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  1. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    Safe travels man! Save us all a row!! 😁
  2. Dancin' Fool

    Rob Barraco podcast

    Diving in now Rude. Had to find it on the Tube (no Itunes).
  3. Dancin' Fool

    My first dead$co show

    I remember there being a lot of thunder + lightning as well. We tried to wait it out, but at that time, we were driving to and from shows, not getting rooms. Had to make the prudent decision and head back to WPB before too many IPA's and bowls sitting in the car. Florida Troopers scare me! We too love that venue Chuck!
  4. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    Thanks MC!
  5. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    So, anyone know if Jerry played Wolf at the original 7/8/78 show? Google images seem to confirm, but I'm not sure where else to look. Thanks.
  6. Dancin' Fool

    Charlie Browns Birthday Bash with Jeff Mattson and friends

    Thanks for the set list Joey! Immense gratitude for including us in the fun! T'was a real treat. Thanks again.
  7. Dancin' Fool

    JG heard that Rob is back

    That was grate! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Dancin' Fool

    Asheville 4-10

    Pride of Cucamonga
  9. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    Thanks Hardpan. I feel a little better, but would love it if we too receive hard tix in mail. We are making it a tour of the High Country, as we haven't had a vacation in 10 years. Gonna be a full circle of sorts for myself, as my first show was at Red Rocks Sept. 83, while attending CU Boulder. Haven't been back to either location in almost 30 years! I just visited the mission tix site, and it indicates that GA tix for this show will be mailed 2-3 weeks prior to event, so there's hope we won't need to deal w/ will call!! Fingers crossed and all that. We too are extremely excited . Looking forward to meeting a few additional Starheads as well Thanks again!
  10. Dancin' Fool

    Red Rocks 2018

    May I inquire how you purchased your tix? We have print-outs that we must present at the box office for hard tix. We purchased fairly soon after announcement. Thanks.
  11. Dancin' Fool

    Bobby And Phil

    Watched the Friday show from 3/2 last night and thought it was very good. Gonna try to catch the Trey sets tonight and then grab a stream from Boston if possible. Was preparing dinner during Hard Rain, so kinda missed it. Gonna go back and revisit that one fer sure!! Edit: Just checked tix for tonight. They're available.....159.00 + fees.
  12. Dancin' Fool

    RIP John Perry Barlow

    Right on Brother! It’s what my Dad always preached
  13. Dancin' Fool

    Now Listening...

    Working thru the keystone series after a spectacular web cast on nugs tv of Pink Talking Phish from the Cap. What fun,,
  14. Dancin' Fool

    RIP John Perry Barlow

    Oh man. Was thinking the other day hadn't heard anything about him for a bit. I knew he had been ill, but I don't follow too closely. RIP JPB.
  15. Dancin' Fool

    Drums Space 2017 >

    Am I the only one who sang it in my head as I read it? Thanks Blindman!