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  1. Solar eclipse 08/21/17

    The goggles, they do nothing.
  2. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    Sorry about the post placement Mason Thought about that after I had posted it Quite the firestorm no? Won't happen again. Much thanks on the intel Vic, thinking of doing an Amtrak show from Maryland Praise DSO
  3. I know its waaaay in the future, but does anyone have intel on this venue? Website looks like GA floor Trying to gauge dance ability of venue Any info would be appreciated Praise DSO
  4. 08/15/17 Dewey Beach, DE

    Killer one drummer elective in early 70's style Another hot steamy night at the beach with friends. Sure i'm missing one or two, order may be a little off. 1/2 Step, Cumberland, Next Time, Big River, Bird Song, LMSYBA, Loose Lucy, Here Comes Sunshine, Greatest Story. Schoolgirl, Till the Morning Comes, Speedway, NFA, Playin, Drums, UJB Morning Dew, UJB reprise, Playin reprise Lonesome and a Long Way From Home Old school Birdsong, Till the Morning Comes, Speedway, Monster Dew, Lonesome highlights for me. Praise DSO
  5. The conundrum

    I'm feelin' you mojo. Always nice to get a show in the wheelhouse I'm partial to 80's and originals. I have found originals to be "formatted" like a 80's setlist which helps my energy pacing during the show. One drummer 70's sounds good tonite, I'm attending Tuesday hoping for a 80's/original I really blew it missing Saturday with the white whale Day Tripper In the end though, its ALL GOOD. All hail DSO
  6. 08/12/17 Asbury Park, NJ

    This show was a favorite tape in my cassette collection Been chasing that Day Tripper Always a fan of the 85 vintage
  7. Songs of Their Own

    Great thread Rude That's entertainment
  8. 22 Years Ago

    The band was a huge part of my life Losing Jerry was as sad and disorienting as any event could be. Without thought flew to SF for the memorial in Golden Gate Park Never did send back my front row Saturday nite tickets for MSG that fall. Peace and love be with you big man. Praise DSO for keeping the fire burning.
  9. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    Funny that this became Samba forum Always thought those jewels at the end (Long Way, Wave, Samba) were a test of my love for the band and made it a point to jam to the pointless.
  10. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    Looks like a fun show Mission, Crazy Samson to close set- what a great concept Enjoy the ride full timers
  11. 7th Annual Greatful Dead Meet Up

    + 1 John A Another crispy 89 to ride the bike to Sign me up
  12. Attended Shows

    Great thread topic I've always seen two of my attended shows standing out above the others, I believe song list, venue and vibe contributed to the rank. 1. 5/6/89 Frost My first Frost show, Race Is On, China>Rider to close set 1 Break out of the Jerry MIDI white guitar Full, well played show at an insane venue 2. 3/27/88 Hampton Sugar>Scarlet>Fire super high energy show Out of mind up front Jerry's side A classic performance at the Spaceship Praise DSO for keeping the flame burning
  13. BillK522

  14. 930 night 2

    Missed the Lay Me Down Thanks gr8fulpair for keeping it real. Good call on song execution, money performance. And yes Sunny brings it.
  15. 930 night 2

    12/3/16 9:30 Club Washington, DC St. Stephen, Dancin, Sugaree, Passenger, Chimes of Freedom, Think, Cassidy, Sing Your Blues Away, China>Rider Scarlet>Fire, Corrina, Shakedown, Don't Need Love, Drums, Space, Other One, Stella Blue> Other One, Saturday Nite Run Run Rundolph First set may be incomplete Second set pre drums killed Fire completely off the hook and highlight of the night Great friends, Great music Enjoy the break DSO