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  1. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    And the answer is ... Hawaii and South Dakota. I would really like to play Hawaii!!!

    Good spot. Sometimes the set lists have discrepancies. I generally copy and paste from Deadlists.com. They are usually very accurate. But looking at the recordings, there is no Good Lovin, so unless the recordings are incomplete (which does happen), there was no Good Lovin' that night played by the GD. Rob normally pulls the set lists from Dead Base which did not include Good Lovin' so that is correct. We did not play it that night. Thanks for helping me keep it all straight. Inaccuracies do slip by from time to time.
  3. Jubilee #1

    My bad on the repeat of a show date done recently. When entering in the data on the Raleigh show, i accidentally put 2016 instead of 1987 so when Rob was picking out shows to do, that one didn't come up as one that we had done in a long time. The whole time I was playing it, as well as the rest of the band, it felt like good and fresh and none of us realized we had done it recently until it was pointed out here. My apologies. We still had fun playing it and I'm sure we played it differently. It all rolls into one.
  4. Ticketmaster fees

    Ridiculous!!! We do all we can to keep the ticket price reasonable and we end up with a ticket that's almost $20 more than face. But yes I have noticed that some ticket master fees are fairly reasonable like the 2nd example. It's crazy and I can't really explain it as basically the way it's been explained to me is its the system in place.
  5. NYE

    Set list up on setlist page. .. sorry it took so long. Happy New Year everyone!
  6. Jubilee Night 3

    Yes. He was just warming up getting his mix ready. Not sure if Will realized it was too g to "tape" or not. But he was not being heard out front.
  7. June 1 live stream

    Fun show but unfortunately, we had a hard curfew and we ran out of time to do the NFA justice. I hate when that happens. We were all set to go for it but we only had 1/2 hour left for the NFA and rest of the show.
  8. Owsley County

    Thanks Pete! The band works hard and practices often, even when I'm not there. I'm proud of them. The songs that are unmarked below were written or partly written by band members. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) (Talking Heads) Nothing I Can Do About It Boy In A Bubble (Paul Simon) Finest Hour Kid Charlemagne (Steely Dan) Don't Turn Me Away I Would Keep You A Little Space Lizards (Phish) Angel Band (traditional)
  9. The Pullo Center show question

    my info is 7:30 start 11:30 curfew. ....Not sure about the alcohol.
  10. Scott Larned - gone but far from forgotten

    I have Scott to thank the last 16 years of my life which I define humbly as good. Scott filtered through the applicants for the drum position and gave me a shot. Thank you Scott! Miss you
  11. Owsley county tonight

    We actually play at 2:30 to 4:30 - 5:00
  12. Happy Birthday Phil!

    PZ guy is a big DSO supporter who lives in Holland and atteneded Jam In The Dam.
  13. Charlotte

    Help Slip Tangled Minglewood To lay me down Pride of cucamonga When push comes to shove It's all over now Queen Jane> New speedway boogie Music St Stephen Lost sailor St reprise Waiting for a miracle Viola Drumz Viola Last time Cosmic Charlie Watchtower Like a road Johnnie b Goode Ripple
  14. Questions about DSO?

    Sun1869, The band has a blog (that is not kept up to date as much as should be). ... you might find some answers to your questions there. Thanks for your interest! http://darkstarorchestra.blogspot.com ..... Also, there is years of interviews and press out there on the interwebs. You can find links from our website http://www.darkstarorchestra.net/NEWSITE/HTML/dso.php?