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  1. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Wow - I just put that on the internet - LOL! TMI? Probably. I called it like I saw it.....
  2. Solar eclipse 08/21/17

    Way Cool!
  3. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    My apologies for the ‘personal’ review. It won’t help paint the picture of the show for those that weren’t there but it will confirm some assumptions that I can be more than a little batty. I figured that Shakedown was definitely going to open things - if for no other reason that my personal circumstance found me with too much too fast. Not too much so that I couldn’t eventually get locked-in but it wasn’t until the furious finish of Promised Land that I found myself where I was. Make sense? As the set wore on, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that we had a ’77 show on our hands – nice ‘n’ tight. Highlights for me were: Candyman, Passenger, Bertha, Sunrise, LIG. I held up pretty well but just didn’t quite feel settled. I was chasing and not in all the way in the moment - it wasn’t the music, trust me. Unfortunately, setbreak did little to help settle things down. I was looking for some lost articles (shocker) and was trying to remind myself that it’s just stuff you can replace but I was still going round-and-round with no end in sight. The kindness and patience of a friend helped me get my feet back on the ground. Whew. The St. Stephen opener was exactly what I needed. It was big, it was rich, and after it got really going, it took my breath away! BIG dance and it felt so damn good! Then……….the fog rolled back in for a good stretch – Corinna threw me for more than a bit of a loop. The vocals were spot on and it transported me back to the final years of seeing the Dead. I became immersed in so many crazy memories that I just stopped dancing and watched the set unfold. Before I came out of it, they were entering the jam segment of Unbroken Chain! Yikes! It sounds like people really enjoyed that stretch but honestly, it didn’t register for me. I got pissed at myself for tuning out – I was missing out on what I love so much. Drums, Space, King Solomons? I was just standing there. Dancing to this music is a crucial part of my enjoyment and there I was nearly flat-footed. I looked around and people were grooving and I was barely swaying - why wasn’t I getting down? Not really sure honestly. For a moment, I thought that something had changed in me and that this music just didn’t resonate like I thought it once did. It made me feel really, really sad. I thought maybe I should just slink away and sit down with my head in my hands. Whatever it was that had its grip on me got totally released during Throwin Stones. As this thing got cranked up, I felt so damn happy - just like that! I went from feeling out-of-phase and completely self-conscious to feeling like a bolt of lightning! From that moment forward, it was simply an amazing experience! The Visions followed by GDTRFB were both flat-out crazy! Laughing and crying at the same time – I’d call that crazy! Looking around at the wave of humanity all twisting, reaching, jumping to the sky – I’ll never forget that feeling as long as I live. Remember I was ‘released’ during Throwing Stones? I shouldn’t have been a damn bit surprised that they closed it down with I Shall Be Released. F*cking highlight of the nite for me! Unbelievably sweet and just dripping with spirit and emotion. Goes to show you don’t ever know.....
  4. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    As many have experienced before, setlists provide little insight into the arc of a show. The first set was excellent,Cassidy, Jack-a-Roe, Roses, and High Time were my favorites! Lisa during Music made my heart flutter - 100% SOUL! The 2nd set felt like a dream - just jaw-droppingly good for me! Amazing versions - Jack Straw and Ship were such a wonderful contrast. Nice-n-funky Estimated that got a little spacey before Eyes took hold. This Eyes sounded fast but still had that groovy, jazzy, silky persona between stanzas - just the way I like it! No real break during Drums - I was in my own head a little the night before but tonight I just kept right on going. That Other One didn't reveal itself nearly at all before it blew apart! It was like getting hit by a 2x4 outta nowhere. I've always liked when the drum beat leads the charge and then it snakes around before the bomb gets dropped. This time (while it could've been me not paying attention), it went from breathlessly quiet to a thundering locomotive in nothing flat. What a wonderfully awesome surprise! Wow. It actually got a little quiet during Stella Blue! Talkers weren't a huge issue but I moved around a little bit a time or two during both nites. Stella Blue had nearly everyones attention - what a great balance of despair and hope! Around x 2 was an absolute ripper! Eaton likely needed some green tea after that vocal shredding although his harmonizing seemed unaffected during Brokedown. Very, very sweet but not too sleepy. I'l admit I was never particularly fond of GD's take on Day Tripper. It's one of those songs that has it's moments but otherwise a bit unremarkable. DSO slayed that sh*t! It had a vocal rawness and was just so damn tight. I wouldn't have guessed that it was only the 2nd time they performed it - took my breath away. That show juiced me so hard it was time to head over to the bar for some late night Rumpke. Those that know me know that I often pass at the prospect of after-hours music. It's not because I don't enjoy it but I'm usually way too gassed to give it much of a spin. DSO charged me past overload so I needed more dancing before I was through. The co-highlight of the weekend? The people. I've said it before: You all got the good stuff - the stuff the helps me keep my faith in humanity.
  5. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Still getting right-side up... Loved both nights but everything came together on Saturday. Just as good as it gets! Btween high octane spell-binding rock-roll, a great vibe, and my favorite people on this planet, I'm one happy camper! Epic times ❤️
  6. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA (5/18/77) Deal Cassidy Jack-a-Roe Mexicali Blues Friend of the Devil New Minglewood Blues It Must Have Been the Roses Lazy Lightnin' Supplication High Time Music Never Stopped Jack Straw Ship of Fools Estimated Prophet Eyes of the World drums The Other One Stella Blue Around and Around Brokedown Palace F: Day Tripper
  7. Black Bear Mountain

    I believe the outdoor venue is 18+ but the brewery might be 21+ after a certain time. Lob 'em a phone call - 828.669.0190 Duck - make it happen brother! Gonna be a great time with great people!
  8. Solar eclipse 08/21/17

    Cool Tool! http://time.com/4882923/total-solar-eclipse-map-places-view/
  9. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

  10. Rob Eaton

    Yeah - While it was a great show for Bobby, an all-time Ramble On Rose got marred - only if slightly. http://relisten.net/grateful-dead/1978/4/24/ramble-on-rose It became a similar effect much later when Bruce Hornsby would dust off that infernal accordion - Jeez!. I heard him bring it out during Dark Star That's like getting some Wagyu Beef, burning it, and then topping it off with some ketchup. Ok maybe not quite THAT bad...
  11. Rob Eaton

    Why not ask him If the internet isn't giving you the answer you're looking for? http://www.dsoforums.net/forum/profile/42013-robeatondso/ He doesn't come up for air much on here for many reasons but he may just respond and give you the 411 on this.
  12. 08/15/17 Dewey Beach, DE

    I'm sure it was all stout but I Love that Playin sandwich - all the fixings!
  13. Black Bear Mountain

    For a minimum 3 shows: Columbia, MD to Sacramento, CA For a single show: Chicago, IL to Denver, CO
  14. 08/14/17 Dewey Beach, DE

    2nd Set Ramble On Rose, Me & My Uncle, Cryptical Envelopement-> Drums-> The Other One-> Big Railroad Blues, Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones E: Johnny B. Goode F: ?
  15. The conundrum

    "Makes no difference how it's done, you're lucky to get through."