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  1. Huge shame about Tua, what the hell was he doing in that game at that point? I'm starting to think Ohio state and Clemson are the two best most complete teams, LSU defense does not look good. They are looking a lot like Oklahoma
  2. You know it's cold when the beer in the garage is colder than the beer in the fridge
  3. I believe 3 out of 5 for me
  4. Bama should fall back in the 6-8 range. Minnesota should also rise to that range. Committee has a lot of work to do this week. How about App St.? Kings of the Carolinas, still a good shot at the Cotton Bowl. I could easily see the American teams knocking each other off.
  5. I think 31-27 Bama. A close LSU loss would still leave them in decent position for a birth. Same could be said for Penn St. If they lose close at tOSU and it's their only loss
  6. First rankings are out, thought it went pretty much as expected. I was a bit surprised that Baylor was as low ad they are, but they'll get their chances. It will be interesting to see how it plays out as the number of undefeated teams shrinks and we get a pile up of one loss teams to sort out
  7. Ravens, packers, saints, colts, giants
  8. Looks like the crowd got the holy hand grenade tossed at them
  9. bs69


    Congratulations to the Nats and their fans. Riveting games the last couple of nights. The one bummer is that home fans never got to enjoy a victory in the series.
  10. bs69


    I know it would be extremely difficult for him but he needs to take the boxer mentality and not sleep with his wife during the series
  11. Miami Valley gaming up by Monroe Thursday night
  12. Just checked on the local show around here and it is already sold out, guess I'll have to try to catch them next time around
  13. bs69


    1 Might as well> El Paso Ramble on Rose Cassidy TLEO Lazy Lightning Must have been the roses Estimated TJed Sunrise Samson 2 Dancin BEW PITB> D/S> Other one> Comes a time> PITB reprise E. Brokedown Filler: Mystery train Bid you goodnight
  14. Did you see them yet? Worth checking out?
  15. Things are really heating up, first of the big boys to go down yesterday. Didn't see that one coming. Carolina played great. LSU and Wisconsin looking strong.
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