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  1. neutrino

    Hawaii shows?

    I was looking at the setlists, and using the individual locations filter. I noticed that there has apparently never been a DSO show in Hawaii. Is this logistically just too difficult and costly? Some shows on Oahu and Maui would be awesome!! Just wondering why this has never been done, since many other artist play there. Maybe DSO is not willing to use the existing equipment at the venues, and it's too expensive to ship their own gear? I'd book a trip from California for this! Always looking for an excuse to visit the islands. I know a number of Deadhead living there , and they'd love it.
  2. neutrino

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    I actually know someone who doesn't like UJB. She just finds it boring. I know, what can you say? Now, I've never heard anyone not rave when Dew starts playing!
  3. neutrino

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    Can we ALL agree that China/Rider kicks ass?
  4. neutrino

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    During the recent showing of the Grateful Dead Movie, Weir and Barlow are talking about some of the recent work they had written. I can't remember exactly what they said, but it was clear that they both hated Black Throated Wind and seemed somewhat ashamed to have put out. While I don't love this song, I would rank it well above some of their other work during that era. Not sure if I ever heard the GD do it, but probably did at Winterland. More recently I've heard DSO perform the song, and I thought it was quite good. Interesting how we all have different reactions to specific songs.
  5. neutrino

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    WOW!! Well my friend--you and I clearly have different taste. I've already made my comments on Dupree's. I don't hate it, but it does little for me. As far as Days Between, I love it! For me, it's proof that while Jerry may have been in a tragic death spiral during his last couple of years, he could still write some of the most beautiful songs of all time (of course with Robert Hunter!). I'm very sorry that we never had the opportunity to hear Jerry perform this while very healthy and with his earlier strong voice. This song, along with Lazy River Road and So Many Roads are his latter day masterpieces and some of my favorite ballads. vive la diff
  6. neutrino

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    Well, so far I seem to be getting smacked down (politely of course!) on this. I like the story being told in the lyrics, but I just find the melody rather repetitious and, for lack of a better word, "clunky". it just doesn't seem to flow in a smooth manner to my ears. Even the guitar solo often sounds kind of forced. There's no accounting for taste and I'm sure some of my favorites are also yours. Again, I didn't mean to suggest that Dupree's comes remotely close to some of horrors previously mentioned. It just seemed interesting to make a comment on a song that many like, but which personally leave me completely flat and anxious to have over.
  7. neutrino

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    Am I the only one here who cringes when hearing the first notes of Dupree's Diamond Blues? Not saying it comes even close to some of the previous listed clunkers, but I just find it completely monotonous. It just sucks the energy out of the show for me. Perhaps this would be better in a new thread: "Songs that many love that just don't do it for you"