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  1. new coffee table picture book

    That's a X-mas list item if ever I saw one. Praise DSO
  2. JGB - The current iteration

    Thanks for the intel Tea Gotta a couple local shots to see them. Hey lama, how about something you know----for the effort? Praise DSO
  3. 10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI

    Well crafted first set Enjoy the ride full timers Praise DSO
  4. chasing white whale

    Life would not allow Black Mountain or NJ this summer. Vic that show in NJ was a white whale show for me. Ouch. Praise DSO
  5. TIGDH

    10/13/90 Ice Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden The longest journey this individual ever traveled for a show Planes, trains, and automobiles. A rather pedestrian performance to commence three weeks of chaotic bliss. Praise DSO
  6. chasing white whale

    Feelin you on the VIOLA love. First one I saw was with JK and NLQP- killer version. Ever since, I'll take one at every show. Never seen DSO do Cream Puff War, but caught a Further version at RCMH that was a joy. Top of the list currently is Day Tripper. Praise DSO
  7. Baseball 2017

    Nationals post seasons are epic torture. Thoughts go out to all Nationals fans. As a division rival of the Yankees, tough watching them all ready good again. Can the Cubs possibly repeat? Great post season so far, bring on the LCS.
  8. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    "Rediscovering" music and energy I thought was gone through DSO has made me much more appreciative of any and all song selections played at a show. That said, Jerry first set songs that were played frequently (TJ, BEW, RonR) would be less positively received because I always hoped for one of lesser played first set Jerry songs (DDB, DW, ALT, SL) Praise DSO
  9. You Decide if I Was Wise

    Easy to miss a killer DSO show these days. Supporting local dead cover bands I fully endorse. One of mine (2008) On the Bus in DC area. Got to know the band, watched audiences grow. Lucky enough to have JK join them a couple times. Great fun on Saturday nights. It's all good. Praise DSO
  10. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Gambling is illegal at Bushwood. And I never slice. Praise DSO
  11. TIGDH

    The spaceship was a cathedral to see a Grateful Dead concert. Praise DSO
  12. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    Live the dream sml. Travel is good for the soul. Music is good for the heart. Praise DSO
  13. TIGDH

    The Midnight Hour>Cumberland was worth the price of admission on that night. Praise DSO
  14. 10/05/17 Cleveland, OH Fall

    Valley Road takes me back to Europe 90 tour Bruce's play warranted set closer status He brought great energy to the band after the loss of Brent Looks like a fun setlist all the way around. Enjoy the ride full timers Praise DSO
  15. 09/30/17 Boulder, CO (Day 3)

    Jeff absolutely slays The Dew on a regular basis