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  1. No matter what you do, they can find a way. Sort of like how I child-proofed my house and they keep getting back in.
  2. Perhaps their concept of "higher learning" is not the same as the forum members'!
  3. you are correct that the bands don't get the fees and that they hate them. If a band is watching its market, it might have to reduce its price to keep the total price affordable enough to fill the seats. IOW if they need to price a ticket at $30 and there is a $15 fee, they have to price at $15. Half of their revenue is lopped off by the ticket seller. That is so wrong. The fee should be 15% of face, not $15.
  4. smoseywales

    Norfolk 11/30

    If you get confused, listen to the music play.
  5. The ticket seller can be selected by the venue, as is the case with the Norva, which uses AXS. They stick a $10 ticket and $2 facility fee on a $25 ticket--a 50% hike. Get two tickets for the price of three. Are we stupid? Want it at will call? Add $6. Want it mailed? add $15. On your app, no charge. But you can go to the bar behind the venue and buy them direct, for a $3.50 fee. Greed.
  6. smoseywales

    Norfolk 11/30

    since the show was an elective, DSO can play anything--this lets them branch out to more songs including JGB. I haven't researched but I don't think GD played Broken Arrow (a Robbie Robertson song covered by Phil and maybe JGB). Rob, didn't Phil and Friends play Low Spark at Lockn' #2, when they played just before Winwood played with WSP? I know they played at least one Winwood song, a topic of discussion that followed.
  7. Very good point and consistent with the underlying theory of Touch and Bucket being close to Top-40 Hitz for the band. I wonder if the same thing happened after American Beauty; it was mainstream and very popular in many circles; still gets the air play on FM radio.
  8. smoseywales

    Norfolk 11/30

    DSO loves myhomeinNorfolkVirginia and Norfolk loves DSO. Happy happy all around!
  9. smoseywales

    Norfolk 11/30

    great show--everyone was in top form and having fun. Very tight. Next to last show on the tour, so they pulled out the stops. Interesting they did two electives in a row. Friends who saw the Richmond #2 said this was way better; the previous night just dragged.
  10. smoseywales

    Richmond #2

    I saw a great T-shirt at Lockn'--something like, on the back: I apologize that the music is interfering with your conversation.
  11. Original Recipe Cold Rain + Snow > Watchtower, Althea, We Can Run, Deep Elem > Women R Smarter, So Many Roads> Wheel > Rubin + Cherise, Run, Run Rudolph Feel Like a Stranger > Touch of Grey, Gimmie Some Lovin, Terrapin > D/S > Cosmic Charlie (‘76) > I Need a Miracle > Other One > Casey Jones E: Rainy Day Women Sing me back home had to be scrapped after Miracle
  12. Thanks--what was tough as a parent is that I hyped up the "kind" community spirit, etc. before the show. But I've remained a Grateful Dad since and one of them will be at DSO with me tomorrow night!
  13. Everyone has to start somewhere; it's what you do with it over time that matters. And "touch head" doesn't just mean newcomer, someone unfamiliar, or one who started in the late 80's. It's an attitude of being there regardless of the music, not because of it, coupled with behaving contrary to the aura of kindness. Like when I took my then young daughters to see The Dead, mostly for the whole experience, and some wook zipped our tickets out of my 14 yo's back pocket. And on the other hand, there is little more annoying than a self-righteous deadhead trying to assert he is more of a deadhead than someone else because he saw/did ... (you know the rap). Instead of "holier than thou" would that be "deadlier than thou"? The ones who reply, if you say you don't like a particular song, with "well you don't get it, then."
  14. Good point, Ron, that the Touch Heads didn't start bad behavior. It never works to paint an entire group as all being the same, and either all good or all bad. Sociological generalizations don't work that way. And then a good person in a group that is being disparaged gets offended and defensive, and the kindness gets washed away. It's fair to discuss group dynamics but it must be done with an approach of generalization subject to exception. I think it was I who tossed out the term here. It generated a spirited discussion that showed that the term has been around--and has many meanings. Then the discussion turned nasty, unnecessarily so, and you correctly closed it. I'm glad it's still available, though, as a lesson in how a good thing can turn ugly....proving a lot of points made.
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