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  1. topher44


    And an audience recording of it was just uploaded to Archive.org! Can hardly wait to get home from work to crank this baby up!!! Thank you, Max Demski and DeadHead94!!!
  2. topher44

    Queen Wilmington 5-15-18 Tuesday

    Thanks, Brian! That run of BCT shows prior to Veneta had some fine moments, indeed.
  3. topher44

    Queen Wilmington 5-15-18 Tuesday

    Would anyone who attended care to enlighten us with the setlist? Pretty Please? Thanks!
  4. topher44

    Red Rocks 2018

    That show would have been quite special, and let's hope DSO includes both of them throughout the Red Rocks show, taking turns on some numbers, and corresponding on others. Too bad Archive doesn't have this one!
  5. topher44

    Red Rocks 2018

    Yeah, and in addition invite them both on stage together for the "Werewolves" encore, which would give Donna and Lisa the chance to scat back and forth on the vocals, teasing Jerry as Donna did in the original. I also fantasize about them tacking on "China>Rider" as filler, just to hear the "I'd shine my light" line, as the place would naturally go bonkers! It is a long show as is, I know, but that would be extra sweet! Hey, a guy can dream, right?
  6. topher44

    Bad acid trip

    Oh, I recall it was almost too hot to dance, even after the sun went down! Seeing Dylan come out in head-to-toe in brown leather gave many folks a chuckle, as it was easily 95 degrees! I thought the Dylan/Tom Petty performances sounded muddled, whereas the Dead sounded much cleaner and louder. It was my 22nd birthday that day (7/6/86), and I had a blast, albeit very sweaty time, and must have lost several pounds that day.
  7. topher44

    Red Rocks 2018

    When I ordered my tickets through DSO's website, and it took me to AXS.com to purchase them, there was indeed a will call option, which also had the same surcharge of $15.00 per ticket as mailing paper tickets. I thought it was outrageous that they would tack on a surcharge for will call, and I really wanted paper tickets, so I opted for them.
  8. topher44

    Red Rocks 2018

    I purchased them through a link on DSO's website, after selecting "purchase tickets", and the company name the tickets came from was AXS.com . Initially they said the tickets wouldn't be mailed until 2-3 weeks before the show, but then I received a follow-up email from them a couple of weeks ago that said the "delivery delay has been lifted", and they would be mailed by no later than 3/31. I got them on Monday.
  9. topher44

    Red Rocks 2018

    My tickets arrived in the mail yesterday, and I danced a little jig with a big smile on my face when I opened the envelope. So cool to FINALLY be going to Red Rocks!!! From the moment I heard my first tape of 7/7/78 (later 7/8), I just knew I had to make it there one day...and that was 35 years ago! Now it is only a few more months until I get to witness what has been described by so many who have been there as a "simply magical" place. DSO will surely be very proud to take the stage on that Sunday night, and to be there for a re-creation of such a highly-regarded show will be extra sweet for all involved.
  10. topher44

    Red Rocks 2018

    Just purchased my tickets, and am super psyched about this show, having never been to Red Rocks, or Colorado for that matter, and I know DSO will make the re-creation of 7/8/78 shine brightly. I actually prefer 7/7/78 on the whole, but the second set of 7/8 is powerful. Spending the whole previous week in Denver, taking in the July 4th fireworks, and my birthday on the 6th. Got our Air bnb all set, will be driving there from New Jersey with our bikes, and can hardly wait to take in many of the sights and bike trails Colorado has to offer. If any of you have suggestions as to some of the better trails in and around the Denver area, I would much appreciate any tips you have for me. I have heard the craft brewery scene in town is crazy, and that works just fine for me and my hubby. Nothing like enjoying a few local cold ones after a full day of riding!
  11. topher44

    Nugs Release

    I've been waiting patiently for some new shows, and now they're here! Yes, Albany was incredible, as was the whole NYE run, but many of these look mighty tasty. Thank you, Rob Eaton !!!!
  12. topher44

    22 Years Ago

    Thank you for the kind words, Tea! It is and will be tough these next few days, but I am already making peace with her passing. Oddly, I felt closer to her than Mike did, even though I know he loved her very much. For the last couple of years I had been baking some "fortified" cookies once a week, and mailed them to her. She claims that eating them was the only thing that gave her an appetite through her chemo, and also helped her fall asleep at night (imagine that!). Regarding DSO, I wholeheartedly agree about that first time seeing them, as that feeling of ecstasy that i thought I would never experience again came flooding through me, too! Unlike you, though, I had been toying with the idea of seeing them for a while prior to my first show in 2008, and Mike was excited to shake his bones again, so we took a chance and went. You having been dragged to your first show by your friend, only to discover that feeling of joy once again, must have been overwhelming, to say the least!
  13. topher44

    22 Years Ago

    My husband's sister died yesterday after a long bout with cancer, and while her and Jerry's deaths were not even remotely similar, the grief was hard for me, and last night I bawled like a baby for a while. We are, of course relieved that she is no longer in pain, and I felt that for Jerry, too, after he died. While I am not a religious person, I do like to entertain the notion that our spirits carry on after our passing, and I have experienced several instances where I could swear that I have felt the presence of departed ones I have known, albeit quite fleetingly. Losing Jerry took me quite a while to fully comprehend. It finally hit me like a ton of bricks when, a week or so after that fateful day I had hiked up to a stunningly beautiful ridge in Harriman State Park, listening to "So Many Roads" from the final show, sat down, and just cried and cried for what seemed like an eternity. Looking up through my tears, I noticed an unusual cloud formation that looked remarkably like Jerry in his later years, forehead wrinkles and all! And he seemed to be smiling at me! This calmed me down immediately, and I smiled back in appreciation of this cosmic gift, even if it was only in my imagination. I spoke with Mike's sister four days ago, and it was clear then that she was near death, and called us to say she loved us. I knew in my heart this would probably be our last conversation with her, and it was hard to listen to her in so much pain, despite being on heavy morphine. Our neighbor's daughter celebrated her birthday yesterday, and being reminded of that helped me gain perspective on the circle of life. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, so "live life like there is no tomorrow" has taken on new meaning for me. The trick is to keep that alive in my mind at all times. Thank you, Tea, for your story, and also for the quote from Dylan. A more sincere and heartfelt eulogy there has never been. Bob sure has a way with words, doesn't he!!! Topher
  14. topher44

    7th Annual Greatful Dead Meet Up

    Well, let me start by saying that seeing and hearing this show again was indeed a pleasure, and the theater was pretty crowded (in a good way), but I was a bit surprised by my memory of certain highlights not matching what I think about them now. For instance, the Far From Me proved quite powerful, and you could practically feel the pain radiating through Brent's voice during this song. Jerry really leaned into his solo, and traded wide grins with Brent several times. This version is now my favorite, and I never had one before! Cassidy came across as kinda flat and sloppy to me last night, whereas at the time I considered it scorching hot! Also, I had forgotten how fun and focused the Eyes of the World was, albeit fast, and it was great seeing Jerry smiling so much throughout the jams. In fact, he seemed exuberant and happy for almost the entire show. I also loved when Bruce Hornsby switched from accordion to piano on Women are Smarter, and traded searing hot licks with Brent, almost competitively! This obviously drove the crowd into a frenzy, and Bobby carried the rest of the song with perfectly delivered lyrics and a commanding finish. Drums and Space were actually comforting and not too scary, with Billy and Mickey interacting so beautifully at times that I couldn't help but smile along with them. No time for a bathroom break, at least for me! Black Peter I had no memory of, but boy did Jerry pull on my heartstrings with it last night! His voice was spot-on, in fine form, and brought tears to my eyes (and I'm sure many others there, too). The Black Muddy River was also delivered flawlessly, with Jerry's soul spilling out of him with every breath, and I was almost overcome by its shear beauty. Regarding the quality of the movie itself, this was filmed just before the advent of digital film, and while the sound was decent, the picture was fairly grainy, which I should have expected. Not bad, just fuzzy. A minor complaint, and the camera crews did a great job balancing closeups of the band members with shots of the crowd. I actually think I spotted the back of my head in the crowd for about 3 seconds, before it panned away! Simply being able to watch this show again really opened my eyes and ears to things I either could not recall, or could not take in from my viewpoint on the field. Watching Jerry's and the others' interactions up close made the movie very special for me, and I'm thrilled that I went. Nothing like being able to witness a show again after 28 long years, if only in analog and 2-D!!!
  15. topher44

    7th Annual Greatful Dead Meet Up

    Hi Vic, the ticket and website state show time is 7:00, but probably will start at least a few minutes late. I'm planning on getting there about 6:30, or so. Hope you can make it, and you may want to call the theater first to see if it's sold out. I say this because the "Sunshine Daydream" meet-up did sell out at that venue several days before the movie showing. Good luck, and perhaps I'll see ya there!