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  1. BillK522

    SF # 1

    Please keep Day Tripper in the rotation until I catch one. Thanks. Praise DSO.
  2. BillK522

    SF #2

    From 3000 miles away, looks like they blew out the Warfield with that pair. That music in that venue I'm sure was magic. Safe travels all, enjoy the ride. Praise DSO.
  3. BillK522


    89/02/12 Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA Cold Rain, Hell in a Bucket, Row Jimmy, BIODTL>Promised Land, West LA, How Long Blues*, Gimme Some Lovin'*. Iko**, Monkey and the Engineer**, Alabama**, Dire Wolf**, Cassidy**, Memphis Blues**>Drumz***>Other 1>Stella>Foolish Heart. E:NFA**, Knockin'** * -with Spencer Davis, ** -with Bob Dylan, *** - with Kodo drummer final/last How Long Blues 70/08/19 (1236) final/last Monkey and the Engineer 81/10/16 (495) The final show of the 89 west coast winter shows, and one of the more unusual setlists. As far as I know, all the guests appearances were unannounced, adding to the freak factor. Spencer Davis killed the GSL, and the pre drums with Dylan provided several highlights. Dylan doing the Dead after the Dead doing Dylan in 87, The Bus floated back to SF after this one. Praise DSO.
  4. BillK522


    Sounds like an inspirational evening of music had by all. Scarlet>Fire, Esti>Eyes Chunky. Enjoy the ride leftcoasters. Praise DSO.
  5. BillK522

    2/8/19 Roseland Theater Portland

    Pre drums sequenced nicely. Enjoy the ride, leftcoasters. Praise DSO.
  6. BillK522

    2019 Dead Covers Project

    Thanks Tea. Praise DSO.
  7. BillK522

    The Hamilton, DC?

    This thread sold two tickets. Circle the dates, count it down. Praise DSO.
  8. Fantastic thread, JohnA. Great read. Thanks for sharing Rob. Praise DSO.
  9. BillK522

    2019 Dead Covers Project

    Got an email from Dead.net about this event. Fan versions uploaded to YouTube. They gave me a link, but I'm not cool like Tea and able to provide the link. However, just watched a video of Promised Land submitted to You Tube by Carey Eyer. Search 2019 Dead Covers Project on You Tube. Adorable. Praise DSO.
  10. BillK522

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Your yesterdays are all left behind There's a brand new light in your mind. Praise DSO.
  11. BillK522

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    Alice D. Millionaire I'm in a 1966 Relisten wormhole. Praise DSO.
  12. BillK522

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    Miss Brown.
  13. BillK522

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    Joe Brown. Can this thread run down Everyone gets a turn....? Praise DSO.
  14. BillK522

    Love It So

    Always considered Crazy Fingers a complete representation of all the magic the Dead could be. Praise DSO.
  15. BillK522

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)