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  1. smoseywales

    dec 1 2017 in my home in Norfolk Virginia

    thanks for the better list!
  2. great show at the Norva. All 1968 but the first set was an elective and the second set a one-set show from LA 12/21/68, and the first time DSO has played a 1968 set. Started slow and historical and then lit on fire. Barraco dominated the vocals; in the original, Tom Constanten was the keyboard. Tonight, Lisa Mackey played the harp, and ery well. Best I could tell: Schoolgirl Doing the Rag Big Boy Pete Jelly Roll Blues Mountains of the Moon (1st played 12/20/1968) St Stephens w/ Lovelight tease The Eleven Viola Lee Blues Love Light Cryptical envelopment (or That' s it for the other one?) The Other One Back to CE or That's it? It Hurts Me Too Alligator long jam GDTRFB tease Mountain Jam tease Mojo Hand (?) Space--mercifully short Bid you Goodnight Filler encore Too Hot to Handle
  3. smoseywales


    JRAD is outstanding--but different. They killed it at Lockn this year, with Bob Weir joining them onstage. Don't miss them. But don't expect them to be a cover band, even of a cover band (as was GD BTW!).
  4. smoseywales

    Richmond 2

    we are better behaved here in myhomeinNorfolkVirginia---can't wait!
  5. smoseywales


  6. smoseywales

    my home in Norfolk Virginia

    dicks picks No. 14, but it includes some sets from the other two nights, some repeats, and skips a couple--but it's all good. Also a comment that Donna wasn't there? anyway , of course I loved having Lisa come on. Thanks to my hero MP for the info
  7. smoseywales

    my home in Norfolk Virginia

    Great show tonight at the Norva. The band was so in synch. Lots of cowboy songs in the first set. One drummer; Lisa ("Donna") out for a few songs; "Jerry" played a lot of slide in the second set Morning Dew Mexicali Blues Dire Wolf Beat it on down the line Brown eyed women Black throated wind Don't ease me in El Paso They love each other Big River Loser Playing in the band Betha Promised Land (of course) Row Jimmy Row Jack Straw Here Comes Sunshine Weather Report Suite (all three parts) Eyes of the World Sugar Magnolia Box of Rain Show was from Nov. 1973, I think they said Boston so that would be Nov. 30. Just after release of Wake of the Flood. Don't ease me in threw a lot of guesses to an elective show.
  8. Great "roll your own show" with a real treat encore of White Rabbit! Started looking like a 1977 vintage until Russian Lullaby. The band was really tight and having fun. here's my take and please correct my failings: I Cold Rain and Snow Passenger Dire Wolf Used to Love her Stagger Lee (Mrs. delyon's lament) Cassidy Russian Lullaby Some of Tom Thumb's Blues--sung by bass player--outstanding Music Never Stopped II Eyes of the world Sunrise St. Stephen Not Fade Away Drums--and really good Wheel ??? St. Stephen and a jam of teasers from other songs Terrapin Station--which I usually don't care for but this one was great Not Fade Away Encore Run Run Rudolph White Rabbit
  9. smoseywales

    930 club round one

    Nice set. Much as I like the shows, the "electives" give the band a chance to stretch out and put some tunes together that weren't played that way back in the day. Also helps overcome the unfair negativity of being called a cover band (Mickey!) b/c DSO is way more than that!
  10. smoseywales

    C;ville- The Jefferson

    One of my friends said that Rob did such a great job to bring reality that he flubbed some lyrics in Truckin"! Keeping it real! (All in fun I don't know how anyone can keep it all straight) Looking forward to seeing DSO tonight in my home in Norfolk Virginia!