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  1. Last time DSO was at Gratefulfest

    When was the last time DSO was at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park ? I'm thinking it was 2011. That festival went downhill ever since then.
  2. I see RRE has been added to The Jubilee but I no longer see David Nelson Band. Did DNB have to cancel due to David's health ?
  3. 2017 Jubilee Lineup Announced

    I see Railroad Earth has been added but I know longer see David Nelson Band on the list of bands.
  4. DNB -Jubilee?

    He had said he was taking the next few months off what I would think is May. I don't expect that DNB will be at Jubilee. I hope they find someone good for a replacement. This is after he took sometime for a broken shoulder from a fall. Healing vibe going out.
  5. 2017 Jubilee Lineup Announced

    I do like that David Nelson Band is on the line up as that is a rare treat for the Midwest. But most the bands listed were there last year. Just going to wait and see who else gets added.
  6. 2017 Jubilee Lineup Announced

    I'm a little disappointed with the line up. They scaled back last year with only having the one stage and it looks like it will be the same this year. I have always done the VIP with th VIP RV pass and $350 is a little much or this. I may just have to scale back myself or skip it.