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    Your team played well, not a good back to back for my Jackets. I'm not sure we'll be able to field a team by the end with all the injuries.
  2. bs69


    Brutally tough, even the Rangers are playing great. Big back to back this week. Go Jackets!
  3. bs69


    It's as tight as ever coming down the stretch this year. My Blue Jackets have been devastated by injuries but are still hanging in there. Hoping to make the playoffs with a healthier roster
  4. You don't need GPS to get around because you've already been there
  5. Rutgers? Greg, now is your time to crow!
  6. What's the date on that Stanley's BCE gig?
  7. Cincinnati Bearcats. It's been a struggle this year but we're not alone. I'm glad I don't bet on this stuff, I'd be broke. Just when you think a team is pretty good they get thrashed like Michigan St. yesterday. Got sucked into Wichita v Uconn before football yesterday, very entertaining
  8. Lost a great drummer, going to have to crank up some Rush tonight
  9. Great games over the weekend, sure hope there's some good football weather in Green Bay next weekend
  10. Do the playoffs need to be expanded? I'm not sure which way I lean but it seems there are only a few teams each year that really have a chance and it's causing the recruiting discrepancy between haves and have nots to increase. I'd like to see more of the country involved. I think my personal preference would be to let the traditional bowls play out and then pick the final 4, but that would require a lot of travel for fans.
  11. I'm not complaining about the refs other than the overturned fumble, which I thought was a terrible call ( I'm admittedly biased), but everything seemed to go Clemson's way. Ohio state was dominating but a couple drops by Dobbins turned TD's into field goals when the game could have been put out of reach. The targeting and roughing the punter calls both allowed Clemson to continue drives that would have been ended punts when their offense couldn't get anything going. A few key plays went Clemson's way when they absolutely had to have them. I thought Ohio State was clearly the better team, but the breaks went Clemson's way, mostly by the Buckeyes screw ups. Very painful
  12. Unfortunately the best two teams won't play for the final.
  13. Playoff starts Saturday, who you got? I'll take Ohio state over LSU in the final
  14. Playoff is now set and is really set up for LSU. They get the one seed and play Oklahoma in Atlanta and the championship game is in New Orleans. Championship games should not be home games. I'm hoping Ohio St. can get some payback this year and beat Clemson in Arizona to get the bad taste if 2016/17 out of their mouth and the 2007 championship game against LSU also played in New Orleans. How about they schedule a championship game in Indy?
  15. bs69

    Huntington numero dos

    That's an awesome looking two night run
  16. First playoff without Bama. With the Wisconsin win over Minnesota, LSU and Ohio St. are now locks. Oklahoma and Utah need LSU to beat Georgia or have Virginia upset Clemson. I'm interested to see if LSU and Clemson fans would actually travel to Arizona and fill the stadium if they are the 2 and 3 seed.
  17. Oregon and Penn state are now out, there are now only 9 possible candidates for the playoff. LSU, tOSU , Clemson, Georgia, Alabama, Utah, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Baylor. I think LSU and tOSU are locks with wins next week unless both lose in the conference championship games, then one will be out. If LSU, tOSU and Clemson all win out it will come down to Baylor, Oklahoma, Alabama and Utah for the last spot. An interesting thing to keep an eye on will be the seeding and where these games will be played. I can tell you as an Ohio state fan, I would want to play in Arizona unless we are playing a big 12 team or Utah.
  18. Huge shame about Tua, what the hell was he doing in that game at that point? I'm starting to think Ohio state and Clemson are the two best most complete teams, LSU defense does not look good. They are looking a lot like Oklahoma
  19. You know it's cold when the beer in the garage is colder than the beer in the fridge
  20. I believe 3 out of 5 for me
  21. Bama should fall back in the 6-8 range. Minnesota should also rise to that range. Committee has a lot of work to do this week. How about App St.? Kings of the Carolinas, still a good shot at the Cotton Bowl. I could easily see the American teams knocking each other off.
  22. I think 31-27 Bama. A close LSU loss would still leave them in decent position for a birth. Same could be said for Penn St. If they lose close at tOSU and it's their only loss
  23. First rankings are out, thought it went pretty much as expected. I was a bit surprised that Baylor was as low ad they are, but they'll get their chances. It will be interesting to see how it plays out as the number of undefeated teams shrinks and we get a pile up of one loss teams to sort out
  24. Ravens, packers, saints, colts, giants
  25. Looks like the crowd got the holy hand grenade tossed at them
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