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  1. The Spud Drive Inn Theater is real close to Targhee. Just sayin....
  2. Phil started playing Mission Control in 74. 46 years ago today the band played their first show of 74. Mission Control's first show. Wall of Sound unofficial first show. US Blues, Roses and I believe Loose Lucy first show There is only 3-4 three set shows in 74 and this happens to be one. I think they played 3 sets to dial in the wall of sound. I don't think DSO has played one of the 3 set shows from 74 but I have been wrong plenty of times in my life. Me thinks 2/22/74 for LA tonight. Wish I was there. The band seems to rock LA winter west coast every year. Maybe they will close tour with another "Wild Thing". That was great in Portland!!!
  3. Been a long time since I have posted on this forum. Couldn't believe I remembered my password... Last time I was at Legend Valley was when DSO played fall hookahville with 2 electrics and a late night acoustic set. Remember that????? It's been a hell of ride since my first show on 02/02/02 at the Michigan Theater. From the Great American Music Hall to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom and so many venues in between... We will be flying in from Middle of Montana and look forward to spending a special weekend with all you strangers. Camping in VIP and look forward to meeting new friends and make life long memories. See you there. Brady and Kylie Jo
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  5. http://www.archive.org/details/1994-09-24.paf.sbd.zelner-vernon.14071.sbeok.flacf This one is a classic!!!!!!!! Acoustic set w/ Throwing Stones
  6. Just bringing this closer...... I have some buddies that are gonna feel good tonight..... This lovelight shoud forever be available for anyone at anytime........
  7. once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest places if you look at it right!

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