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  1. Hello, A dear friend was just killed in an auto accident. I would love to get a copy of this DSO show, as it was the first night we met. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance! Jim
  2. Hello, I didn't attend Red Rocks this year. I would love to listen to what I missed, but so far no recording has surfaced. Any leads? Thanks in advance!
  3. If you watch the video on YouTube it appears to be intentional.
  4. Elective Cold Rain & Snow Minglewood Jack-a-Roe Lazy Lightnin'> Supplication Shining Star Cassidy Broken Arrow Stagger Lee Passenger> Might as Well Feel Like a Stranger The Stranger (2 Souls) Foolish Heart> Lost Sailor> Saint> Drums/Space> Imagine (Instrumental)> Corrina> Dear Mr. Fantasy> Days Between> Throwing Stones (early version)> Around Expressway to Your Heart
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