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  1. BillK522


    Second set pre-drums about as good as gets for the era. Praise DSO.
  2. BillK522

    The Anthem

    Saint Stephen played three times in 1983 after a 352 show absence. 10/11/83 MSG 10/15/83 Hartford 10/31/83 San Rafael I did shows with a guy whose first two shows were MSG and Hartford, and was like "so they play this St. Stephen song every nite" timing is everything. I also love that the Anthem thread won't die. Praise DSO.
  3. BillK522

    Hello New Chinese Overlords

    I'd like to remind them that as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves. Deep Space Homer episode 1F13 Original Airdate 2/24/94 Praise DSO.
  4. BillK522

    The Anthem

    Rest assured I was a zombie battling the cramp monster for the 24 hours after the show. Sounds like you guys had a Uber adventure on the way home. No glitter ball though. Praise DSO.
  5. BillK522

    The Anthem

    Blushing. Dance like the its the last show you'll see. Reflect the band's lifeforce. Love you guys. Praise DSO.
  6. BillK522

    The Anthem

    In a world of conflict and division, what a blessing that a group of musicians exist to uplift an audience, take them on an exploration of every phase of the human condition, return them to the start of it all and ask did you enjoy the ride? The answer, an emphatic yes. The perfect marriage of band and venue occurred for a second time in DC last night, and the experience did not disappoint. A retelling of 6/9/73 (w/ GS and China>Rider shifted to set 2) ran through a large chunk of the library at the time, tried and true. The band exuded last show of the tour energy with every song, and flawlessly delivered all 27 songs. China>Rider absolutely killed. Eyes>China Doll>Sugar Mag close heavenly and filled with Julie Andrews space after some of the riff-raff departed. I enjoyed the evening with the best group of friends, both old and new, a person could ever hope for. The forum was well represented at the Anthem last nite. Safe travels all. Praise DSO.
  7. BillK522

    Norfolk 11/30

    Built like another fun time elective. Summon full-timer energy, Tea. Praise DSO.
  8. BillK522

    Anthem show hype

    Just a reminder friends, The Anthem is cashless bar so bring a credit card or for the technically proficient you can download Rooam app. See everyone soon. Praise DSO.
  9. BillK522

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Gone are the days we stopped to decide Praise DSO.
  10. BillK522

    Anthem show hype

    Every time I watch the Sound of Music clip it makes me smile. Thanks, Tea. It would be great to meet you all, I'll be in a green shirt with a Oriole cap and cruising the front of the riser on the floor pre-show. Sounds like Hardpan's location could be pre-show forum epicenter. Work almost got in the way for me too, Greg from C-town. Safe travels all. Praise DSO.
  11. BillK522

    Richmond #2

    First set selections delicious including RRR I'm perfectly fine with electives from our band. Enjoy NorVa tonite full timers. Praise DSO.
  12. BillK522

    Anthem parking/metro

    I did the Metro from New Carrollton last year and it worked well. No Problem making the 1 AM curfew. Praise DSO.
  13. BillK522

    Anthem show hype

    The boys often killed it at the Cap Centre. 9/3/88 9/12/87 9/25/76 And of course the breakout festival Spring 90. There are many eligible shows for our band to choose from. Looking forward to a Sat. Nite hoedown with good friends Praise DSO.
  14. BillK522

    Happy Birthday, Tea

    Tea, Happy Birthday. I enjoy the light you shine on a daily basis. Hoping to get down with you at the Anthem on Saturday. We need to set a meeting place pre show. Have a great day. Praise Tea. Praise DSO.
  15. BillK522

    Penn's Peak Hype Thread

    Could see a few flakes fly at the PEAK tonite. CRS opener ? Elective ? Praise DSO.