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  1. Since we are on topic, one of my favorite DSO shows of all time... The Weir sit in was nuts. Show Number 635 Show Date 2002-04-13 Venue Warfield Theater Set List Acoustic Set: Intro by Mountain Girl ; Dire Wolf ; Dark Hollow ; Must've Been The Roses ; Cassidy ; All Around This World ; Monkey & Engineer ; China Doll ; Heaven Help The Fool ; Bird Song-> Ripple Electric 1: Alabama Getaway -> Greatest Story Ever Told ; Friend Of The Devil ; Me & My Uncle-> Mexicali Blues ; Candyman ; Little Red Rooster* ; Tennessee Jed*-> Let It Grow*-> The Wheel*-> Music Never Stopped** Electric 2: Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain ; Estimated Prophet-> Terrapin Station -> Playing In The Band -> Drumz-> Space -> I Need A Miracle -> Uncle John's Band -> Morning Dew-> Playing In The Band -> Good Lovin' Encore: U.S. Blues ; Brokedown Palace Show Notes A Rex Foundation benefit with Wavy Gravy as emcee *with Bob Weir Bob also sang the second verse of Tennessee Jed **with Rob Eaton and Bob Weir GD Show Date 1980-10-14 Venue (GD) Warfield Theater
  2. Blindman

    JITS 2

    Ummm.... yes there is some history there. Just wondering if JK made the trip. Sorry that didn’t happen. We are all one family.
  3. Blindman

    JITS 2

    Curiosity and sorry if covered... is JK old own there playing with Melvin?
  4. For those folks who still wrestle with the recreation vs. original discussion... We should’ve been so lucky to get lists like this back in the day. That being said, hoping that middle night of the Cap shows up on Archive.
  5. Blindman


    I haven’t talked to Eaton since Buffalo many years ago but if I had a beer with him, I would inquire about the addition of Corrina to the mix. No judging. Just curious to get his take on the tune.
  6. I think the west coast has been semi-officially dismissed at this point. Too bad. Some of the best venues and crowds around.
  7. Game 7's are always so fun to watch. No dog is this fight but was obviously rooting for the underdogs. Boston has won enough and so great that STL ended the drought. Imagine some folks may have seen the Phish last night as well: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L5GJDDf36lw
  8. Granted we're talking semantics here but can't sit idle to hear how Chuck "may not do it like he used to...". Some walk trails and some blaze trails. I've been around long enough to know where CV sits along the road.
  9. Oh he's triggering something alright... Psyched to have you in Marin next weekend Rob!
  10. Beautifully written and well thought out John. A+ work. Who said writing essays weren't fun? :) A robust glass of red headed your way.
  11. Blindman? i still have my "jersey" laying around somewhere from 2005 or so...
  12. Been all around this world but would like to throw this show into the thread. 4/12/02. Santa Cruz. Cocoanut Grove on the Boardwalk. Recreating Cap 6/19/76. Got on board a few years prior in Olympia, WA but loved this show as a UCSC grad. Beautiful night on the boardwalk. Sand in the toes at setbreak. Love me some DSO. Set One: Help On The Way -> Slipknot -> Franklin's Tower -> Music ; Brown Eyed Women ; Cassidy ; They Love Each Other ; Looks Like Rain ; Tennessee Jed ; Playing In The Band Set Two: Might As Well ; Samson & Delilah ; High Time ; Let it Grow-> Drums -> Space -> Let it Grow-> Dancing In The Street -> Cosmic Charlie ; Around And Around-> Going Down The Road Feeling Bad-> One More Saturday Night Encore: Not Fade Away Filler: St Stephen-> Baby Blue
  13. Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pMAtL7n_-rc My grandfather was born in 1885 so he used to play very old school tunes. FWIW, I'm still in my 40's. Weird math I know but still the earliest tune I remember loving...
  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CR9PqiPFIpQ
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