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  1. Wow, this is a great thread. I loved the line...went something like this..."All American music comes from the same place, country followed the fiddle" Does that mean Rock and Roll followed the guitar? Maybe. While one of the old schoolers was being interviewed, he said "he and Willie Nelson were naming their favorite Jimmy Rogers songs, they were still going at 50. Jimmy seemed to be an artist that was very important to the early country scene and is still important to the current culture. That aside, I too lost a bit of interest near the middle of the Jimmy Rogers onslaught. I think most hard core country music fans probably couldn't get enough. Peace Joe
  2. You’re kidding right, that’s freezing 🤪
  3. Anyone need a roomie for 2020?
  4. Wow, lots of good stories here...hard to read them all. Aug, 2001 for me, Norfolk VA. Hollywood Bowl '72. I almost cried. I have absolutely no idea how many shows I have seen over those years, just festies probably gets me around 30? It's a couple between the festies I'll share here... Hagerstown...maybe 08? Kevin was on fire, Chuck and I were hitting it hard on the top of the balcony. This was my first experience with closing my eyes and really listening. After that show, I watched a documentary about the 5 senses and learned our brains use 70% of it's sensory processing power processing what we see. If we take sight away (by closing our eyes of course) we open some portion of that 70% for other senses to use. IT'S AWESOME!!! Philly-Some small theater on...South Street...I think. Mid 00's I think. I can't remember the name of the place or any songs they did that night...but I drove up from Norfolk, went to the show, drove home and at work by 8AM. Made that same hike for Wilmington DE once, shit twice?? Fuck, I don't know, and Dewey twice...If you haven't made a Dewey show, I strongly recommend. Peace, I'll see some of you this weekend I suspect.
  5. I know exactly what you are talking about!
  6. Just to bust in and say something...well...random. I'm a bit stoned...medical legal in Florida, so please bear(bare, or bear...I never know) with me. I have many fond memories of the Jubilees I have had the luck to experience. Funny, I don't know how many off the top of my head, I think I missed 2. I lost count of dead shows at 50 and stopped counting. I guess I was a non conformist in a non conformist sub culture. I just didn't like the idea of the quantity of shows I saw measured my love of the music. I have 2, not so fond memories I want to share here. Bob and I drove up together, set up camp and headed to the music. We complete half of the daily grind of humping our shit down to "the hill." Set up base camp and head to the stages. This was my first Jubilee and my JC instincts were telling me to stay alert. I watched our shit like a hawk, looked up again and again. After about 5 "look ups" I see 3 guys were putting our shit in their cart. I was on the warpath, full of negative energy, anger, pride, stubborn. I catch up to the three, and just start pulling my shit out of their cart. They, as most sane people would expect, were surprised. What are you doing?...the 6'2" guy asked. "Just grabbin our shit." What, he says!? Ut oh...I stop, gather my thoughts, look around and about 2 feet away is our shit. They could tell right away I was horrified. I apologized, I don't know, maybe 1000 times. We parted ways square. I chatted with them throughout the weekend. Lucky I walked into the right sort that day. My first Jubilee could have been way different. As I have found over the years, walking into the right sort at Jubilee is almost a mathematical certainty and not at all lucky. Our third or fourth Jubilee now. I know my shit is safe. Bob and I are playing music, actually, Bob is playing music and I was thumping a percussion thing. Saturday we were playing/thumping, partying with a grate group from Columbus I think. I notice a young couple meandering thru our campsite as they said hello to our hosts. I assumed they were friends. We play for a bit and I graduate to a washboard. I decide to twist one, and go for my backpack. Presto, it's gone. All my shit. I searched everywhere. Negativity was overwhelming. Same bullshit, anger, feeling of being "had", those fuckin youngsters...etc. After what I thought was 3 hours (probably 3 minutes) I found my backpack next to the cooler I set it on. Probably just moved to grab a beer. I'm a slow learner, but I managed to keep the negativity to myself this time. These are 2 separate events, but combined with other events, I have learned a tough lesson. IT'S JUST SHIT, don't fret.
  7. The countdown is really on, got my flight to Cleveland booked yesterday. Excited, but sad to miss the drive up from Richmond with Bob. I'll be heading from Cleveland to the venue around 11 am Friday, I hope to get there by 2, actually, Lorain OH, not Cleveland. I think I missed 2 of these, I won't miss another!
  8. I saw a bunch of china/riders over the years...no matter if the band was on fire, or a little off (if there is such a thing) China Rider was always pristine:)
  9. Just thought I'd post this thought I posted on Facebook the other night. I think I might be zeroing in on it... I’m sitting here in the wind. Post Bluegrass hangover. Decided to listen to some of the Dead shows I have been to. I’m listening to 6/21/83, Tom Schmidt and I in in a Datsun B210 in Columbia MD. It rained hard on 6/20, but a smoker just the same. 6/21 is a fav of mine too. So I ponder... Why do I love it so? I thought how would I explain in such a way to entice one give it a spin? How can I share this with as many people as possible? Truth is, I can’t. I’m a slow learner, so I have to give it a shot...lol I’ll paraphrase a quote from a band member “Grateful Dead songs are written in such a way that you can find meaning in your life. It’s yours!” I loved the arrangement of shows, no prior planning, just let the moment take you there, almost effortless while requiring enormous amounts of energy to produce. The almost blissful “and they kept on dancing” with that ever changing, ever evolving Jerry solo smacking you immediately after that lyric. Then bring you to the depths with Morning Dew lyrics sung from the soul. (Morning Dew, Brokedown Palace, Black Peter, have all brought me to tears at one time or another). Now many have sung from the soul, but NONE, (Save Jerry) let me try this again, NONE, have made me feel they were singing from their soul directly, when I say directly I mean thru all my bullshit insecurities, fears, Love, hate, joy, regrets, accomplishments, basically every part of me that matters, directly in to MY soul. To sum it up, I love it so because it’s a perfect mix of early 1900’s Chicago Blues, New Orleans Jazz, Appalachian Blue Grass all smooshed together in Memphis. A true American invention delivered with such care for the final product, AND ITS A PART OF ME. It changed my life.
  10. I'll give em a listen...
  11. Give 6/21/83 a spin. I challenge you scholars to find a topper. This ones a smoker
  12. Funny, the wife got us tickets for The Hard Rock in Miami, on, believe it or not, 4/20. I'm not sure what she paid, but she said it was reasonable.
  13. He died a few months ago at the age of 67, which made him a decade older than I. Since Sunday Morning at Jubilee when I heard the news I have been thinking oft about my brother and all the shit we have gotten ourseves into over the last 25+ years. If you can bare with me, I'd like to share a couple. Our relationship basically began in April of 1993, I remember the time because I had just returned from my 4th deployment and went on vacation to Lake Worth FL, Dean's home for as long as I know him. We had been fishing (my first time fishing in the blue water, now a life love of mine) caught a few dolphin, king, had a sailfish on and lost it. That night after dinner, maybe midnight or so, we were drunk and a lightning storm kicked up as we huddled under a overhang in his yard. The lightning storm was spectacular, the best I have seen even to this day. Dean, 6-2 200 at the time, looks down at me and says this would be a lot better from the golf course. Next thing I know we are meandering down the street toward the golf course, we stood at the 4 foot high fence in the rain and watched this amazing lightning storm. Dean, my other brother in law, and I were celebrating the holidays in Norfolk, VA. Chesapeake Bay Striper season ends Dec 31, so we decided to get one more day in before the season closes. Off we go about 7 PM. When we get to the boat storage to launch, the boat has about 2" of ice in the transom. Imagine this picture...3 men on a 19 foot center console in the dark chipping ICE off the boat so we can go fishing. Of course we run out there and get skunked. Well, it feels good to share these stories, and share them in a place without worries. Peace, Joe
  14. Just an interesting story I like to tell... The Brothel Been under way for a bit, back in 1985 the cold war was cold. We made lots of port calls and one of them was Istanbul Turkey. As we made our way to town, we realized everything was dirt cheap. Fifth of Raki (sambuca) was about 1.50$. Beers were 40 cents. So what do we do, get obliterated on 8 bucks and head to the brothel. Now I’m 20, single, with more money than I can spend on liquor in this place in 2 years with a little street smarts…after this I would realize I had NO street smarts and I would know real fear. Now, I met a drinkin buddy on the ship from New Jersey, not far from Jersey City. In 6 days he went to the brothel 26---that’s right 26 times. I went 3. The third being the fearful one. I’m out, a little drunk, alone, and think to myself, if I can go up to the room with 3 bucks and have fun, I wonder what I can get for 20. Maybe 5 of em. Or maybe 1 quality woman. I talk to a cabby and ask if there is a better place. He says he can take me there and back for ten, and the brothel will cost 20. I had about 180 on me so I figured you never regret going in, or something to that effect, go for it! I’m alone with this cabby from Istanbul driving out of town heading for a “High End” brothel, it took 30 minutes to get there. Imagine the movie scenes where cars are driving in the dessert with the dust, but it’s dark. At this point my City Streets danger meter is rising fast. I was not horribly drunk, but just enough to think this situation was ok. We pull up to a building in the middle of nowhere I mean the only light you can see is from this building. One floor, picture a one story building in the dessert in the Mid East, that’s what I was looking at at 20 years old and alone. From the cab door, I can tell it goes back a ways from the road…20 yards or so, 20 yards filled with a couple cars, a few bushes, and unbelievable darkness with a a few shadows creeping thru the dim lights, I can hear the hum of the gas generator.. The cabby gets out and I follow his lead. We get up to a…I don’t know, a camping folding table maybe, in the center east(coulda been north) end of a hallway with 6-8 doors on either side of the hallway leading about 20 yards to the rear of the guy at the table. His table was t-boning the hallway. There’s a rotund guy sitting at the table and he takes my 20 bucks and I move into the “choice room”. I pick the shiny skinned beauty and the guy at the desk says…no, no, no she’s good, 10 more dollars. I’m sure that would have been the case had I walked out. He would have charged me 10 to leave. I gladly paid it. The shiny skinned beauty takes me by the hand and brings me to the room. The room was a considerable upgrade from the city brothel, well worth the 30 bucks I thought, but not the Ritz. The experience was exceptional, but the men in the place were getting impatient with me and knocked on the door a time or two. I barely, and I mean barely, touched her anus by mistake in a moment of, well, I didn’t know what was going where. SHE GOT PISSED. This is where the fear overwhelmed every part of my being. This was “Midnight Express” fear. I’m in the sticks alone in Turkey (none of my friends know where I am) and I have pissed off a woman fucking screaming at me because she thinks I just tried to rape her in the anus in a brothel in a Muslim Country! I knew I was in trouble. I pleaded for her to forgive me. When I say pleaded, actually a better word is probably groveled. I offered her all I had she told me to put it in the box where the pimp takes his money. Not sure if I got hustled, but I didn’t, and still, don’t care. The fear was unimaginable for what felt like 2 days, but was probably more like 1 minute. I thought it was a religious thing and I was going to die. That fucker at the table was not alone. There were 4 or 5 others hangin around. I didn’t feel safe until that cabby got me to the ship. I still wonder how much of my 180 he got. I would have given EVERYTHING to get me back to the ship. I never went to a brothel in the Mid East after that. I would visit a couple brothels after, but in Europe. I learned fear is good. If you can control it, your motivation to succeed is multiplied. Not to mention the rush. It has been 6 years since I have been exposed to the Grateful Dead.
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