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  1. bs69


    Red Sox seem to be in good shape, Dodgers still have to go back to Milwaukee
  2. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Looks like we lost a couple. Here are this week's games: Broncos@Cardinals Titans@Chargers Browns@Buccaneers Panthers@Eagles Vikings@Jets Lions@Dolphins Patriots@Bears Bills@Colts Texans@Jaguars Saints@Ravens Cowboys@Redskins Rams@49er's Bengals@Chiefs Giants@Falcons I'll go with Rudes philosophy and pick the Chiefs with hopes my Bengals win. Vikings Chiefs
  3. bs69


    It's not that I dislike the song per say, I just am not a fan of the clapping/chanting, very cheesy to me and kills the vibe of the set. There is nowhere to go from there but end the set which is obviously disappointing. Love the earlier versions with a GDTRFB after
  4. bs69

    College football

    Lots of carnage yesterday, although I'm not happy with the way the Buckeyes keep playing at least they are winning. Not easy week after week no matter who you are playing. We are in desperate need of the bye week to get some things straightened out on the lines
  5. bs69


    First set was a little sluggish, nice sleazy rooster and good jam in LITG. Second set was where it was at as expected, love the Dew after space. All was great until the inevitable NFA, thought about running away but thankfully stayed for a nice Brokedown. I know I've let my feelings for later day NFA be known many times but I just don't get it. It's total amateur hour, Jeff literally had to strum a loud chord to get the crowd to stop clapping and chanting, ugh!
  6. bs69


  7. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    You can absolutely play again! The more the merrier.. Thanks for your gracious offer, I'll be at the Columbus show Saturday and will make sure to get an extra ticket and pass it along to a worthy person in need
  8. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Time for the reboot. Let's hope for a better showing this time. Winner gets a ticket to a show. Here is the schedule this week: Eagles@Giants Buccaneers@Falcons Panthers@Redskins Seahawks@Raiders Colts@Jets Cardinals@Vikings Steelers@Bengals Chargers@Browns Bills@Texans Bears@Dolphins Rams@Broncos Ravens@Titans Jaguars@Cowboys Chiefs@Patriots 49er's@Packers I'll take the Vikings
  9. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool

    Looks like Deadhead Mike is the winner! We will move in to another chance next week. Mike, I'll send you a PM about your ticket. Brad
  10. bs69

    College football

    I have watched Tua play and he looks really good, all I'm saying is he hasn't played against good competition yet, let's see how he does at LSU. Don't know where you thought I said Haskins played "decently", but I would say he did. The point I was making was that the crowd noise in a game like that hampers the offensive line. They weren't allowing Haskins (tOSU QB) time to go downfield. The game plan was changed to some shorter options and it worked. Penn state played their best game of the year and we still came out on top, I'll take it. Given their schedule, the only potential tricky game for Alabama is at LSU, the rest of their schedule is against mediocre to bad teams or at home. By the way, do you think the balance of power is shifting in the SEC? Seems to me that the east is getting deeper and the west is not nearly as good this year. Saturday will tell a lot with LSU st Florida and Kentucky at A&M
  11. bs69

    College football

    Settle down, let's see how he does against decent competition. One half against Georgia in the championship game is impressive but not a road game at Penn state with that crowd and noise. The noise factor hampering an offensive line in a game like that cannot be underestimated.
  12. bs69

    1st Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota

    The key with DSO as with the Dead is that you have to go on a 3-4 show run to get your fill (more if possible). I have found if you hit 5-6 you will get most eras covered with a couple electives sprinkled in and very few repeats.
  13. bs69

    College football

    The man coverage the Buckeyes play is trouble against a good running qb and McSorley exploited it. I'll take the win. I think if they get a few things ironed out in the next few weeks, they'll be very dangerous in the playoff
  14. bs69

    NFL Knockout pool

    Looks like both move in for another week. Here is this week's schedule: Colts@Patriots Titans@Bills Falcons@Steelers Broncos@Jets Jaguars@Chiefs Packers@Lions Ravens@Browns Giants@Panthers Dolphins@Bengals Raiders@Chargers Cardinals@49'ers Vikings@Eagles Rams@Seahawks Cowboys@Texans Redskins@Saints Good luck!