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  1. blythalala


  2. jesus. just unbelievable – words really do fail. love to the band and to matt's family. rest easy, curfew. xo
  3. i mean, how could i resist commenting on that momentous occasion? more importantly, i miss you guys. i'll try to pop up more often. xx
  4. oh boy, that was 10 years ago?! stop—i cannot believe it's been a decade. kyle, not only were you bawling like a baby (though i don't remember that, shocking), it's like we WERE babies. crazy to think about all that's happened since then. anyway, i haven't logged in here in ages, but this day will forever make me reflect on my gratitude for this band and this amazing family. shine your light bright—the world needs it. love you guys so much! xo, lala <3
  5. oh, hush. haven't you noticed? i like to lala-swoop back in right before you all forget about me entirely, see. bigtime love coming at all you crazies (you know who you are) from the land of the 20 foot snow bank... kiss kiss, b*
  6. i'd like to request that no one mix terms like "algorithms"--let alone complex ones--into the free, happy, twirly thoughts of my favorite music in the world. terms such as the aforementioned tend to give people like myself anxiety. thanks. love and miss you guys! xx lala
  7. yeah, you bought it from streamernet where it indeed once was... i did, too. though it's one of those (at least my download) that has weird patches and lots and lots of pauses. vocals "blow" out on toward the end...
  8. i still get chills on that one. "i don't know why i have to swear when i say it but it feels so godddaaaaaammmnnnnn goooooooooooood..."
  9. he's the gray-haired tazmanian devil!

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