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  1. ...I'm back. (Learning the new forum layout that is probably old to all of you LOL) Going to Fox River tonight. On the lookout for @Dr. Barry and Chicago Mike and whoever else. If y'all play Louie I will carry gear for you.
  2. THANK YOU DSO for coming to Lafayette, BS69 and I had a good time scratching our heads over text message about the year of the set. All of us Lafayetters had a great show and we hope you'll come back. The Lafayette Theater has never sounded better, you guys played it expertly. That Deal was extra spicy, the drums were a pleasure to listen to with a solid focus on rhythms in favor of crazy sounds, I liked that choice a lot. The Truckin tease into drums and TOO tease coming out were extra cool touches that kept us guessing. Truckin took me back to the time DSO cured my cold with a hot spicy Truckin second set opener so long ago at the Vogue. (Also made me yearn for Sing Me Back Home and hope for Lisa in the elective. Bummer about that pesky curfew!! but I digress.) It was a pleasure to see everyone's smiling faces again, I think Mattson's singing is the best I've ever heard him! His playing is even craftier than ever. Eaton's impossible left hand reach seems even wider! Dino never ages! I was even glad just to see your bus. Thanks so much for coming, we hope you had fun and safe travels!!
  3. anddave

    Lafayette 2016-10-04

    Lafayette 2016-10-04
  4. Happy Birthday Ron and thanks for starting the DSO forums.
  5. DeadCo is a Derpy Good Time, warts and all.
  6. For this particular week I heartily recommend: http://www.dead.net/features/gd-radio-hour/grateful-dead-hour-382 Happy Listening Everyone
  7. https://archive.org/details/samh2014-09-24
  8. https://archive.org/details/gd73-12-02.aud.vernon.17278.sbeok.shnf
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxOkD_yBIpU
  10. https://archive.org/details/gd1974-05-19.131464.mtx.dusborne.flac16 Reviews Average Rating: Reviewer: madriverrich1 - October 8, 2014 Subject: Bravo just magnificent! I am so pleased to see the extra effort that has finally paid off, I listened to this beauty start to finish yesterday and just smiled the whole way through! My only suggestion would be keep them comin'!!!!!!!!! Thanks so so much Reviewer: Jack o' Roses - October 7, 2014 Subject: rico delicioso
  11. https://archive.org/details/gd70-03-21.early.aud.5315.sbeok.shnf
  12. ...and Hail Skip! Nice earful of Skip right out the gate. Each version of the DSO has a new fresh charm! Hugs to all the StarryHeads!! ;^)
  13. I love this thread. Best one I ever started in my whole life. Thanks to all'y'all for all the great stuff! 2-11-70 late show epic spanish jam mm mmm gooood youtube has gotten to be pretty handy
  14. http://archive.org/details/gd1989-04-08.sbd.walker-scotton.miller.83510.sbeok.flac16
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