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  1. VincentPuleo

  2. Worst Gd Song Ever?

    I have listened to the recording more than three times Stone... Actually, I've probably played What's Become of the Baby more than any other song on Aoxomoxoa. I love the full range of Garcia's voice in the song...
  3. Worst Gd Song Ever?

    I love What's Become of a Baby... that recording, for me, is a symbol of Jerry's genius. I like Corrina.
  4. Now Listening...

    Ahh I see, I assumed this show was from the same tour as 4.12 at Duke University. That memory sounds absolutely amazing... Would RPI be the Polytecnic Institute? A handful of prestigious colleges.
  5. Now Listening...

    From the same tour as the 4/12/78 show... 5/6/78, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont: http://www.archive.org/details/gd78-05-06.rolfe.vernon.6711.sbeok.shnf Solo section in Loser is awesome...
  6. Now Listening...

    Seriously. Garcia's solo(s) in this Row Jimmy are celestial!
  7. Now Listening...

    They were inspired on this night... a beautiful Row Jimmy, Loser, and Peggy-O.
  8. Now Listening...

    June 1974... Set I Ramble On Rose Black Throated Wind Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo Beat It On Down The Line Row Jimmy Jack Straw Let It Rock Cumberland Blues El Paso To Lay Me Down Weather Report Suite Prelude -> Weather Report Suite Part -> Let It Grow -> China Doll I believe the band began to channel the monumental John Coltrane shows they saw in the 1960's around this era... just pure wildness, dripping with energy. At this point Jerry was a Zen master of both his guitar and voice... Phil had proved himself to be a true innovator of the way one approaches playing the bass guitar... Bobby had also revealed himself to be a true pioneer of rhythm guitar... Billy was integral to the band navigating the musics more spontaneous nature... This is clear in El Paso, where mid-song, Bobby has to says: "Easy boys..."
  9. Now Listening...

    yes Sensei, listening to Kaiser '86 now
  10. Now Listening...

    Of course! I'm here to learn from the Masters! I'm a student, literally... This show has inspired me to delve into the 80's... my understanding of the subtleties and nuances of the music played in '65 to '79 is expansive however, I've yet to truly immerse myself in '80 to '89. For example, I never would have been able to appreciate this Desolation Row as much as I have if it wasn't located for me. DStone, going to listen to the Alpine shows you mailed me last year to get started...
  11. Now Listening...

    Awesome... listening to Shoreline version first. This recording is absolutely incredible... Is Charlie Miller a famous taper?
  12. Now Listening...

    that went right over my head, the same show with close encounters.. thanks!
  13. Now Listening...

    Yes Dstone! thank you for the response... what is the date on the Eugene show with this Other One? I'd like to that in full tomorrow. I love Oregon shows, something about them.
  14. Now Listening...

    Thank you for this post... Is "close encounters" a theme from something or was Jerry's few minutes of playing by himself titled that because of how wild and alien it is? I feel as though all the Grateful Dead shows of Oregon were great, Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place. I've been listening to and playing Loser a lot lately. Have found a few particularly awesome versions: The 4.12.78 from Duke University as mentioned before as well as a nice up-tempo version.The real gem in my search was this: JG teaching David Crosby Loser... sounds as though Phil is there too, as well as a cello player. The harmonies are haunting...
  15. Now Listening...

    Row Jimmy : 4.12.78, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina I've been listening to this show a lot lately through these videos. Need to find a recording. Garcia was particularly on this night... as was the whole band. Both solos are absolutely beautiful.