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  1. Love that Playin/UJB/AM Dew/UJB/Playin sandwich! Very 1973. And then a Dark Star, wow!!!
  2. TJed


    Much speculation on how DSO would celebrate their 21st Anniversary and re-create a "classic Massachusetts" show. Had a hunch that all members of the band would be on stage so that was validated when I walked into the Calvin Theater and saw the stage arrangement. Really wanted something very special and studied the Keith and Donna setlists and spotted some great shows (ex. the June 76 run at the Boston Music Hall or 4/23/77 with the Scarlet/Fire 1st set closer or 5/7/77 with the Terrapin second set opener during the famous Spring 77 run). Unfortunately, I can't understand why this show was chosen as it seemed quite unremarkable and hardly classic of anything other than the band's fleeting last days with Keith and Donna. The first set was relatively short with only 9 songs and no truly special or big songs. I liked the second set Terrapin, Playin and even the Shakedown but was quite disappointed with only a Playin reprise and Casey Jones post-drums. First saw DSO in 2000 and after 71 shows have never written anything but glowing and favorable reviews and have been so grateful for all that they do to re-create the Grateful Dead experience. Yes, it's been a long, strange, wonderful trip and I'm still on the bus, I just didn't experience the magic last night (though did like the filler!).
  3. Hey now Brady! Great seeing you at Hampton! Just sent you a message with my email address. Looking forward to staying in touch and seeing you at the shows! Peace thru music. Bill (aka TJed)
  4. TJed

    Hampton Beach #1

    Another grate night at Hampton Beach! Always a fun scene and the band really seems to enjoy playing there. Enjoyed it all well enough but the real epic highlight for me was the: St Stephen/MNS/Drums/Space/MSN/St Stephen/Morning Dew Brilliantly crafted and played. Found the magic, power and joy. Mind blown on that combo! Ready for Round 2 tonight...
  5. TJed

    Boston 5/10/18

    My DSO gang all prefer and LOVE re-creations so we all totally enjoyed our Boston re-creation with Jeff playing Wolf. Truly raised the Grateful Dead re-creation experience to a new level. Thanks to the band and the generous owner of Wolf for letting us all enjoy a bit of Jerry!
  6. Playing In The Band > Uncle John's Band > Morning Dew > Uncle John's Band (reprise) > Playing In The Band (reprise) My all-time favorite sandwich! Incredible way to end a 1st set. Remarkable, indeed. 2nd set also a gem. Mind blowing, indeed.
  7. TJed

    San Francisco Night #2

    Love this show! Caught DSO's recreation of this one way back when in Boston at the Orpheum Theater. Second set a real treat, indeed. 5 stars in my book!
  8. TJed

    NYE 12/31/17

    Just purchased this incredible show from livedownloads.com WOW! Truly an incredible performance. I enjoyed and was amazed by it all. So grateful to the band and crew for all that they do and special thanks for making this music available to those who can't make it to all the shows!
  9. Yes! Really hoping to buy that 12/31/17 show. Looked like a wonderful and joyous way to usher in 2018!
  10. Great time had by my crew of 5 who still love and prefer RECREATIONS! Great show, in so many ways. Thanks for all that you do to recreate the Grateful Dead experience. Best wishes to you all!
  11. Thanks for all that you do for DSO and their fans! I check the website quite frequently so grateful for your efforts to keep us all connected in cyberspace.
  12. DSO, Hampton Beach, 7/29/17!!! Now posted on the archive.org
  13. DSO gloriously re-created 5/21/77 last night in Keene, NH. Such joy, indeed. Filler = Ripple
  14. 5/18/72 and not 5/18/77!!! I loved it all. Thanks to the band and the crew for continuing to make all of this happen. So grateful, indeed.
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