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  1. Kind of thought Woody Guthrie would get more than a passing mention last night
  2. Who's watching? Caught the first episode last night and was impressed. DVR is set for the rest
  3. video not the best, but good show from 72
  4. I'll take the ravens. Thanks for picking me up Tea, been super busy also
  5. Some crazy results, what the hell happened to the SEC east yesterday?
  6. Time for the season to get fully started after last weekend's somewhat disappointing appetizer (still better than NFL preseason). Alabama seems to have some serious injury issues at linebacker but I still think they'll cruise to another playoff birth. Clemson should also cruise to another birth and probably win all their games by at least 2 scores. After that it's hard to say. My gut says Ohio state and Georgia but I wouldn't be surprised to see Oklahoma, LSU, Texas, Washington, Oregon or even Utah. Excited to see how my UC Bearcats look in their opener against UCLA tonight, Fickle has done a great job recruiting for this level and I think we might take down UCF this year.
  7. Sorry to hear about this, prayers for your mom and family
  8. Those of you fortunate enough to be going to black mountain will need to bump it up a week and get it done this weekend.
  9. Only a little over two weeks until the college season kicks off. Get all that crap you've been meaning to do around the house the weekend of the 17th and 18th. I'm glad I'm in eastern time where I can still get some things done Saturday morning. I wouldn't get anything done on the west coast with games starting at 9
  10. Just watched the make me smile video from their website pretty damn good. I didn't realize that Leonard from the Big Bang Theory plays trumpet for them
  11. Huge fan, let me know how it is
  12. bs69

    2019 British Open

    As an avid golfer of Irish descent, it was great to see Shane win it on home soil
  13. Never saw Floyd with Waters but saw then in 87 at Cleveland Stadium and again a couple times in 93 or 94. The show at Ohio Stadium in I think 94 was incredible, went to the Hoosier dome a couple nights later.
  14. I'm listening to the 5-9-77 Floyd show in Oakland now and realize it's the same night as the great Buffalo Dead show, good night for live music
  15. The Dead and Floyd represent the two most awesome live concert experiences I have had. I've always been fascinated about how their music and concert experience are so different yet similar. Their careers pretty much mirror the same period with the Dead at the vanguard of the San Francisco psychedelic scene and Floyd the same for London. Both lost an important member early yet still evolved into something great and different. Both wanted the music to be the main focus with the Dead letting the audience be the show and Floyd using the effects and extracurricular stuff deflect the attention from them on stage. I really felt that with both bands having seats up close were irrelevant. I'm curious what others thoughts are?
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