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  1. San Francisco Night #1

    not an original with a dark star verse two?
  2. Dead and co has lost their mind

    is it possible the purchasers of the 3k blanket were deadheads pre 87?
  3. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    everyone's welcome - it's just that dead heads pass
  4. JRAD....???

    saying the fat man was part of a cover band is clueless
  5. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    my almost 80 year old mother is seeing the dead&co mainstream popularity, looking back on my life and is happy that she mis-understood....... problem is she didn't. I haven't seen anything since 95 but DSO. there are no misfits at dead&co. I know you starheads are doing a pretty good job carrying the torch, but i wish u would drop the outlaw stuff. Altamont was a low point - if not the lowest.
  6. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    a little help for the clueless one please? what's the connection besides the shirt?
  7. Just like Frankenstein...

    there goes PG giving me assignments (go look up egalitarian) again. my only question is what if two people thought they had the clearest vision? As for the rest a little over my head as per usual, unless you're trying to say what I've always believed; LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING
  8. Just like Frankenstein...

    30 minutes in to 9/7/81 is the coup de grace if u ask me. what does he think of the bootleggars. meanders through the answer winding up with if they cared about the quality as much as we did and the only negative was i get burned then whatever. that right there epitomizes the fat man imo. not an artist alive then or now that would ever think that way.
  9. Drums Space 2017 >

    you have a right to your opinion but not facts. D/S was a later day addition necessitated by the dragon. whoops - forgot to say welcome aboard. PG would have scolded me if I didn't quickly catch it.
  10. China Rider

    Modern times? U mean all times. I still have the tour of 6 song (i just can't remember the year-but wouldn't surprise me if it was same tour you reference) first sets etched in my memory.
  11. Does Lager still post here?

    TR u know the old saying.......fool me once........ show this loser the door
  12. grateful

    Recover your password i can't believe you're making me consider going (zero degrees, can't drink, can't dance) as only an idiot would pass up green jeans since i'm thinking PACKED as always can i get a hint: dance floor, balcony, etc....?

    i thought my pay pal account was closed, actually precipitated by them emailing me to say suspicious something please blah blah blah. i don't believe i ever used it. signed up to do something (15 years ago?) but couldn't (I'm sure it was nefarious) and never tried again. i know it would be easier to find out than all this typing but.....................:( what's your address PG I'll mail it to you and you donate sorry i'm being a bad boy on Christmas

    ok another (only 5 minutes this time) failed effort. got excited while i was filling out simple debit card option. ready to hit button and go on my way, then..... please fill out password for paypal acct. no problem - did it. then, "there's already a paypal account assoc with that email... I may have had a paypal acct a long time ago but have no idea. ADDRESS TO SEND CASH OR CHECK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Favorite Dance Songs?

    i would like to replace On the Road Again with The Race is On.