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  1. tide

    Penns peak

    Interesting, this recreation is listed as a pre-announce for Hampton Beach later this summer, perhaps an error? Is there still a special recreation in store for Hampton?
  2. tide

    The Anthem

    Now that is a classic! Living vicariously through archive recording
  3. tide


    Good to see the band as always and soak in the DSO community vibe. A special anniversary. 21 has a nice ring to it. Thank you as always to band and crew for all the great music you have brought to my life. Difficult for me to see this as a classic but happy to catch DSO again this year. “Classic” to me puts the show in the pantheon of great Dead shows (perhaps my definition is not correct so will plan accordingly next time). Of which there are many in MA. Seeing Travis Bean up there also set a certain era expectation walking into Calvin of the “greatest year” or two. Of which I’ve never seen a 77 recreation in 23 shows. One day! Have always wanted to hear Jeff with Travis, and it did sound great.
  4. So grateful for the Wolf show!! Thank you Rob!!
  5. My POV. Make the 2 hour trip to Northampton on a November Sunday night before workday? Probably not, just too difficult with work and family. Pre-announce a classic Massachusetts recreation? Ticket purchased.
  6. tide

    Boston 5/10/18

    What a special evening. Fantastic energy from the band. Lively crowd. Matson owned the Wilbur, just incredible playing, and from the whole band. The Wolf really did sound special. Clear and warm, high in the mix. So many highlights. Always love hearing Cassidy. Jack Straw best I’ve ever heard. Great Half Step and whole second set. Black Peter always gets me, Matson channels something in this song. As always, thank you to the band and crew for bringing us this amazing music. Sound was amazing. Brought a few new folks along and so glad they were able to see a special recreation. Almost tragic not to have official releases from this spectacular Wilbur run of 69, 72 and now 78. Luckily audience recordings for the last two, hopefully one from this Thursday’s magic. There’s nothing like a DSO show.
  7. Something at least: I hope the band takes note of this discussion!
  8. I’m looking for a recording as well!
  9. DSO show #20 for me, and I left the near arctic Palladium once again trying to process another amazing DSO recreation. Aside from needing to wear a hat most of the night, and sometimes a jacket, wow, what a show. Birdsong alone was worth the price of admission. Just beautiful, struck a chord for me. The second set, though. Incredible. It’s been a while since an Eyes in my show selection, and this was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Was like they were channeling 1973. There was even a dance-off up in the balcony during the opening jam, one of the many special moments last night. Thank you DSO. Have said many times but never gets old. What a gift to hear this music. For future Palladium shows, I thought the sound back in the bleachers was a tad muddled. But does not take away at all from sonic heaven.
  10. Although not a DSO soundboard release, certainly good enough for revisiting this incredible show. As noted above, Dark Star—>Morning Dew. Amazing. But the whole show is fantastic. https://archive.org/details/DSO2017-05-18 Many thanks to the taper Chris Dusio!
  11. Here we go again, how to put thoughts and emotions to words after a show like this.As usual these great DSO shows will move me to tears. In this case I wasn't expecting to feel that way during the explorations of Playing in the Band. There was something about this show, a laser beam focus wrapping a stellar 72 setlist into a sonic journey that went right to the heart. Launching with Truckin and all the way through. At times it felt you could see the energy physically swirling in and around the band. After China Cat where could the show go from there? But it does, and then Skip and band take Dark Star and Morning Dew to another dimension. Don't know how DSO does that, doesn't seem possible but certainly is real! Amazing from the entire band. Have said several times, what a gift to have this music in our lives. Thank you band and crew. Was joking with friends we should retire after this show, it was that good. Now time to line up Hampton Beach.The only negative is that this show may not be heard again. Does not having an organ count the show as part-elective?! Maybe sold out shows require a published recording?! Speaking of sold out, possible data point? Pre-announce possibility for a great era and ...
  12. tide

    New Orleans 1

    Also like this idea.
  13. One of my favorites also, amazing from the entire band. Had mentioned in the now listening board a while back. Even with a bit of botched lyrics Song #29 on the night. Love 73 shows.
  14. So being curious when the dead stopped playing the wave that flag lyrics switching to US blues I discovered an interesting analysis of the song US blues. Since bobby changed hunters 1 more Saturday night lyrics, he told hunter that he wanted to change the name OMSN to US Blues. Hunter refused. I read where the line You can call this song the United States blues was actually hunter telling bobby this is us blues and not your abomination of my one more Saturday night lyrics. Interesting find!
  15. A spring 1973 Boston Garden gem recently discovered via gdradio.net (very nice soundboard): https://archive.org/details/gd73-04-02.sbd.miller.17346.sbeok.shnf A beautiful early Eyes (one of my favorites now, despite forgotten lyrics) and segue from Weather Report Prelude, must be heard together. Really special from the whole band, and only 30 songs into the show! Also great Here Comes Sunshine, Playing, excellent China Rider, etc. The show highlights great chops from Weir. Those must have been the days. Hope to catch a 73 DSO recreation back in Boston!
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