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  1. Dancin' Fool

    Death Don't Have No Mercy

    Very sorry for your loss Island Bro. Brought tears to my eyes as well. Hang in there and (((THANK YOU!)))
  2. Dancin' Fool

    Free Bird?

    https://archive.org/details/paf2013-11-03.126196.rode.BIGT.flac16 Little of everything in that setlist!!
  3. Dancin' Fool

    Saranac Brewery

    Me Too!! We saw the 6/9/76 recreation at the Wilbur a few years back. My favorite DSO show yet!! See ya Sunday!!
  4. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    Wonderful suggestion!!
  5. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    My Sisters and Brothers!?
  6. Dancin' Fool

    Jamboree '18 Downloads

    https://archive.org/details/DarkStarOrchestra?and[]=year%3A"2018" This will get you by. Have a great weekend!
  7. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    Tix arrived yesterday!! 😎
  8. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    Safe travels man! Save us all a row!! 😁
  9. Dancin' Fool

    Rob Barraco podcast

    Diving in now Rude. Had to find it on the Tube (no Itunes).
  10. Dancin' Fool

    My first dead$co show

    I remember there being a lot of thunder + lightning as well. We tried to wait it out, but at that time, we were driving to and from shows, not getting rooms. Had to make the prudent decision and head back to WPB before too many IPA's and bowls sitting in the car. Florida Troopers scare me! We too love that venue Chuck!
  11. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    Thanks MC!
  12. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    So, anyone know if Jerry played Wolf at the original 7/8/78 show? Google images seem to confirm, but I'm not sure where else to look. Thanks.
  13. Dancin' Fool

    Charlie Browns Birthday Bash with Jeff Mattson and friends

    Thanks for the set list Joey! Immense gratitude for including us in the fun! T'was a real treat. Thanks again.
  14. Dancin' Fool

    JG heard that Rob is back

    That was grate! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Dancin' Fool

    Asheville 4-10

    Pride of Cucamonga