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  1. My community had a yard sale today, I made $226 covering the cost of the box set with shipping. Praise DSO.
  2. BillK522

    Now Listening...

    Today's bike ride sponsored by Albany 3/25/90 Eyes, Samson, Crazy>Truckin'>Spoonful Pre-Drums, Smooth execution. Praise DSO.
  3. Ordered. I Love Dave's Seaside chats. Praise DSO.
  4. I am a sucker for these complete show box sets. Thanks for heads up JohnA. Just cruised the lists, wow long and varied setlists. Praise DSO.
  5. BillK522

    Twin Cities, MN

    Any venue called the Zoo must rock. Enjoy the lakes. Praise DSO.
  6. BillK522

    Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    Sounds like Summer Tour training weather. Will be a sweatbox at Dewey. Praise DSO.
  7. BillK522

    2018 NBA Finals

    That was quick and after Game 1 uneventful. Dubs positioned to have quite a dynasty. Praise DSO.
  8. BillK522

    Jubilee 5/25/18

    Any late year selection would be greatly enhanced by the band. Easy Answers, Childhood's End, Samba, all would benefit. Praise DSO.
  9. BillK522

    My first dead$co show

    Respects to Bob for still being out there, he has earned it and created volumes of live music in many forms over the years. Could he be feeling some of the pressure Jerry felt to keep mouths fed? If you attend a Dead and Co. concert, prepare for disappointment in one way or another and you might have a decent time. Praise DSO.
  10. BillK522

    Now Listening...

    10/26/89 Miami Arena The boys at their Brent era best. A MIDI fest for all. Rippin' Rooster/Feedback Victim The monster Star. Makes for a good bike ride. Praise DSO
  11. BillK522


    LET'S GO CAPS. DMV is giddy, Praise DSO.
  12. BillK522

    Jubilee 2018

    Three shows, no cowboy twofers. A welcome first for me. Praise DSO.
  13. BillK522

    Jubilee Debriefing

    After 48 hours to process the events of Dark Star Jubilee, I believe I've got a handle on it. As a Jubilee rook, it had a tough act to follow in my head having done several NLQP through the years, which is an amazing piece of land to camp and dance. The Jubilee far exceeded my expectations and living in that reality for three days is truly bliss. The combination of friendly, happy people, from staff to attendees, and a spectrum of talented musicians creates an eden on earth. My homebase in VIP was a eight minute walk to the stage, 10 minutes to my friends in General RV. Access to showers and daily coffee was worth the upgrade to VIP in my opinion. I rode solo this Jubilee and met so many good people during the weekend. Rob, Rodney, and Greg from Columbus were right next to my site and we talked all weekend. I fulfilled a goal meeting Rude and it was totally organic, we were walking down to the stage at the same time. The circus is in town. Hung with old friends, MC and crew, Scott, sudds94, met new friends, Poetry Girl, Carly and Michelle from Buffalo. I spoke with dozens of others about our shared experience, Jubilee gives us all something in common, what a great conversation starter. Of course the heart of the Jubilee is the music. Being able to hear the music from basically any location on the grounds keeps you engaged all day. The non-DSO lineup impressed. Any band including the talented Rob B. was worth the walk to the stage. Seeing Melvin after all these years was a treat. Holly Bowling had a great take. Infamous Stringdusters killed a JackStraw. Getting the point? Any we have not even touched on the three well executed shows delivered by DSO. The recreation on Friday I'm sure was better than the original. After the afternoon deluge, the Saturday original was pure magic start to finish. The energy for the Sunday original was off the charts, especially after the boys gave us a Jerry show to warm up for a Dead show. This band of talented musicians continues to push the material to higher levels. Thank you DSO for three glorious days. Praise DSO.
  14. BillK522

    Julbilee 2 5/26/18

    BTW first set somewhere Shakedown huge Biblical evening at Jubilee Praise DSO
  15. BillK522

    Jubilee 5/25/18

    Well executed opener Jackstraw Eyes highlights Black Peter epic 69 tonight? Praise DSO