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  1. BillK522

    Dewey Beach 8/13/18

    Delicious original. Tasty selections throughout. The STAR cleared out some of the riff-raff, leaving plenty of space to enjoy the ride home. Praise DSO.
  2. BillK522

    Hampton Beach #1

    Reads like a rockin elective. Enjoy the ride full timers. See you at Dewey. Praise DSO.
  3. BillK522

    Now Listening...

    Today's bike ride sponsored by 3/16/90 Cap Centre, Landover, MD The final show of the epic run at the Cap Centre in Spring 90. BTW breakout with Bob's silly reworking of the lyrics Chunky Bird Song>Blow Away to close the first set Almost Eyes jam going into drums. Very moving. Praise DSO.
  4. BillK522


    Nice app Tea. Praise DSO.
  5. BillK522

    Fall tour intel

    Looking down the calendar a bit, considering doing the Louisville, St. Louis, Indianapolis run in the fall. Anyone have any thoughts on the danceability of the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, Pageant in St. Louis and the Egyptian in Indy? Vague memories of the Egyptian getting high marks on dance fest potential. Any and all intel would be appreciated. Praise DSO.
  6. BillK522

    Berkeley Night 2

    Break out the July 78 box set. Safe travels for all to RR. Praise DSO.
  7. BillK522

    Berkeley 6-29 - Elective

    That looks like a monster. Congrats to all in the building. Great area to see the word. Praise DSO.
  8. BillK522

    Sacramento 6/28

    First set carryover show. Chock full of 87 goodness. Diggin the reports from the road Rude. Live the dream. Praise DSO.
  9. BillK522

    San Diego 6/22

    Walton may be able to give you some advice on bad feet Rude. Thanks for the reports from the road. Praise DSO.
  10. Most of my tee shirts are ballpark giveaways. Could this be a way to keep family mouths fed? Praise DSO.
  11. My community had a yard sale today, I made $226 covering the cost of the box set with shipping. Praise DSO.
  12. BillK522

    Now Listening...

    Today's bike ride sponsored by Albany 3/25/90 Eyes, Samson, Crazy>Truckin'>Spoonful Pre-Drums, Smooth execution. Praise DSO.
  13. Ordered. I Love Dave's Seaside chats. Praise DSO.
  14. I am a sucker for these complete show box sets. Thanks for heads up JohnA. Just cruised the lists, wow long and varied setlists. Praise DSO.
  15. BillK522

    Twin Cities, MN

    Any venue called the Zoo must rock. Enjoy the lakes. Praise DSO.