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  1. 11/18/17, Palladium Theater: Worchester, MA

    Something at least: I hope the band takes note of this discussion!
  2. 11/18/17, Palladium Theater: Worchester, MA

    I’m looking for a recording as well!
  3. 11/18/17, Palladium Theater: Worchester, MA

    DSO show #20 for me, and I left the near arctic Palladium once again trying to process another amazing DSO recreation. Aside from needing to wear a hat most of the night, and sometimes a jacket, wow, what a show. Birdsong alone was worth the price of admission. Just beautiful, struck a chord for me. The second set, though. Incredible. It’s been a while since an Eyes in my show selection, and this was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Was like they were channeling 1973. There was even a dance-off up in the balcony during the opening jam, one of the many special moments last night. Thank you DSO. Have said many times but never gets old. What a gift to hear this music. For future Palladium shows, I thought the sound back in the bleachers was a tad muddled. But does not take away at all from sonic heaven.
  4. The Wilbur, Boston, MA

    Although not a DSO soundboard release, certainly good enough for revisiting this incredible show. As noted above, Dark Star—>Morning Dew. Amazing. But the whole show is fantastic. https://archive.org/details/DSO2017-05-18 Many thanks to the taper Chris Dusio!
  5. The Wilbur, Boston, MA

    Here we go again, how to put thoughts and emotions to words after a show like this.As usual these great DSO shows will move me to tears. In this case I wasn't expecting to feel that way during the explorations of Playing in the Band. There was something about this show, a laser beam focus wrapping a stellar 72 setlist into a sonic journey that went right to the heart. Launching with Truckin and all the way through. At times it felt you could see the energy physically swirling in and around the band. After China Cat where could the show go from there? But it does, and then Skip and band take Dark Star and Morning Dew to another dimension. Don't know how DSO does that, doesn't seem possible but certainly is real! Amazing from the entire band. Have said several times, what a gift to have this music in our lives. Thank you band and crew. Was joking with friends we should retire after this show, it was that good. Now time to line up Hampton Beach.The only negative is that this show may not be heard again. Does not having an organ count the show as part-elective?! Maybe sold out shows require a published recording?! Speaking of sold out, possible data point? Pre-announce possibility for a great era and ...
  6. New Orleans 1

    Also like this idea.
  7. 2017 Dave's Picks

    One of my favorites also, amazing from the entire band. Had mentioned in the now listening board a while back. Even with a bit of botched lyrics Song #29 on the night. Love 73 shows.
  8. my home in Norfolk Virginia

    Wow, would have loved to have seen this show! Although many miles away for this one, thank you DSO for bringing these amazing shows back to life.
  9. Boston

    So very happy to have a recording of this amazing show! https://archive.org/details/DSOWilburTheatre6116Set1
  10. Until I started going to DSO shows the 90s Dead was all I knew and what got me hooked. Foxboro 1990, first rock concert. My perspective has since changed, having been introduced by DSO to the live sound of the various amazing eras from 1969 to late 70's. But forever grateful for the band continuing to play, even a glimpse of their greatness had a big impact on my life.
  11. Indian Ranch

    Thanks DSO for another swing through MA! A nice bonus show for the summer stretch between the usual tours. Fun venue for Dead music and chilling out. Looking forward to November.
  12. Boston

    My life is now complete Wow, what a show. Finally getting a 60s recreation, the singularity. Now I just need to find a wormhole to listen to the show again I've heard Black Peter several times in recreations. Each one brings tears to my eyes, and last night especially moving. Matson owns this song. Saw DSO open an '85 show with Midnight Hour. Very nice, easier opener warmup. A '69 version? DSO blew my mind. What were those sounds in the Other One? Other worldly, the whole sequence. Still in the first set...I could go on and on. Beautiful UJB. Dark Star was incredible, loved hearing the 60s psychedelic vibes. The Eleven. Every song and jam had so much happening almost too much to process. A couple comments about dance energy, sometimes I just stood there in a trance. The whole show Matson just blew the roof off. The entire band was great. Just being able to hear that era, amazing. Thank you DSO. Really at a loss for words on this one. Side note rant: how can so many people yap through Black Peter and Dark Star? There was magic happening there. How about a separate yapper's section.
  13. Thanks for posting this!
  14. Hampton Beach NH 6/5/15

    Thank you for sharing a little of the inside story of this amazing show! The sound really was fantastic. Looking forward to a Fall tour return to the Boston area. Very happy I will be able to download this show. Maybe another path will emerge in the future, at least for the extra special shows? Previous recordings remain active on my playlist, and I play them for other people. Understand the logistical challenges.
  15. Message from Rob Eaton regarding downloads

    Well this announcement makes me very sad. Especially just learning of the news after a particularly wonderful Friday night at Hampton Beach. All the way home I was looking forward to listening to the show again many times over. I see more recent shows through Boston have been released. One more in the tank possible? Thank you in advance! And in the future, per a comment above, maybe select releases of the epic shows (although this could still be a lot!)?
  16. Hampton Beach NH 6/5/15

    Two days later still trying process what exactly transpired on a magical Friday night at Hampton Beach. A book could be written about this show I think. The band’s energy and focus was clearly evident from the first note of the first set. The second set is where something truly special happened. I’m one of those always pining for a recreation, as for me those shows have been a step above, and in several cases truly epic. After this show I must admit my perspective on DSO is forever changed. Friday night DSO managed to bring us a stunning display of musicianship, creativity and spirit, weaving together songs and sounds from all eras in a way that came together beautifully. The second set especially was one amazing song after another. And not just played. I haven’t thought of a better phrase than that DSO killed it every song, taking us places within and between songs I’ve never been. At times mind bending, and I didn’t even have a beer. DSO took the Dead repertoire and made it their own. There was an energy and interpretation unique to DSO, yet still faithful to the creators. Which is one reason I’m still processing, how is this possible? And how can we be so lucky to hear this music live, and that the band members have decided to share this wonderful art that moves us in a way nothing else can? I wonder if the band would like to comment on this show. For me this is a “Cornell” moment, where I will look back and say I was there, at that show, when DSO built a musical palace for us to live in for a few hours (Skip’s bass is still rumbling through my bones). Thank you DSO musicians and crew!!
  17. New Bedford, 6/3

    A recreation always does my heart good, especially feeling a little under the weather. Per Philfan13, was thinking the same thing. Probably $15k worth of plaster damage from Morning Dew alone. Wow, that was amazing. Truckin' too. Maybe Skip should take out an insurance policy to make sure DSO gets invited back. Many nice highlights. Haven't heard Cassidy in a long time, just beautifully played. Thank you DSO!!
  18. Now Listening...

    So being curious when the dead stopped playing the wave that flag lyrics switching to US blues I discovered an interesting analysis of the song US blues. Since bobby changed hunters 1 more Saturday night lyrics, he told hunter that he wanted to change the name OMSN to US Blues. Hunter refused. I read where the line You can call this song the United States blues was actually hunter telling bobby this is us blues and not your abomination of my one more Saturday night lyrics. Interesting find!
  19. Now Listening...

    A spring 1973 Boston Garden gem recently discovered via gdradio.net (very nice soundboard): https://archive.org/details/gd73-04-02.sbd.miller.17346.sbeok.shnf A beautiful early Eyes (one of my favorites now, despite forgotten lyrics) and segue from Weather Report Prelude, must be heard together. Really special from the whole band, and only 30 songs into the show! Also great Here Comes Sunshine, Playing, excellent China Rider, etc. The show highlights great chops from Weir. Those must have been the days. Hope to catch a 73 DSO recreation back in Boston!
  20. Now Listening...

    DSO Show: 1998 • 11/17/2011 Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA Credit to the Grateful Dead for creating this masterpiece. That being said, DSO's version is always in my rotation. The St. Stephen - Eyes - Let it Grow to start the second set is really amazing. Matson just kills it on Eyes, and the interplay between the band is wonderful to listen to. The Eyes especially goes even furthur than the Dead's version in my opinion, building on an experimental take with the extended closing jam from that time at the beginning. Chills inducing. Once Let it Grow started I remembered thinking I couldn't believe how DSO could actually play this show. And that's only the first part of the second set! Glad this one was released. Still hoping for the Europe 72 show at the same venue. http://livedownloads.com/live-music/0,7175/Dark-Star-Orchestra-mp3-flac-download-11-17-2011-Wilber-Theater-Boston-MA.html Setlist: 6/9/76 - Boston Music Hall, Boston MA One: Cold Rain And Snow ; Cassidy ; Scarlet Begonias ; The Music Never Stopped ; Crazy Fingers ; Big River ; They Love Each Other ; Looks Like Rain ; Ship Of Fools ; The Promised Land Two: Saint Stephen > Eyes Of The World > Let It Grow > Drums > Let It Grow ; Brown Eyed Women ; Lazy Lightnin' > Supplication ; High Time ; Samson And Delilah ; It Must Have Been The Roses ; Dancing In The Street > Wharf Rat > Around And Around Encore: Franklin's Tower