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  1. That second set was on FIRE! Goodnight. I'm whooped!
  2. I'll be dancing like Julie Andrews!!!
  3. Yeah, I'm thinking metro because of this. Thanks!
  4. When we went for DSO last year at the Anthem, we could find no parking and almost missed the beginning of the show. There was also some sort of winter/Christmas spectacular thing happening and it was a complete zoo. I think we're doing metro since we'll be out early enough.
  5. Awesome venue. Parking is a bitch. I just started a thread about parking vs. metro. Anyone know how late they'll play? Last train at 1 a.m.
  6. Will this show let out in time to catch the metro? Le 'Enfant Plaza is a 15 minute walk and the last train is at 1 a.m. I believe. Parking was a bitch last time, almost missed the first song. Also, I haven't logged into this forum in almost a decade probably!!! Hi y'all!
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