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  1. I've been enjoying this guitar teacher break down the Jerry parts of some live Grateful Dead. My understanding is he isn't really that familiar with the Dead, but he seems to be enjoying it quite a bit. Apologies if someone has already posted this.
  2. Second set was probably 45 minutes. First set was quite long, so I wasn't surprised. My guess is the Dead played too long for their first set that night and realized they needed to do an abridged second set. I thought the setlist in general was odd. I can't recall ever coming across an electric 2 set Dead show with every song played as a standalone song. Second night at The Hamilton was definitely the better night, and I am not just saying that because it was a Pig-o-rama. I would give it a solid 8/10 and the first night a 6/10. Could've been an even better show if the second set matched the calibur of the first.
  3. How could one not walk down the street and pay $40 to hear DSO do a Dark Star>Two Souls? My only regret was going up front for the second set. Apparently I have forgotten everything I learned.
  4. '72-'74 themed electric. Set 1 ?? ?? Black Throated Wind Mr. Charlie Box of Rain Beat It On Down the Line Loose Lucy You Ain't Woman Enough Me and Bobby Mcgee Scarlet Begonias Set 2 Not Fade Away> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider> Not Fade Away Greatest Story Ever Told Dark Star> The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) One More Saturday Night Encore Midnight Moonlight I missed the first sound or two. Someone mentioned they opened with Here Comes Sunshine.
  5. The DSO version last night was much more like the The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan version than that Ratdog version. Maybe was even faster than the original Dylan version. It's a great song lyrically. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan was always one of my favorite Dylan albums. Very much worth a listen if you have never heard it before.
  6. Positive it was Masters of War. I also, wasn't sure if they performed Wonderful World before. The Masters of War was awesome with Lisa singing it. I would hope DSO adds it to their acoustic repertoire.
  7. Set 1 All Around This World [MISSING?] Friend of the Devil Stir It Up* Jack A Roe Wonderful World -- Skip lead vocals w/ Tonya the road manager Big Boss Man Sitting In Limbo Masters of War* -- Lisa vocals It's Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry Bird Song* Set 2 Dupree's Diamond Blues Mountains of the Moon Sing Your Blues Away* Dire Wolf Box of Rain* Tomorrow is Forever* Rueben and Cherise* Russian Lullaby* Viola Lee Blues*--played in it's original jug band form Ripple Encores Uncle John's Band Goodnight Irene *Notable performance Very much enjoyed the show. It is never the high energy dance party of an electric, but still great stuff and you always get to hear some less common songs. I am sorry for Eaton's family situation. I did enjoy the different mix of songs due to his absence. The Masters of War was a real treat, and the Box of Rain was a very heartfelt rendition from Skip that stood out. I honestly forgot how good of a singer Skip is. Goodnight all
  8. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolution-the-self/201206/dominant-or-submissive-paradox-power-in-sexual-relations
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    Cosmic Mike

  10. March 6th, 1976 Moore's Egyptian Theater, Seattle, WA - Moonlight Mile This is one of those songs, where I like the Jerry version significantly more than the original. I just love what he did with this song. I think this song is much better slowed down as much as it is. Brings the sort of sense of the long nights on the road with nothing but your own thoughts to keep you company. I think the female vocals add a lot to the feeling as well.
  11. April 2nd, 1989 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA - Man Smart Women Smarter To the millions across the world who went out and protested yesterday. Regardless of the politics behind it, I respect anyone who will go out and stand up for what they believe in without resorting to violence.
  12. Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders 1973-11-03 Keystone, Berkeley, CA. Was playing part of this show for Mason a couple of days ago. Probably in my top 3 for Jerry/Merl shows. One of the few shows where I honestly think the first set is better than the second. And, not that there is anything disappointing about the second set. The first set is just that hot! Happy new year, everyone!
  13. Oct. 21, 1978 Winterland San Fransico, CA Hot show overall, but the final sequence is something else. Got My Mojo Workin'>The Other One>Stella Blue Probably on of the finest Other One's played post haitus.
  14. Dick's Picks 18 - 2/3/1978 & 2/5/1978 Why am I listening to the GD? Not entirely sure. That said, there is something I wrote a week or two ago that I feel is quite applicable to the music of the Grateful Dead and may provide some reasoning as to why... Truly good music grows on you. You hear more each time you listen to it. Sounds you never heard before have somehow snuck their way into the song, yet the song has always been the same. It makes you think. You grow old with the song. And, one day, you die. The goodbye is always sweet, as the song still remains for someone else to find meaning in it just as you did. It's an infinitely looping process of birth and death with the music being the constant. All good art is eternal. The music hasn't been much of a priority in my life lately and seemingly may not ever again, but I cannot deny it's everlasting beauty. Peace out bitchez, Mikey Mike
  15. Dick's Picks 29 5/19/1977; it has been a while since I have listened to this release...forgot how good it is. Just finished the Sugaree. Although I like listening to many years of the Dead, 77 I have always felt is special in that Jerry took his solos to whole new levels that year. He was relentless and daring. Just finished hiking across Bryce Canyon this weekend. The more I see, the more I realize there is so much left unfinished in my life.
  16. More Fall '79...Franklin's Tower 11/9 Buffalo Memorial Auditorium - Buffalo, NY -- a Hampton sized arena--the perfect size...demolished in 2009, but the Dead sure did play some ragers there while she was still standing.
  17. Uncle John's Band 12/26/1979 Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA - Dick's Picks Vol. 5. Couple of thoughts... Uncle John's Band is a perfect Friday song Fall '79 is underrated You're all hedonists I miss you guys Been climbing mountains. Will be spending more time doing that over the coming years. That said, this music will forever be a part of my life and I will always be at shows here and there.
  18. Good to hear from you Found. Hopefully soon. If not this fall, I am certain I will be seeing you in Spring for some shows around your area.
  19. 1974-08-06 Roosevelt Stadium - Eyes 1968-10-12 Avalon Ballroom - The Eleven 1973-06-10 RFK Stadium - PITB 1972-04-08 Wembley - Dark Star>Sugar Magnolia>Caution One of my favorite things about Jerry Garcia in his youthful days was his patience and relentlessness in his playing. The Jerry solo in the first 10 minutes of the Dark Star I list is a prime example of what I am talking about. There's a moment where the jam settles. You'd think the peak has already been reached and they will go into the first verse, but no! It is one of those moments I know that he was getting really high off the music, and, just like the crowd, didn't want to come down. I see these moments in really old videos. He will have a fixed-point stare with his mouth slightly ajar and head nodding ever so slightly to the rythym--utterly entranced! I'm pretty sure he sees nothing whatsoever in front of him. He forfeits his sense of sight to feed his sense of sound. Many you have probably done this at shows or in your bedroom. There's nothing like listening to psychedelic Dead lying back on your bed with your eyes closed for hours on end on those ever special days. So, I began listening to the Dead again. This all started after I finished Marquez's "Love in the Time of Cholera", a fantastic book by a Nobel prize winning Colombian author. His unflattering description of couples in old age made me think of Attics of My Life. The song, I believe to also be a description of a couple in old age. Many of you probably didn't know I stopped listening to the Dead for an extended period of time. I did it consciously. For one, I wanted the music to become fresh again for me. For two, I began a new obsession of listening to podcasts, and, boy, has it been an obsession. So here I am, listening to the Dead again. I go hike in the jungle during the day and listen to the Dead in at night. What can I say? Life sure is strange...yet, utterly echanting. I'm having a lot of fun out here. As a say, there is no better companion to traveling than The Dead, especially when you travel alone like me. Will I return to my Dead obsession of listening to the music for hours on end when I return home? We'll have to see. Moderation is important; always been a firm believer in Aristotle's Golden Mean. Though I sure have abandoned that rule in the past. Maybe too much is just enough. There are several things I am looking forward to upon my return to America. One of which, is having a grand ol' time with my brothers Sun and Rick while going out for two nights of DSO. No New Years Run this year for me. Spending the holidays with the parents this year in that God forsaken place Hilton Head Island. You never know when those bastards are going to die, so I think I best listen to Phil and get to know them while I can. My Dad spent a month with me in Peru, which was surprisingly fun<--you would've never caught me saying that 6 years ago! Although the limits of his physical state frustrated me, I'm glad I invited that old fucker to come along--yes, you child bearing individuals, this is how your kids speak of you. Ooooh how I love you early pyschedlic Dead. Ignite might soul with your vigor! I relish in keeping rhythm to your demonic beat. This music is for those whole dwell in this world with a deep passion that lurks silently withinside their soul, unperceived by the rest of society. The freaks, the fragile, and the impassioned. Unleashed only by the sonic bliss of the Grateful Dead. This music is like the summons to all my youthful blood! Life is so very very good. I cannot wait. I cannot wait...
  20. 1970-05-15...the only Dead/Jerry I have on my phone besides some Jerry and Merl. Very good show. Kept me company as I hacked my way through the Guyanese jungle today. Quiting work for 3 months and traveling South America is the best idea I have had yet.<a href="http://imgur.com/vNQvOXq">http://imgur.com/vNQvOXq</a> One more thing, I'll be at the second DC show and NORVA. I'll be very happy to see any who make it.
  21. I'm in agreement with all, fall '79 rocks! I know you and I have talked about it, found. Jerry and Brent just played so well together! Although Pigpen is easily my favorite keyboard/organ player for the GD, I thought Brent and Jerry were just meant for each other musically. Both really shined with consistent great back-and-forth jamming between the two. It was also refreshing to have such strong keyboard work after Keith's weak and spotty later years.
  22. 2/18/1978 JGB. Listening to the Pure Jerry release that has the first few songs of the show. Jerry tears up the Catfish John! I've listened to the recording before, but somehow didn't notice until now. Check it out if you can! Chuck put me on a JGB binge after he told me John K. is playing full JGB set lists 6 nights for 6 weeks in a row.
  23. Great DS>Stephen>Eleven>Death Don't. That Eleven is lightning fast. The whole band just rips into it full force. Phil must have been exhausted with the way he keeps up. Magnificent old show!
  24. Yup, that's right. The acoustic stand-alone I Know You Rider from 5/15 is what seals the deal for me. I love those Riders and Jerry nails the extra verse. He sung so well in those '70 acoustic shows. Can't forget to mention that 5/15 has just about my favorite Bill Graham introduction.
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