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  1. flairblair

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    Will be camping in VIP. Got the official official word from the boss so I’m in for #7. Where’s everyone staying Thursday night?
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  3. flairblair

    Now Listening...

    to this band called "mountain jam", found them on archive. Allmans tribute, I think from Colorado. darn good stuff. listening to a Watkins glen recreation, the show with the dead and the band. makes one think...
  4. flairblair

    Worst Gd Song Ever?

    what, no "broken arrow"? maybe if phils voice was better, or maybe in an intimate setting, but in a stadium that song F-in sucked. how about another u.s blues anchor (i meant encore) or even better how about another NFA or uncle or my absolute (least) favorite L paso? im not even gonna touch some of the crap they trucked out in front of us during the 90"s. i cant for the life of me figure out why the boys would give night after night ( or every third night) of this crap and not touch help slip frank for 8 years. must be why they call it dope.
  5. is packed and ready to go