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    The Travelin' McCourys and Jeff Austin Band

    Saw it last year at the Hartford festival. I wasn't impressed with Jeff Austin. When they were on stage together, there were too many players on the stage and it got watered down considerably. You'll get an Althea and a Cumberland Blues out of it. Might as well go if it's convenient and reasonably priced. We left have way through the collaboration set called "The Grateful Ball", but then again it was the last show after a 4 day festival. Jason Carter (traveling mccourys) is probably the best violinist around these days. He recently sang a "For What It's Worth" with del sitting in. It's on YouTube.
  2. Ammagamalin Crew

    The Who

    The Who are hitting the road again in 2019 after taking last year off. Deercreek is the closest weekend show for me. I highly recommend adding this to your yearly show schedule.
  3. Ammagamalin Crew

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    but smile, smile, smile...
  4. Ammagamalin Crew

    Best Miss 1/2 Step?

    Rochester Frontier Field 2017, since it was my last one and I remember almost nothing these days, so the most recent is my best
  5. Ammagamalin Crew

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    snowed so hard that the roof caved in
  6. Ammagamalin Crew

    Jubilee 2019

    Billy Strings added to next year's jubilee. Tickets go on sale this Friday. Leftover Salmon is also on the bill
  7. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    http://relisten.net/billy-strings/2017/8/29 Check out this soundboard from Nashville last year. Opens with Oh the Wind and the Rain>Dust in the Baggie. Later a sweet Senor and a nice take on Riders in the Storm with an interesting take of The End referencing a hippie loving his parents instead of killing them. See what you think Sorry, wrong show link before, got it right here (I think)
  8. Ammagamalin Crew

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    polished like a golden bowl, the finest ever seen
  9. Ammagamalin Crew

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Who baby who, baby who, baby who... You maybe you, maybe you, maybe you
  10. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    I want to live in a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.
  11. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    Chicago and Louisville are now sold out
  12. Ammagamalin Crew

    NFL 2018

    he's got a tough recovery ahead, pressures of the market place (as Roger Waters referred to so accurately with "Amused to Death", The Braverity of Being Out of Range). Hopefully he'll be alright
  13. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    Nice sense of exploration in his approach which is what kept me interested in the dead
  14. Ammagamalin Crew

    Rising Up to Paradise

    Set One: Sugar Magnolia$* (Grateful Dead cover), Cassidy*#!, Franklin’s Tower$*# (Grateful Dead cover), Tennessee Jed$*# (Grateful Dead cover), Deep Elm Blues%! (Traditional), I’ve Been All Around This World%! (Grateful Dead cover), Weather Report Suite*#! (Grateful Dead cover) > Let It Grow$*#! (Grateful Dead cover) Set Two (feat. Jeff Chimenti, Steve Kimock, and Robin Sylvester): Help On The Way (Grateful Dead cover) > Scarlett Begonias (Grateful Dead cover) > Fire On The Bayou^ (The Meters cover), Sugaree^ (Jerry Garcia Cover), Iko Iko^ (The Dixie Cups cover) > Drums > Estimated Prophet (Grateful Dead cover) > Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead cover) > 2019 Celebration with Hula Dancers Encore: The Music Never Stopped (Grateful Dead cover) > Touch of Grey (Grateful Dead cover), Ripple (Grateful Dead cover) Notes: $ w/Robin Sylvester ^ w/George Porter Jr * w/Steve Kimock # w/Jeff Chimenti ! w/Don Was % w/Taj Mahal
  15. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    He's got intelligence and dexterity. When talking about doing jerry songs, he's passionate about getting it right. The Freebird played on Halloween is incredible considering he does the lead parts for the three who used to play in Skynyrd. YouTube 10/31/18. This guy is quick and is getting his catalog up to a 1,000+ Still got $12.00 ticket available for the upcoming Headliners in Louisville.
  16. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    NYE opened with little Maggie, Shadygrove, Willin....me and my uncle >living like an animal >me and my uncle, senor, China doll, lonesome LA cowboy, Midnight Ryder, Freeborn Man and finally, after pursuing this whole year, a DOS BANJOS!!!
  17. Ammagamalin Crew

    Montclair #1

    Recreation , elective, recreation, ... either way you're going to be jamming, leaping from this year to the next
  18. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    We got a Jack a roe and a Birdsong last night. Lots if trippy space through out all the sets. I think jubilee going to be pinnacle. A Billy goat was in the audience the first night. Mostly riding on the shoulders of it's keeper. Staff is allowing everyone to be free, Here comes 2019!
  19. Ammagamalin Crew

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    if your fears should ever get inside you, I will take you home
  20. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    To Lay Me Down, Cold Rain and Snow and a Catfish John along with a Little Maggie and a White Freight Liner in the first set last night.
  21. Ammagamalin Crew

    Top 10 albums

    Probably need a top 100 countdown? Deja vu Frampton comes alive Tommy Eat A Peach Machine Head Reckoning Big Bamboo Waiting for Columbus Sheik Yer Bouti Joe's Garage You are What you Is Bread Bush Doctor Tres Hombres
  22. Ammagamalin Crew

    The Anthem

    that whole week of shows looks grate
  23. Ammagamalin Crew

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    now you wear your skin like iron, your breaths as hard as kerosene
  24. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    Traveling mccourys are joining in for the Nashville show
  25. Ammagamalin Crew

    Rolling stones

    I took in AKG 460's in a "horn hat" with a D5 for this Cardinal Stadium show. It got rough towards the end when half the audience left our row on the floor and the lights were on the audience, keeping from ushers seeing us, but we made it out with the tapes.