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  1. BillK522

    JITS 2

    Looks awesome. Enjoy island heads. Praise DSO.
  2. BillK522

    JITS night 1

    Thanks for the update. PG. Enjoy the sun, sand, and music. Praise DSO.
  3. Great stuff. Blue Bayou achieves DEW pin drop silence. Senor Plow. Praise DSO.
  4. Sounds like your angling for a backyard show, Hardpan. Praise DSO.
  5. BillK522


    70/01/03 Fillmore East, New York, New York Early show Morning Dew, MAMU, Hard to Handle, Cumberland, Cold Rain, Alligator>Drums>Jam>Alligator>Feedback. E: Uncle John's Band. Late show Casey Jones, Mama Tried, Big Boss Man, China>Rider, Mason's Children, Cryptical>Drums>Other One>Cryptical> Cosmic Charlie, Uncle John's Band>Black Peter, Dire Wolf, Good Lovin', Dancin'. E; St. Stephen>Midnight Hour. The second of a two night run at Fillmore East. A "Magnificent Seven" show (T.C. keys, Pig percussion) that the band broke in the Workingman's Dead material. Mason's Children was recorded for the album, but left off the final track list. Praise DSO.
  6. In Dead Nation at the Still in Timonium, MD. China>Rider, Althea, Viola Lee Blues, Ramble, All Over Now, Cumberland, Mama>Big River Peggy-o, Tangled. Casey Jones, Sugar>Scarlet>Fire>Other One, Jack Straw, Don't Ease, 12:00, Trucking, Good Love>La Bamba>Good Love, Harder They Come, Shakedown. Uncle John's>Lovelight, Sisters and Brothers, Franklin's Tower, Touch of Grey. We Bid You Goodnight. Quite a bit of entertainment for a free cover. Great local band, giving it their all. Set three had Julie Andrews space on the rail. Good times. Praise DSO.
  7. BillK522

    New Years Eve

    Happy 2020 everyone. Viola sandwich, yum. Praise DSO.
  8. BillK522


    85/12/30 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA Gimme Some Lovin>Greatest Story, West LA, Brother Esau>Stagger Lee, Rooster, Tennessee Jed> Looks Like Rain>Don't Ease. Mighty Quinn>Samson>He's Gone>Miracle> Crazy Fingers>D>S>Other One>Wharf Rat> Sugar Magnolia. E: Baby Blue. first Mighty Quinn soundcheck Quinn (x3), Watchtower (x2) Praise DSO.
  9. It is a rolling snow ball in college, ask OSU, Clemson, Alabama. Please give the Big 12 a year off from the playoff next year.
  10. Dress warm. Dance energized. Praise DSO.
  11. BillK522


    84/12/28 San Francisco Auditorium, San Francisco, CA Touch>Greatest Story, Dire Wolf, Tons of Steel, Superstitious>Bottom>Dupree's, MAMU>Mex, West LA>Might As Well. China>Rider, Looks Like Rain, He's Gone>Spoonful> D>S>Other One>Wharf Rat>Sugar Mags. E: Day Tripper first Tons of Steel first Day Tripper First set full of treats. Superstitious/Bottom 9 total plays. Last year Dire Wolf (14) played 10+ times. Dupree's Played 13 times in 1984, 16 in 85, rest of the way 13. Safe travels to all heading to Albany. Praise DSO.
  12. BillK522


    78/12/27 Golden Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego, CA Promised Land, FOTD, Cassidy, Peggy-o, Mama>Mex, Half-Step>Franklin's Tower, Music Never Stopped. Bertha>Good Love, Ship of Fools, Samson, Terrapin> Playin'>Drums>NFA>Black Pete>Round and Round. E: U.S. Blues Two shows here (12/27,28), Pauley Pavilion (12/30), and Winterland (12/31) comprise the 78 New Years run, with the NYE at Winterland being the closing of the venue show that ended at 7AM. Praise DSO.
  13. BillK522


    69/12/20 Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA Mason's Children, China>Rider, High Time, MAMU, Hard to Handle, Cumberland, Black Peter. Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven> New Speedway>Lovelight. Slim picking for this date. Mason's Children back to back nights. Pig Lovelight came in at 20:42. Praise DSO.
  14. Fabulous time had last year. Mesmerizing venue. Praise DSO.
  15. BillK522


    69/12/19 Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA Acoustic: Monkey and the Engineer, Sadie, Long Black Limousine>All Around This World. Electric: Mason's Children>China>Rider, Black Pete, Hard to Handle, Cumberland, Casey Jones, Good Love> Cryptical>Drums>Other One>Cryptical> Uncle John's Band>Lovelight. acoustic is without Phil. China>Rider not on Relisten, but in DBX. Phil's tardiness prompts an acoustic set with Jerry and Bob. Believed to be first acoustic performance in band history. Jerry to crowd "When he gets here, we'll be able to play loud and all that. So me and Bobby Ace here are gonna regail ya with some old favorites. The Mason's Children was a monster and Pig killed the GL. Praise DSO.
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