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  1. THANK YOU DSO for coming to Lafayette, BS69 and I had a good time scratching our heads over text message about the year of the set. All of us Lafayetters had a great show and we hope you'll come back. The Lafayette Theater has never sounded better, you guys played it expertly. That Deal was extra spicy, the drums were a pleasure to listen to with a solid focus on rhythms in favor of crazy sounds, I liked that choice a lot. The Truckin tease into drums and TOO tease coming out were extra cool touches that kept us guessing. Truckin took me back to the time DSO cured my cold with a hot spicy Truckin second set opener so long ago at the Vogue. (Also made me yearn for Sing Me Back Home and hope for Lisa in the elective. Bummer about that pesky curfew!! but I digress.) It was a pleasure to see everyone's smiling faces again, I think Mattson's singing is the best I've ever heard him! His playing is even craftier than ever. Eaton's impossible left hand reach seems even wider! Dino never ages! I was even glad just to see your bus. Thanks so much for coming, we hope you had fun and safe travels!!
  2. Happy Birthday Ron and thanks for starting the DSO forums.
  3. Michael Doc Watson wins the internet for the love songs link. As for the original subject, it's pretty clear that the underlying beef is as old as DSO and can be summarily ignored, but the bust is a bad beat and a little sympathy for it would not be misplaced.
  4. LOUIE!! Is it the first ever? I'm so proud of you and tickled pink that you've finally cracked this little tiny one-sixth-of-one-percent of the canon. We're whipping up support here in Lafayette, looking forward to seeing you. Gold Star! :D
  5. DeadCo is a Derpy Good Time, warts and all.
  6. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO LAFAYETTE!!!!!!!! There's a lot of interest around here. I'm thinking of a song, can you guess which one? I bet all three Robs know which one. safe travels in the meantime
  7. For this particular week I heartily recommend: Happy Listening Everyone
  11. KDub makes a worthy point. Yeah, we know there's lots of logistics, and I'm sure that many of you know more than I do about how that sausage gets made. That said, KDub is still right. I had a boss once who urged our sales team to sell onsite consulting "South in the winter, North in the summer, Hawaii anytime". (...or Jamaica, as you wish) That guy was wise. Even so, much like DSO, our beloved salespeople sent me regularly to Minnesota in Februrary, Florida in August, and Hawaii never. Bless their little hearts for making sales at all. Likewise bless DSO for playing anywhere and everywhere. I rarely try to speak for everyone, but I am sure that I do when I say "Play more shows close to me!" cheers all
  12. I will see some of you at some shows this time around. Please forgive my absence. I think of you ALL often.
  13. Reviews Average Rating: Reviewer: madriverrich1 - October 8, 2014 Subject: Bravo just magnificent! I am so pleased to see the extra effort that has finally paid off, I listened to this beauty start to finish yesterday and just smiled the whole way through! My only suggestion would be keep them comin'!!!!!!!!! Thanks so so much Reviewer: Jack o' Roses - October 7, 2014 Subject: rico delicioso