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  1. bull123

    2019 British Open

    Going into weekend im not betting against brooks
  2. bull123

    2019 British Open

    Just saw David Duval mage a 13 on a hole and rory starts with an 8 and ends with a 7
  3. bull123


    Cameron Indoor Stadium...Dook University cant remember the exact date...think it was winter 1980 paid $40 for a $15 ticket the first show where Jerry and Phil switched sides on the stage Sampson and Delilah...really though the whole building was coming down
  4. Hers a Top 21 for me...broke all the rules for this thread but kind of fun doing it...these were the albums I played so much that they are really scratched up...no real ranking order, it changed weekly depending on what I was in the mood for...still does 1. Bruce Springsteen- Darkness on Edge of Town/ The River/Nebraska (Nebraska may be my all time fav) 2. Grateful Dead- What a Long Strange Trip/ Mars Hotel/ Shakedown Street 3. Lynyrd Skynyrd- One More From the Road/Street Survivors 4. Neil Young- Harvest/Zuma/Decade/Rust Never Sleeps 5. Eagles- On The Border/One of These Nights/Hotel California 6. Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti/ Led Zeppelin IV/Presence/The Song Remains the Same live version 7. Allman Brothers- Eat A Peach/Brothers and Sisters/Where it All Begins 8. Van Halen- Van Halen/ Van Halen II 9. Bad Company- Bad Company/Straight Shooter 10. Little Feat- Dixie Chicken/Feats Dont Fail Me Now/ Time Loves a Hero 11. Rush- Moving Pictures/Permanent Waves 12. Bob Dylan- Blonde on Blonde/Blood on the Tracks/Infidels/Slow Train Coming 13. Dire Straits- Dire Straits/Communique/Brothers in Arms 14. Willie Nelson- Stardust/Across the Borderline/Pancho And Lefty 15. John Mellencamp- Uh- Huh/ Scarecrow/ The Lonesome Jubilee 16. Elton John- Captain Fantastic & Brown Dirt Cowboy/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 17. Billy Joel- The Stranger/Turnstiles 18. The Beatles- Abbey Road/Let it Be/White Album 19. Tom Petty- Damn the Torpedoes/Hard Promises/Wildflowers 20. Eric Clapton- 461 Ocean Blvd/Unplugged/Journeyman 21. Rolling Stones- Exile on Main St/Tattoo You/Some Girls (these 3 are virtually unplayable I listened to them so much)
  5. bull123

    Penns Peak

    Pathetic...just go away and don’t come back...punk
  6. bull123

    Asheville 4-10

    How crowed was it?...last couple of times at the Peal it was too much with too many folks and way too many out of control dancing groupies
  7. bull123


  8. First show I've seen this year....with all the Carolinas choices, Asheville is certainly a top pick, as you get whole experience there...GREAT beer choices too! Crowd was a bit slow to start, but man it got rocking quickly, Jeff started his great playing with Half Step & didn't stop all night...Thank goodness they played two nights at the Peal...that place gets rowdy & tight in a hurry, one night only would have been just too crowded...thank goodness they have moved out to Pisgah for their summer shows To the "expert" that told me Tangled was played by the Dead 60-70 times, I didn't think you were right, so I looked it up...only played twice, both times with Dylan & the Dead, both times with Dylan singing...I told you it was a Jerry Garcia Band staple...I think the kid was trying to impress his GF with his "knowledge"...That combo with Help/Slip/Tangled was just fantastic There was a guy with a Grizzly Adams vest on that looked like 30 yr old shag carpet dancing through the crowd being a big annoyance...you are not the only one having a good time dude...there are always a few Some different combos last night that really worked and some rarities that were fantastic...I loved Lost Sailor into the complete Terrapin Suite...Lazy River Road is soo good & Day Job is a nice reminder for us all...Lisa belted out Chimes, I was surprised by the number of young folks that didn't know that song, Dylan lyrics at their finest...nice bluesy Althea....West LA & Passenger rock...Drums into CE/Other One was for the hard core fans, and was just great...then a little gospel/bluegrass with Going Down The Road helped to hit all the notes....Rainy Day was great ending to a fabulous show... For someone who doesn't get to shows but about once a year, it was a real treat!
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