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  1. JGB - The current iteration

    No, you’re right - this is not Communist Russia. Have you ever seen the same show twice? Me neither. It’s 101 going on 01. I said reasonable and well-adjusted not rational. Rationality left us holding the bag long ago..
  2. NFL Knockout pool

    Maybe don’t take the Packers Chris - even though Hunley is on your fantasy team
  3. JGB - The current iteration

    I know he feels Jerry - I’m just not sure he’s found his own ‘voice’ quite yet. More time and experience to cook that meal just right. Yeah - I noticed they were slated for some very big rooms. It will indeed be a dancers paradise for many of those stops. Psyched for Oteill and JK here at the Stinkin Lincoln next month. My guess is that it'll be a little more snug than I want. The good thing is that most people will defer the requisite space to a skinny burnout 'dancing' like someone who forgot to take their court-ordered meds. So I got that goin for me......which is nice.
  4. TIGDH

    Never leave a George Michael show early. Traffic was likely murder getting across town to try and catch the end of the dead show - he was probably hoping for a Manic Monday or Walk Like an Egyptian encore anyway...
  5. new coffee table picture book

    Crap - I need to work! Thanks JA I like 'em all - this one especially:
  6. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    DSO had performed La Bamba 4 times before Chicago and not since 2010. The Help>Slip>Franklins at Hampton was the first since 1985 although there were a good stock of 1/2 Step > Franklins, Stranger > Franklins during that hiatus. First Set Franklins (quick: say that 10X) are indeed great - even without the Help-Slip paring! 11/2/79 (21 minutes!), 3/13/82, 3/31/87 are a few of my first set favorites
  7. chasing white whale

    Terrapin Nation set at Jubilee?
  8. JGB - The current iteration

    I've seen post-Jerry JGB about 5 or 6 times in the last 5-6 years. I love Melvin on that Hammond and while it was generally a good time, I felt that the band just lacked that 'umph' and Dave Herbert couldn't get over the hump. Herbert has been wrestling the demons of addiction and made a wise choice to take a hiatus and get himself well. He's a talented guitarist and I hope he finds peace and renewal as he defeats these issues. So...In steps Zach Nugent to take his place. I've heard this 'kid' before and he had pretty good chops so I've been paying close attention. Well - after listening to him over the last few months, I think he's got the goods! I know people take issue with the attempts at 'fake Jerry' and decry the use of equipment to try and get close to what Jerry was up to. Frankly, I could give a rip - I just don't care how someone gets there as long as they do it justice by doing it well! He has a keen sense for the melodic phrasing that simply trips my trigger! DSO is still is the king of the heap - and it's frankly not even close. There's a reason that very reasonable and well-adjusted people hop on jet planes to be a part of the magic that DSO creates. If I was given the choice to travel 8 hours to see DSO or travel an hour or 2 to see JGB, I would go with DSO before someone could even finish asking me what to choose. That said, if you are so inclined and they are coming near your town and DSO is not an option for you, here is the JGB tour schedule along with a link to a recent show on archive. https://www.melvinsealsandjgb.com/tour-dates/ https://archive.org/details/jgb2017-10-14 Zach still has a way to go but I think he is an extremely bright star! Just keep the talent coming - we can never have enough artists who embrace this music to their core.
  9. TIGDH

    It’s the weirdest thing - like your DNA being recoded. My brainwash happened in a series of points contained within Dark Star > St Stephen > The Eleven > Lovelight of the Live Dead album. The final nail at the end wasn't even music - it was the words “....and Leave it ON!!!” And every one of them words rang true And glowed like burnin’ coal Pourin’ off of every page Like it was written in my soul from me to you
  10. TIGDH

    Good Gawd! Today is littered with some classic GD! Not the least of which is The Lake Acid show and it’s Monster Sugaree: http://relisten.net/grateful-dead/1983/10/17/sugaree I was lucky to be given a source to this show that is beyond crispy (thanks DStone!). http://relisten.net/today It might take all day to get through it all - there are some jaw-droppers in this batch!
  11. TIGDH

    Brendan Byrne Arena on 1989-10-16: http://relisten.net/grateful-dead/1989/10/16-1/crowdtunning A wonderfully weird show, Bobby’s Birthday, My first Dark Star, and the shameful death of Adam Katz that marred the tour-stop in NJ. There was always tension between Deadheads, local law enforcement and security personnel. I know from first-hand experience how deep that fracture went - but Adams brutal killing on 10/14 and ensuing cover-up was a dark reminder of the evil that surrounded us all during times of youthful exuberance. The starkest of contrasts that would simply get more defined as the Touch-head generation of fans really started to be the tail that wagged the dog.
  12. Happy 70th Birthday Bobby!

    Happy Freaking Birthday to one: Robert Hall Parber! A ground-breaking musician who changed the role and style of rhythm guitar forever! Garcia’s right hand and a total legend who has remained an active touring musician for a long, long, time - Hopefully for years to come! Still Cheesy, after all these years ❤️
  13. 10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI

    Lisa’s song towards the end of set 1 was Chimes of Freedom. Wow - a nice way to wrap of this leg of the tour!
  14. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    Probably just coincidental http://www.dsoforums.net/forum/topic/13070-now-listening/?do=findComment&comment=160027 Very Lucky Ducks to get this one!
  15. chasing white whale

    After seeing Visions a couple of times, I'll take it off my list for a bit. Here's the current list: The Eleven (it will always be on here no matter how many times I see it) Viola Lee (it will always be on here no matter how many times I see it) New Potato Caboose Mountains of the Moon Sing Me Back Home Attics of my Life Caution Pig Lovelight (it's been awhile) Never seen DSO do these 2: I've Been All Around This World (electric or acoustic)* Smokestack Lightning (Pig or Bobby)* And for the mother of all White Whales: L-O-W S-P-A-R-K! I have to again remember that I will never see any of these if I don't actually go to shows anymore