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  1. Hey - if the worst it got for you was Richfield - 3/93 then it was a good run. The worst part of that run was driving through the vestiges of a Spring Snowstorm only to find out they cancelled the show once we got there. THAT sucked more than the 2nd nite ever did. I'm glad they smoked tonight - that seems to happen more often than not these days. We are really, really lucky... It's been rare but I've seen a few DSO shows that didn't click with me. This is not to say that they can do no wrong but part of what made my experience less than stellar was ME. Didn't like that song combo, wanted to hear something special, distracted by this or that, too much too fast...Whatever the reason, it was often just as much me as it was them. D + C is what it is - I'm glad people like them and have a good time. Mayer is good and the rest keep trying to make music they love ( and make some cash). I haven't seen a Shakedown lot scene since Furthur - that's prolly pretty cool too. Heres to both bands continuing to do what they do - See everyone in Blk Mtn !
  2. Acoustic Elective Set One; On The Road Again ; Dire Wolf ; Big Iron ; I've Been All Around This World ; You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man) ; Operator ; Pride Of Cucamonga ; The Frozen Logger; Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie ; The Race Is On ; Rosa Lee McFall ; Next Time You See Me ; Oh Boy Set Two: Iko Iko ; Black Throated Wind ; Deep Elem Blues ; Big Boy Pete ; Russian Lullaby ; Green Green Grass Of Home ; Jack-A-Roe ; It Makes No Difference ; Okie From Muskogee ; Ripple Encore: Folsom Prison Blues
  3. The Plant can go bleep itself.... I know you'll make Indy count DD!
  4. You already know what side I'm on. Have you seen my show-count? i take from my work allotment to feed this thing. I've dialed back from 110 to 99.9%.
  5. Aaaaaannnddddd you knooooow that noooooosssshinnnn just crossed myyyyyyyyyy miiiiiiiiiiiiind! i gotta work.
  6. Don't you just love The National? I'm not prone to heavy clostraphobia but that smoking area is stoopid
  7. Have a blast Peoples!
  8. I'm glad this sandbox survived the JK departure although there were some mighty fine folks that stepped away as a result. The tour-timing mixed with the social media saturation probably accounts for the posting disparity. The novelty of D + C plus the ability to stream every show just adds to it. DSO butters my bread and I'm not even sure if D+C is even in 2nd place.... Im guessing as we move along we'll see more and more fans who are younger and have more options on where to post their thoughts - Twitter, Instagram, etc. I guess we just gotta stick together and realize the value of this community. I'm psyched for the revival of Springfield - go out and ring that bell people!
  9. http://www.springfieldartscouncil.org/faqs/festival-faq/
  10. Any show with the Cryptical Suite gets my motor running! Props to DSO for the free-show here and for getting back to Springfield to do the same! What a wonderful gift Nothing is for certain people - take these moments and hold on tight
  11. Yours might be tight too weren't it for it containing a Notre Dame symbol and that filthy little leprechaun. Other than that you got a sweet handle! Maybe I should change mine to this: Don't worry - at least it isn't a Buckeye. Yes Teacher Matt - I know - Ann Arbor is a whore. Blah, blah, blah, blah.....
  12. The title of his review from SPAC was: A shit sandwich with some really good bread! I listened to the stream and outside of Watchtower, Black Peter, and the tempo, I liked it. I also realize that this is uniquely a spectator-sport so take it with as many grains of salt as you wish. Bobby keeps on livin the dream Go out and get it !
  13. 8-12 YO boys sure do like to talk about farts - maybe it's just my kids, right? Something tells me the target-demo is a little wider than that. Just a guess
  14. Yet another highly anticipated sporting event that didn't deliver in the drama department. Was hoping to see Ricky Fowler get his 1st major but Kopeke played a geat tournament. Top 10 golfers we're conspicuously absent from the weekend.
  15. Wow, just wow.