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  1. NYE 12/31/17

    Just purchased this incredible show from livedownloads.com WOW! Truly an incredible performance. I enjoyed and was amazed by it all. So grateful to the band and crew for all that they do and special thanks for making this music available to those who can't make it to all the shows!
  2. NYE Show Audio Available?

    Yes! Really hoping to buy that 12/31/17 show. Looked like a wonderful and joyous way to usher in 2018!
  3. 11/18/17, Palladium Theater: Worchester, MA

    Great time had by my crew of 5 who still love and prefer RECREATIONS! Great show, in so many ways. Thanks for all that you do to recreate the Grateful Dead experience. Best wishes to you all!
  4. Broken Forum!

    Thanks for all that you do for DSO and their fans! I check the website quite frequently so grateful for your efforts to keep us all connected in cyberspace.
  5. Favorite Scarlet>Fire transitions

    DSO, Hampton Beach, 7/29/17!!! Now posted on the archive.org
  6. Colonial Theatre Keene, NH

    DSO gloriously re-created 5/21/77 last night in Keene, NH. Such joy, indeed. Filler = Ripple
  7. The Wilbur, Boston, MA

    5/18/72 and not 5/18/77!!! I loved it all. Thanks to the band and the crew for continuing to make all of this happen. So grateful, indeed.
  8. New Orleans 1

    LOVE the pre-announcement Re-creation shows. I'm totally fine with knowing the show setlist and era in advance, especially when it's such a classic show. Would be thrilled if the band did more of these. Hope everyone had an awesome time in NOLA 4/27/17.
  9. Beaver Creek, CO

    Great looking show with my all-time favorite sandwich: Playin/UJB/AM Dew/UJB/Playin WOW!
  10. 1972

    Here's an option for those out there who would tire of the '72 show tour: DSO could re-create the entire, epic May, 1977 tour (on its 40th anniversary!)
  11. 1972

    Idea: DSO should re-create the entire Europe 72 tour in 2017 (the 45th anniversary!). So many incredible shows. Yes, that would be essentially pre-announcing the style of the show and purists may object. I think it would be totally cool!
  12. Penns Peak 11/23/16

    Love this show! Saw DSO's re-creation way back in Worcester in 2005. Love the Help/Slip/Frankin/MNS opener and the Playin closer. The 2nd set is classic '76 and you gotta love any show with a NFA opener (clocking in at 20 minutes in the original). Love DSO, love their re-creations of these awesome Grateful Dead shows!
  13. Brooklyn 1

    What an incredible show! Wish I had been there to experience it. Feel asleep early so missed the stream, too. Love DSO when they do these epic re-creations!
  14. Found a few cool videos on youtube, including: Curious to know the backstory on this show?
  15. Indian Ranch

    Glad to have made the trip, even with the weather-related issues and challenges. Great place to see a DSO show, hope the band returns next year. Will put in an early request for a re-creation next time as we Re-creationists never tire of DSO re-creations and would argue that the re-creations best allow DSO to re-create Grateful Dead experience!