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  1. Help Slip Frank Mana tried Big river candyman Tom Thumb And it stoned me Passenger Might as well Sugar mag Foolish heart Lost sailor Saint Terrapin D/s Marbles Dear me fantasy I need a miracle Dew Sunshine daydream Quinn I may have 1-2 out of order. Epic original. Transitions were so tight and you can tell they worked on this show. It was perfect and proper speed. Many going to Cleveland Wednesday were shown a proper, insane show, tonight. I had the feeling that they were pulling out all the original chops tonight to show everyone the best game in town. This is the real deal dead. DSO showed tonight why they are the premier dead band in the country. They make song transitions seem so so easy. Whole band on the same page knowing each other forwards and backwards. This is the elite product. So many unique parts of the show tonight. A very slow, unique and it stoned me with transitions I haven't heard before but everyone in the band was there. Saw a fun 2, but 2 nights of confused guys in Boulder. Dso wasn't confused. This is my dead product. I'll see others but tonight reaffirmed exactly why this is my band. I guys smoked it tonight. See everyone in Indy.
  2. I wasn't disrespecting anyone. I was making a joke how people don't realize that any dead type show is not a seated event. When the Iowa city show started there were literally 6 standing. The 4 in our group and 2 other DSO regulars. By the end almost everyone was up letting loose. When I read the quoted part it made me laugh as there's no crowd like a dead crowd and a DSO crowd is definitely a more serious musical crowd than deadco. Not a lot of tourists are at most DSO shows. Definitely the people I meet at DSO shows are a step above crowds you meet at the large shows with massive lot scenes. DSO crowds are much more serious deadheads imo.
  3. Shortly after sunrise, from mid-June through mid-July, rows of lawn chairs begin appearing between the limestone cliffs of Veterans Park. It's the time-honored method for reserving a prime spot for a great evening of entertainment! Get your chairs ready for our 51st season of admission-free summer concerts, music and theater, and join us a Springfield tradition - The Summer Arts Festival! Get those chairs ready people for a great night of sitting and knee slappin'. I'm gonna sit my ass off at this show. Let me know where everyone is going to sit during the show so we can all sit our butts off together......
  4. I have to say yes Oteill was tripping. I think it seems obvious with all the wow's he's mouthing and the massively huge grins. There was also an article earlier where the author mentioned the same.
  5. Yes it's his 1st and mine as well. We can't wait. Love new experiences!!!! Fuck things. Give me memories!!
  6. Considering deadco has been touring and DSO hasn't, deadco is a popular thread. Plus it encompasses every deadco show while DSO just started tour in Minnesota. Lots of the talk is how DSO is a better band. If every post was how deadco is 77 dead and it's the onlY game in town, you have a point. My tour starts Tuesday. A lot of people on the boards will be hopping on in Springfield. I expect it to be a more popular thread than the Minnesota one.
  7. Sorry for your loss. The music will help ease your soul. Amd on a bright note, the weather looks epic. Clear skies with Mid-high 60s at showtime and finishing at around 60 degrees. Can't ask for more perfect conditions for an outdoor show.
  8. The pitfalls of tour aren't for all women. Not having a bed or not getting a shower tends to be more of a buddy thing. U don't really see many big groups of girls on the road. That's likely because their boyfriends don't want to miss the party. Plus the deads songs are mostly from the male perspective. Lots of fighting and murder and gambling and drinking. Definitely songs men relate to easier than women. It's hard to flip minglewood around. If a girl says the sheriffs after her for banging his 16yr old son, that sort of sounds creepy. And her occupation was stealing men from their other women, society would call her a whore. Not sure why the dead didn't make any songs like Taylor swift writes. Hunter celebrated strong beautiful women, but again it was mostly from the man telling about him being crazy for this woman.
  9. Did you tell her she's prob got a 15-20% chance of one? But then again thats why we keep coming back. These current pop artists and even solid artists from the 70s and 80s have the same setlist night after night. I've wanted to see the pixies for years but was looking at their setlists night after night and are identical except for a 1-2 songs. How could u follow them. But the good news is I just want to see them once. I've been in my deadhead type bubble for a while. Pretty much dead or panic is all I've seen for 3 years. It's my safe space. I'm a dead snowflake. Seeing van Morrison in September may be strange. His music has a definite dance groove similar in ways to the dead's beat, but man I don't want 50 people videoing me dancing. That's not an issue at any GD related show but do that where half the people will have their phones out and I'm afraid I'll become a meme.
  10. Wow that's 2 straight years of Madison early shows. Wasn't last year a 69 original maybe?
  11. Any time u can dance with 20k deadheads its special. This is a purely LIVE project. Anyone who decides this is their home listening after the tour is done, must not know there are thousands of epic dead shows for free. I have to wonder who would pay 500.00 for the whole tour on CD. Shakedown has seemed to be the exact same one I've seen 3x on streams this summer tour. All slow shakedowns. This is a band struggling just to keep it together as they need practice. If you go on the whole tour and every shakedown is a snails pace with the same structure besides slightly different noodling, id be upset. Even in 95 with a very sick Jerry, tempos and structures varied night to night. It's sad to listen to Jerry's playing at the end. Such an amazing musician who was so weak from disease that he was a shell of himself. But... they still changed it all up. This band does some different things than the dead did and I like a few. But if they want a top tier product, they need to rent a house in Europe for 4 weeks and connect with each other. The connection is what's lacking. Bobby making gestures that Mayer doesn't what they mean. Watch the video starting at the time noted. They don't know what bobby wants. That's happened at several. Watching DSO, they play so much together that eaton moves his head an inch to the left and everyone knows the transition is coming. Deadco needs practice but communing with 50k of my tribe is worth the price of admission if it's a close show. DSO is my band. We all here know musically, they are in another league than deadco musically. I saw DSO once total in 100+ flub an intro to a song. The band stopped, Eaton laughed and said let's try that one again. I've never seen a crash and burn transition and I've seen 4-5 in 3 total shows. I'll prob hop on deadco summer tour next year when it doesn't conflict with dark star or at football stadiums though. Seeing 50k people dancing is a sight similar to a beautiful mountain view. It just fills your soul up. It's hard to leave something like that and say u had a bad time. If you left Boulder deadco and said that was not fun, id have to question your mental health. U can say it wasn't where u wanted it to be musically but if you said I had a bad time, you should likely see a doctor.
  12. It's worth $40 Brian if u are in a spot with great sound. I'd pay 40 just to listen to a dead show played on their stadium PA. It's not quite as nice as the Mayer Audio setup at dead50 but not too far removed. I couldn't tell but the speaker array I believe is the same Mayer one that is used at Jubilee but with 7 of those arrays plus 2-30 foot bass stacks. Dead 50 had 4 midfield arrays compared to 3 in Boulder. The sound is outstanding--at stadiums. Indoors I saw them and the sound was horrible. Worst sound I've heard and my seats were at the SBD.
  13. Start at 14:30 when they start to transition from their way too slow shakedown into UJB and watch them not be able to figure out the song even after they transition. Too much of everything is just enough for this to sound right. Musically this is on a tier below most dead tributes I've seen. Mayers noodling is uninspired. Think these guys are ready to be off the road. Long tour.
  14. Well said. Things sound better to me when I am happy. Being around good friends will remove a lot of the hard edges from the music. I focus more on enjoying the time, more than analyzing the music note for note. I think thats a big thing about streams. It is really easy to pick out the messups. There is no other distraction. If you are watching 10k of your friends dance along, every note isnt quite as important as alone in your home. I say its way worth the experience at a stadium. Almost wish I had done fenway. Looked like an epic weekend!!! Can't do them all......but I want to do most of the 3-day weekends.
  15. I like it live. It's my peeps and my music. Streams..not so much. I'll see u there. I think I'll be to your right or maybe left. Look for me