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  1. Thanks everyone for their thoughts. Some very good stuff. Terrapin Station Inspiration, move me brightly light the song with sense and color, hold away despair More than this I will not ask faced with mysteries dark and vast statements just seem vain at last some rise, some fall, some climb to get to Terrapin I find the similarities to the first verse of the Terrapin Station section and those of Lady with a Fan section interesting. Once again, we hear this call for inspiration to some seemingly divine power to provide what is needed to continue this story (or at this stage a song). The “me” here makes me think much more of Jerry himself, different from the storyteller we heard before. This gives us the feeling that what is being conveyed to us is not something a mere mortal on their own can accomplish without the help of this divine power, both Jerry and the storyteller need its help. In the later section of this verse, there is the interesting lyric of “statements just seem vain at last”, making it seem that any effort to explain is futile. All that can be said is "some rise, some fall, some climb to get to Terrapin". The reference to “some rise, some fall, some climb” goes back to the Sailor and the Soldier. Both have chosen different paths in life, but both will get to Terrapin no matter what. Once again, Hunter is avoiding giving us any direct answers about what the right or wrong thing to do in life is. It is for us to decide. He is only to “shed light”, and trying to tell us what is right or wrong, would be trying to “master” it. After all, Hunter and Jerry are just mortals who face the same "mysteries dark and vast". Counting stars by candlelight all are dim but one is bright: the spiral light of Venus rising first and shining best, From the northwest corner of a brand-new crescent moon crickets and cicadas sing a rare and different tune If you are living in the northern hemisphere, Venus is often very bright in the night sky, particularly during this time of year (late winter). It can be seen well with a crescent moon, when the moon’s own light isn’t crowding out the night sky (just Google “Venus crescent moon” for pictures of this). I can see it very clearly here in Denver when I go to the dog park in the evening—it is the very bright object to the west. I very much like Poetry Girl's interpretation as the spiral light of Venus shedding light through the darkness, when all stars are dim. Venus acting much like the song itself, giving light and hope when "faced with mysteries dark and vast". I find it funny the lyric of a “rare and different tune”. Surely this is a rare and different tune that throws out traditional lyrical and musical structure. If anything, it is more classical in its composition of movements that make up a larger composition. Terrapin Station in the shadow of the moon Terrapin Station and I know we'll be there soon In this verse, Hunter let’s us in on the location of Terrapin Station. I take the "shadow of the moon" being the dark side of it we never see. Although I think he is just using the idea of the shadow of the moon to describe Terrapin Station as a place we know for certain exists but can never see it until we are there. Even though I do not think this is an intentional allusion, when Hunter says “I know we’ll be there soon” reminds me of the Einstein quote, ‘I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” Terrapin Station is always close. I am sure all of us on here have lost loved ones unexpectedly, and that does not make ourselves immune to any sudden/unexpected end. As much as we may think death is very far off, it feels incredibly close when the impending inevitability is suddenly upon us...I think Einstein meant something slightly different though 🙂. Terrapin - I can't figure out Terrapin - if it's an end or the beginning Terrapin - but the train's got its brakes on and the whistle is screaming: TERRAPIN In the final verses of this section, the narrator is still stuck in their metaphysical quandary. They know they are arriving at Terrapin, and what is seemingly the end also appears to just be the beginning. This is the clearest reference at this point to the Buddhist concept of the wheel of life (Samsara). I don’t know much about this concept, but I have seen the fantastic Ron Fricke film “Samsara” and the Werner Herzog documentary “Wheel of Time” (both are very much worth watching), Samsara alone for the fact that it was filmed using 70mm. Regardless, I understand that being stuck in the wheel of life is considered a negative thing, and that the goal is theoretically to escape it, which is maybe why we don’t know if Terrapin is the end or beginning. We may have escaped it this time or we may just be starting all over again. We don’t really know until we get there. We cannot see it after all. All we know is that it is exists and that we are all heading there no matter what. Samsara trailer: Anyone who understands more about Buddhism, feel free to correct me on my paltry explanation of Samsara. And next, my favorite but short section "At a Siding".
  2. I will definitely take a look at part two, which I actually was not aware of. Maybe strategy has no place in the rollercoaster of love. I think this is why the soldier forgoes heading into the lion's den. I don't think the soldier is not attracted to the lady by any means. He simply does not see it as wise or even worth it. The soldier reminds me much of the more modern successful CEO and powerful attorney, someone who dedicates their life to their craft, but in doing so forgo love. However, I have to disagree when it comes to "always be a disaster beyond any rationality". In this story the sailor comes out of the lion's den and successfully wins the lady. We are given no indication that their romance ends disastrously. If anything, we are given quite the opposite in the line "the lady fairly lept at him/that's how it stands today". I think their love is successful. This is not to be a dig on the soldier either. The sailor has his love and the soldier has his successes on the battlefield. They have pursued different paths in life, although they all end up at Terrapin Station. I will go into the karmic cycle more in the next two parts of the song.
  3. I would like to open a discussion on the lyrics of Terrapin Station. I honestly think I might have posted such a topic many years ago, but my search failed to reconcile the vague memories, so I do apologize if this is a repeat. Much of my time over the past few years has been spent on the lyrics of The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed amongst a few more minor bands. However, today is a good day for some GD, and what better than their masterpiece Terrapin Station, which some even consider to be the magnum opus of the Hunter/Garcia songwriting partnership. I was inspired to analyze the lyrics to this song after watching the Tarkovsky masterpiece Andrei Rublev, which made me think a lot about this song. Maybe at some later point, I will go into why I think the two relate...if anyone has seen the film/cares to hear me ramble. In order not to overload this first post, I think I am only going to publish the Lady with a Fan section first, Maybe other’s thoughts will help inform interpretations of the later sections. So without further delay let’s begin… Lady with a Fan LWAF serves as the central allegory to this song. In this section there are four main characters (in sequence of appearance): the storyteller, the sailor, the soldier, and the lady with a fan. Let my inspiration flow in token lines suggesting rhythm that will not forsake me till my tale is told and done While the firelight's aglow strange shadows in the flames will grow till things we've never seen will seem familiar The first two verses focus on our storyteller. They seem to play much into the idea of a Homeric poetic who tells stories from memory and with poetic rhythm. The calling to “let my inspiration flow” implies some sort of divine intervention that will take place in order to tell this story. Perhaps the storyteller is merely some sort of conduit for this celestial story/knowledge that is about to be conveyed to us. Shadows of a sailor forming winds both foul and fair all swarm down in Carlisle he loved a lady many years ago I found it interesting the mentioning of a singular lady. This gives us a glimpse into the level of love this sailor may have once had. In addition, the fact that is was many years ago, shows us that he has either been unable to recover from this love emotionally or has yet to find someone dear enough to him. Regardless, this sets up the clear idea that the sailor is a much more emotional person in contrast to the soldier. Carlisle is likely a reference to the old English city that served as an important military settlement, being once the military stronghold of Rome to defend Hadrian’s wall and later a battleground area between Scotland and England. It gives us a setting of the UK, with the story being told in Scotland, but I am not sure of any significance to this. My guess is that Carlisle simply sounded best in the song. Here beside him stands a man a soldier by the looks of him who came through many fights but lost at love These lines give us a glimpse into the type of person the soldier is. Saying that he “came through many fights but lost at love” gives us an indication that he has been quite successful in his vocational duties, likely highly respected amongst his fellow soldiers. However, his dedication to his life as a soldier has caused him to fail at ever finding love, whether he has cared to find it or not. This shows us where his focus lies, which contrasts that of the sailor, who has given his life more to love and had once had a committed relationship. The contrast between the sailor/soldier reminds me much of the Meyers-Briggs contrast between F/T. While the storyteller speaks a door within the fire creaks suddenly flies open and a girl is standing there Eyes alight with glowing hair all that fancy paints as fair she takes her fan and throws it in the lion's den "Which of you to gain me, tell will risk uncertain pains of Hell? I will not forgive you if you will not take the chance" Here we are introduced to our fourth and final character of the eponymous allegory, the lady with a fan. With “eyes alight with glowing hair all that fancy paints as fair” we are given that this is a someone of divine like beauty, powerful enough that men of great power and fortune act foolhardy in hopes of attaining her affection. Beyond this, we are not really given a glimpse into the type of person she is. The sailor gave at least a try the soldier being much too wise strategy was his strength and not disaster Here the characters play into their attributes we have been given. The sailor, driven by his emotions, immediately leaps into the lion's den to retrieve the fan, with little concern for his wellbeing, whereas the soldier relying more on logic and strategy does not. The sailor coming out again the lady fairly lept at him that's how it stands today you decide if he was wise The sailor comes out again from the lion's den, presumably with the fan this time—we don’t really know. Regardless he has clearly won the lady. Importantly we are told “that’s how it stands today”. This shows us that the lady was not deceitful and they theoretically live “happily ever after”. Even more importantly we are told “you decide if he was wise”. Although it may seem the sailor is the one who won and the soldier walked away with nothing from this encounter, is that really the case? What does the soldier have? The storyteller makes no choice soon you will not hear his voice his job is to shed light and not to master This plays much into the idea of all great storytellers. Their job not being able to tell us what to do, but simply to illuminate the complications of life and decisions we must face. This really embodies the approach Hunter has always had to lyrics, to simply shed light. Since the end is never told we pay the teller off in gold in hopes he will come back but he cannot be bought or sold The storyteller has served their role and we compensate them for it. We may wish to know more, but the storyteller would be doing us a disservice if they did. It reminds me of when I was a child and would be upset when movies ended on cliffhangers or just left you in some ambiguous state. I would always wonder “but what happens?” As I grew older, I realized this was exactly what they were supposed to do. Storytellers are not there to tell us how to think or what is right and wrong but simply give us things to think about so that we can decide for ourselves.
  4. I've been enjoying this guitar teacher break down the Jerry parts of some live Grateful Dead. My understanding is he isn't really that familiar with the Dead, but he seems to be enjoying it quite a bit. Apologies if someone has already posted this.
  5. Second set was probably 45 minutes. First set was quite long, so I wasn't surprised. My guess is the Dead played too long for their first set that night and realized they needed to do an abridged second set. I thought the setlist in general was odd. I can't recall ever coming across an electric 2 set Dead show with every song played as a standalone song. Second night at The Hamilton was definitely the better night, and I am not just saying that because it was a Pig-o-rama. I would give it a solid 8/10 and the first night a 6/10. Could've been an even better show if the second set matched the calibur of the first.
  6. How could one not walk down the street and pay $40 to hear DSO do a Dark Star>Two Souls? My only regret was going up front for the second set. Apparently I have forgotten everything I learned.
  7. '72-'74 themed electric. Set 1 ?? ?? Black Throated Wind Mr. Charlie Box of Rain Beat It On Down the Line Loose Lucy You Ain't Woman Enough Me and Bobby Mcgee Scarlet Begonias Set 2 Not Fade Away> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider> Not Fade Away Greatest Story Ever Told Dark Star> The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) One More Saturday Night Encore Midnight Moonlight I missed the first sound or two. Someone mentioned they opened with Here Comes Sunshine.
  8. The DSO version last night was much more like the The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan version than that Ratdog version. Maybe was even faster than the original Dylan version. It's a great song lyrically. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan was always one of my favorite Dylan albums. Very much worth a listen if you have never heard it before.
  9. Positive it was Masters of War. I also, wasn't sure if they performed Wonderful World before. The Masters of War was awesome with Lisa singing it. I would hope DSO adds it to their acoustic repertoire.
  10. Set 1 All Around This World [MISSING?] Friend of the Devil Stir It Up* Jack A Roe Wonderful World -- Skip lead vocals w/ Tonya the road manager Big Boss Man Sitting In Limbo Masters of War* -- Lisa vocals It's Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry Bird Song* Set 2 Dupree's Diamond Blues Mountains of the Moon Sing Your Blues Away* Dire Wolf Box of Rain* Tomorrow is Forever* Rueben and Cherise* Russian Lullaby* Viola Lee Blues*--played in it's original jug band form Ripple Encores Uncle John's Band Goodnight Irene *Notable performance Very much enjoyed the show. It is never the high energy dance party of an electric, but still great stuff and you always get to hear some less common songs. I am sorry for Eaton's family situation. I did enjoy the different mix of songs due to his absence. The Masters of War was a real treat, and the Box of Rain was a very heartfelt rendition from Skip that stood out. I honestly forgot how good of a singer Skip is. Goodnight all
  11. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolution-the-self/201206/dominant-or-submissive-paradox-power-in-sexual-relations
  12. Cosmic Mike

    Cosmic Mike

  13. March 6th, 1976 Moore's Egyptian Theater, Seattle, WA - Moonlight Mile This is one of those songs, where I like the Jerry version significantly more than the original. I just love what he did with this song. I think this song is much better slowed down as much as it is. Brings the sort of sense of the long nights on the road with nothing but your own thoughts to keep you company. I think the female vocals add a lot to the feeling as well.
  14. April 2nd, 1989 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA - Man Smart Women Smarter To the millions across the world who went out and protested yesterday. Regardless of the politics behind it, I respect anyone who will go out and stand up for what they believe in without resorting to violence.
  15. Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders 1973-11-03 Keystone, Berkeley, CA. Was playing part of this show for Mason a couple of days ago. Probably in my top 3 for Jerry/Merl shows. One of the few shows where I honestly think the first set is better than the second. And, not that there is anything disappointing about the second set. The first set is just that hot! Happy new year, everyone!
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