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  1. Does anyone know if single night Boulder tix will be available?
  2. Agreed. But he's only a 1-nighter. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if the Boulder Theater tickets will go on sale for single might only? Going to all 3, but have a buddy in Boulder who only wants to go to one concert. Thanks!
  4. So, we ended up having to buy a whole 3-day pass to get the 2 nights at Boulder. They are absolutely not selling any single night tickets to Boulder. So, I've got a ticket for myself to Boulder each nght...and now I have 2x Red Rocks tickets. Now a buddy of mine from Denver wants to go to the Saturday night show in Boulder...and the only way to get one is to buy the 3-day pass!!! So lame...
  5. We tried. There are at least 2 - if not 3 - different ticket companies involved. AXS is the ticket company for the Red Rocks tickets...but not for Boulder...or for the package. When I called AXS tickets the first thing they asked me was what stadium I was calling about. It didn’t get any better after that either… I have not given up yet though...but thanks for any and all suggestions!
  6. Wondering if anyone else bought Red Rocks 2019 tickets without realizing the only way to get Boulder tickets is a package. So, we've got 3x VIP tickets to Red Rocks and no Boulder tickets. Have now heard that the only way to buy Boulder tickets is as a package with Red Rocks. There is no mention of this on the band website. Asked someone who is tightly connected with the band for some help, and they said the following... "There are currently no tickets available for only Boulder Theater. Only way to buy Boulder Theater ticket is to get 3-Night pass. This is policy. (it does not say this anywhere on the band website) The (unannounced) plan is to release single night tickets in the future, no timeline was established." Not very helpful. Hoping someone in the band can look into this and help us!!! Rob?
  7. jeffreybload

    Ojai, CA

    Fantastic music. I have to be honest, I was totally bummed at the timing fiasco. As hot as the abbreviated second set was, I couldn't stop thinking about how screwed up this was. The biggest bummer for me is that I live in Santa Clarita, where the Libbey Bowl promoter has a new sister venue. I am hoping that DSO will play there sometime, but i'm assuming there is a sour taste and they will not be too excited to work with him again. Great show...still miffed about the scheduling snafu. See you next time!
  8. Sucked it up and bought mine...looking for a winner after that strangeness in Ventura last night.
  9. Tru Dat...it's just lame. I'll probably go because I do enjoy the heck out of it, but what a crock... Thanks for putting it into perspective! Peace...
  10. First time ever...I might skip a concert due to the service fees. $45 ticket with $17.40 in fees. Much as I would like to be there, couch surfing with the ipod might be the way to go. DSO is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening, but $63.40 is too much...thoughts?
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