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  1. Drums Space 2017 >

    Am I the only one who sang it in my head as I read it? Thanks Blindman!
  2. Now Listening...

    Side trips vol 1 Happy New Year!
  3. Favorite Dance Songs?

    Try to stay in your seat for this! Although you may want to just for the visuals!
  4. Nugs shows

    Thanks T!! Been checking every couple days. Uploaded today!!
  5. Early influences

    Born in '64, to semi-cool? parents. They had a few LP's that I explored (a Kinks LP w/ Ape Man comes to mind), but the REAL influence from their records came from a 4 lp set called Superstars of the 70's. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Superstars-Of-The-70s/release/512289 My first exposure to Allmans, GD, Zep etc besides the radio. We would put the 4 discs on the spindle, and let them drop onto each other one by one as each one finished playing. Of course, there was a lot of lifting the needle to advance to a different track so as to skip Judy Collins and a few others! Always played School's Out on the last day of school. Dad's Scott speakers still going strong (cloth surrounds not foam). The Scott receiver died 10 or so years ago. Great Thread! Thanks for the memory jog! Acududeman, any chance you know the model McIntosh? Bucket list item for myself...
  6. Your 2017

    Congratulations Hardpan!
  7. Tea for Texas appreciation thread!

    Could Not Agree More!! Tea Rocks!
  8. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Gorgeous Doc! Thanks so much!!
  9. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Kinda bummed to read this. Was hoping to see a show at The Mishawaka. We'll see...fingers crossed!
  10. 11/19/17 - State Theatre Ithaca, NY

    White Whale...along w/ Solomon's
  11. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    Thank you Chuck!
  12. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    Good one Tea!!
  13. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    Canada England? (I seem to remember some time ago..?) Jamaica Japan Netherlands USA .....? Yeah, this is kinda bothering me...
  14. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    I can only come up w/ 5 countries. edit: 6 countries (Japan). Still missing one...
  15. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    Thanks Ron! and Dino!!