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  1. Dancin' Fool

    Summer tour 2019

    Sat. August 3-Melody Tent-Cape Cod
  2. Dancin' Fool

    A band I saw last night

    See ya in Pompano MC? BTW, am I mistaken in thinking that the tix in Pompano were always GA? Had to choose seats. See ya up front!!😜
  3. Dancin' Fool

    Happy VALENTINE'S soft and velveteen

    Something's in my eye(s)...
  4. Dancin' Fool

    Rolling stones

    Happy Birthday Keef!! Search out Metamorphosis and Jamming with Edward. My .02 😎
  5. Dancin' Fool

    Norfolk 11/30

    Broken Arrow-Boston Garden GD 10/2/94. Wasn't ever a song that resonated w/ me, ymmv. https://archive.org/details/gd94-10-02.pmb.pujol.15111.sbeok.shnf Edit: Prolly played elsewhere, but I remember i didn't recognize it-Buddy clued me in
  6. Dancin' Fool

    The Anthem

    Boss in NY this week, everyone else gone for the day. Time to crank! Thanks again Hardpan!
  7. Dancin' Fool

    Huntington NY #2

    Wonderful capture Hardpan! Sounded great with satisfying low end. Strong work. Thanks again for your efforts.
  8. Dancin' Fool

    Huntington NY #2

    Thanks Hardpan! Friday night's entertainment for us. Looking forward to it. Have a great weekend all!!
  9. Dancin' Fool

    It All Rolls into One

    Thanks Tea! Good read. (((Macrodose))) 😜
  10. Dancin' Fool

    Death Don't Have No Mercy

    Very sorry for your loss Island Bro. Brought tears to my eyes as well. Hang in there and (((THANK YOU!)))
  11. Dancin' Fool

    Free Bird?

    https://archive.org/details/paf2013-11-03.126196.rode.BIGT.flac16 Little of everything in that setlist!!
  12. Dancin' Fool

    Saranac Brewery

    Me Too!! We saw the 6/9/76 recreation at the Wilbur a few years back. My favorite DSO show yet!! See ya Sunday!!
  13. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    Wonderful suggestion!!
  14. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    My Sisters and Brothers!?
  15. Dancin' Fool

    Jamboree '18 Downloads

    https://archive.org/details/DarkStarOrchestra?and[]=year%3A"2018" This will get you by. Have a great weekend!