not afraid to eat at Chuck E Cheese, coronavirus certainly isn't going to scare you
  13. Hopefully these measures will curb the spread and we will be back to normal in a month or so. The tourney without fans is going to be weird. My fear is that it will go away during the summer and come back with a vengeance in the Fall.
  14. bs69


    Philly on a heater, find myself in the position of cheering for them to beat Carolina tonight
  15. bs69


    Your team played well, not a good back to back for my Jackets. I'm not sure we'll be able to field a team by the end with all the injuries.
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