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  1. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    My guess is a set of Bob cowboy tunes with (maybe) the National guys, then a brief 4-5 tune set with just Bob and Phil and then a set of Phil and the family band. Phil and Bob trade turns opening, closing. Have fun but no spot taken.
  2. Red Rocks 2018!!

    After all these years... I may actually be able to fly out for this show for a variety of reasons. My only disappointment is WHY announce the show in advance. Not knowing is one of the most important parts of a DSO show. Also hoping for an early start. Never miss a Sunday show.
  3. JRAD....???

    Caught JRAD for the first time last weekend at the Fab Fox in Oakland. Going in with low expectations despite the local hype, I came away highly impressed. I can be as critical at times as most Heads but a couple things stood out. First off, all five of these guys are outstanding musicians (same as DSO). Secondly, these "fast" tempo that folks talk about isn't necessarily true from my perspective. They hit the gas pedal when appropriate and play all the way through the jams (also as needed). However on slower tunes (Candyman, Loser), I felt they had a delicate touch and treated the music with total respect and understanding. I came away highly impressed and will absolutely see them again. BTW, show was completely sold out and tix we're in high demand. I see why now.
  4. Winter Tour 2018 ❄️

    Fri, Sat at the Warfield. Prez Day weekend... Everyone into the pool...
  5. The conundrum

    I've been proposing for many years that DSO go full time, all original set lists. What set list they play is irrelevant. Only matters HOW they play and HOW we participate as the audience. Not knowing is always preferred...
  6. Blindman

  7. Venues I Have Known and Loved

    Oakland Coliseum and the Warfield. Two venues I saw the most GD and JGB at based on my age and touring years. Will also hold a place in my heart.
  8. Lights out concert

    Where do you live? Do you know what year it is? Women are generally brighter then men. I'm comfortable with that generalization...
  9. Charleston 4/18

    Set One: Feel Like A Stranger ; Quinn The Eskino ; Me And My Uncle > Cumberland Blues ; Catfish John ; Black Throated Wind ; Tennessee Jed ; Strange Man ; To Lay Me Down ; The Music Never Stopped Set Two: Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ; The Night They Drive Old Dixie Down ; Uncle John's Band > Lost Sailor > Saint Of Circumstance > drums > space > Dark Star > Unbroken Chain > Death Don't Have No Mercy > Sugar Magnolia Encore: Werewolves Of London
  10. 20th anniversary tour stage tapestries

    Speaking of tapestries... Anyone ever find that dragonfly?? I'm still looking for you Rob!!
  11. I understand Mason's... Is it great fun about the depth, breadth of GD during the early era. Fun for all. Point of entries are different for all for sure... BTW, when is DSO going to revisit Paso Robles>Ojai?
  12. Hence the quirky face Mason's. Not new to this board... Live Dead is where you need to be... eventually. Just not sure if that's where our new friend necessarily needs to start out. It's about as advanced as we get.
  13. Assuming this isn't a troll thread... I actually would recommend History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear's Choice). Not a joke. Google it. I remember it from when I first started listening... Dated 1970 with some acoustic stuff on it. Enjoy.
  14. Denver Night 2

    DesertDead... Two Souls is usually shared between Rob B and Lisa and they do such a beautiful job on it. Love the second set placement as well.
  15. Las Vegas

    Umm... Leave dogs and small children at HOME! These events have always been best suited for adults.