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  1. otherlove

    Chicago night 1

    MC needles everyone, but is that not the beauty of his persona. Dont think Kerouac's On the Road was not created under some sort of "getting under the skin" by Neil!!! To be challenged in life, even if the challenge is "Subjective" "Objective", makes us think about what we really feel and see inside. We live in a society that sees challenges as a negative aspect of our culture. I mean...look at the debates, though I wish it was more substantial than penis sizing; however, the fact remains.......Many of you have challenged me, and perhaps I have not always liked it at first, it has forced me to look deeper into my understanding of the music, and how I and many others connect to it. Our lives and bodies are organic. Just as we all look different, different fingerprints, neural connections, soft teeth or hard teeth, our eyes, ears, and expressions should be considered the same. However, What I do know, and feel strongly about my ability to prove through examples, is that the quality of the music performed is easily distinguishable as good, great, or awesome. WHY DOES EVERYONE ON THESE FORUMS STILL REFER TO 2ND NIGHT JUBILEE? (Because we all witnessed what it feels like when DSO plays on a level that all of us levitate!!) Yes, there are outliers, anyone who took 101 stats understands bell curves. Its natural, and part of the human condition. The second Jubilee, my first, they played a 69. I love St. Stephen, my 1# song, and when DSO bust it out, god bless those around me!!! However, DSO did not perform that 69 show at 2nd Jubilee no where near what they did last Jubilee. Some can argue otherwise, but I know the majority of people who "FEEL" this music will agree with me!!! My confidence is not rooted in knowledge, nor is it born out of self confidence. Its a reality that individuals are organic, and individual experiences differ, BUT ANYONE, I MEAN ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY FEELS THIS MUSIC, KNOWS WHAT LEVEL THE BAND IS ON!!! Rude knows this music much better than I do, so does MC. However, over the years, I have seen Rude transform from a rail rider, to a moving monster!!! I have seen several of you develop over the years with this music. The dance is the link between hearing and understanding the music, to a higher plane of consciousness. Rude now moves in a way that I know he is much deeper entrenched into musics feeling and spiritual connection. I liking it, though extreme, to those people who speak in Tongue. Though I think fallacious, I know when people get connected to the things that bring them closer to the Ethereal. I honestly belive I enjoy this music more than many others, and that I feel it more than others. Not challenging many on these boards, cause I also believe many of us are on the same level, but with different movement and expression. Nevertheless, after 2nd night jubilee, did you all not look around at the faces of those you know who truely understand this music? We all got it, we understood we just experienced a rarity. If you watched the band, they fucking knew it too!!!! Jeff, Eaton, Skip, I remember well, their smiles after a couple of serious jams. They knew it too......they knew they just blew the night sky away, and left a crowd in total awe!!! Point being, everyone here can offer opinions, and argue over details. I read a post that mentioned about touring with serious "factual Dead Heads". I also understand how some things can enhance our appreciation of the music we hear. Believe me, I understand!!!! Its not about your knowledge, its not about enhancements, its about what sounds are produced, and the ability to feel it. I am not a factual head, I dont dress like a dead head, short hair, usually wear a beanie because stress in my life causes alopecia. Other than time with my little ones, I never smile as much as I do at shows!!! However, some shows make me smile more than others. Setlist, I have learned, dont really matter any more. Some songs I have disliked for 20 years, DSO has made awesome for me!! Red Roster for one!! One of the same post I have mentioned stated about how everyone on here talks about early shows, and that they did not really care for them!! When I toured GD, I never had access to good early music, nor did I get that level of musical production. 89 and 91 were my best years for live GD!! . I did not really start enjoying early GD until DSO!!!!! It was not until my body witnessed quality high level production of the early shows did I start getting into early GD. I really did not enjoy many of the early songs, I was not raised on them per say, but.........I appreciate high quality GD, and DSO at times produces GD music at a level that is not subjective, but absolutely objective!!!!!!!! My final contention, as this topic has kept me up tonight, it is easy to determine the level and quality of music DSO produces on a giving night!! Yes, we may here a song we like, or year, or a show. The show in Wilmington, DE I mentioned. It was the least quality DSO performance I have witnessed. However, it was a Recreation from a Albany show that I took my best friend and cousin to in real life!!! We did not make the show, fucking counterfeit tickets, and years later I lost my best friend. I got to experience the show we missed, and it was undoubtedly the worst production I have witnessed with DSO. Still good show, but it lacked quality. Still, the fact they played that show, and I got to dance with my cousins spirit made the show very special to me. I cried post show for a good hour, but the experience makes it one of my favorite shows ever!!!! Would not trade last years 69 for the experience of that lesser quality show!!! With all that said........I am not conceded, but the quality of my own work (real life) is and has been challenged. I am a perfectionist in my trades, for both good and bad. Nevertheless, I am very calculated in any criticisms of DSO, for more reasons than are immediately obvious. I know and many of you do as well, the level and quality of music being performed any given night. Last year's Jubilee 69 show, when it was done, I looked at all of you. I looked at the band, and everyone knew we just witnessed and experienced TOP SHELF PERFORMANCE!!!!! There was nothing subjective about the sweat, the smiles, the energy, and the music. To deny that is to deny reality!!! Subjectivity exist, but when you let go, and let the music enter your soul, move your body, and think about life, you can tell which days of music is more powerful than others, and its not based on set list, friends, venue, or enhancements, its all based on the production of music. Ironically, as much energy as I just spent in this rambled post, arguing that music quality is not subjective, my opinion is, but my opinion is often strengthen and validated with those that I know "Get It". I know Rude "Gets It", and I know Mason "Gets It"!!! Unfortunately, I think we often confuse the quality of music with our own egos and energy vested into actually getting to see the music!!! All that being said......I love this community, and I really have a love for so many of you, that any show is a great show. You guys and gals are my second family, and I feel very lucky that I can share my love of this music and my thoughts about it with others who love it probably even more than I do!!! Be proud you all are keeping this tradition alive, and that you are still discussing a timeless venture that will outlive each of our shaking bones!!!
  2. otherlove

    Chicago night 1

    Hmm.......one mans trash is another's treasure? Not sure if the DSO nightly playing is so subjective. Actually, I know this music, the history, the shows, less than many if not most of you all. I will never claim my GD knowledge. However, I will claim to know music quality!! My ears and my body definetly will tell me, and so many others around me, how good the music is being played!!!! Subjectives for others include set list, pre party, dance space, and current company. My ability to judge the sound is not based on any of the above. Though they all impact my overall time, the music is core, and I can easily tell if they are on or if they are having fun!!! Self absorbed perhaps, but any one of you on these forums, and most at shows(normal people there for something much different than myself) can tell how good the band is playing by my own movements!!! I honestly and truly really consider myself a dance conduit, as much as I consider DSO a GD conduit. 2nd night Jubilee last year was the hardest I have ever danced.....IN MY LIFE!!!!!! I saw a show in the beginning of my "back on the bus"!! It was in Delaware (Wilmington) 2012/2013 maybe. I had all the space in the world upstairs. It was a VIP sort of thing (Herdy was actually still on the boards). Sorry DSO, but that show lacked so much musical brilliance, that yes I danced, but I also text someone after Uncle Johns, that I think I witnessed a late 95 show that reminded me of sad end of GD. Maybe a person who does not feel this music would say the show was the best they ever seen, but I truly believe this music is beyond Art. Art is subjective, as I think the Mona Lisa is awful, but its placement in the Louve would make you think it actually has brilliance!! GD is distinguishably beyond that subjectivity. DSO does channel the music, but when they are on, they fucking blow the roof off. When they are normal, they make us happy, and its still a good time, a great time, and nuggets can be taking from different tunes. They have been off----once or twice in my experience, but its so noticeable, that those who feel the music easily agree!!! Starting to turn this into a Rainy Day Ramble, but my conclusion is that: This music is easily measured, in my opinion!!! We all have listened to these same songs, different versions, over decades. We know whats hot, and whats not!!! We all love the band, and support their generosity in giving us this music again, but when you have that many band members making the music, and it takes each one to be on to make it sizzle, its difficult for each individual to always be on, every night. When DSO members are all on key, energized, and in sync, its absolutely mind blowing. Yes......art is subjective, but the production of it is very objective-----and I don't care how much pre party!!! AND WHO THE FUCK WOULD OF NEVER GOT INTO JERRY BAND? THEIR LOSS!!!!!!
  3. otherlove

    Jannus live St. Pete

    What am I missing? I don't follow post here, but seems somebody ereased their post with relation to the past 4 previous post!! Anyhow, VIP rented for you guys!!! How fucking awesome!!! I love reading this stuff. Love that others love this stuff as much as I do!!!
  4. otherlove


    Seems like After Midnight was the jam to witness!!! Happy to read happy reviews:}!!!!
  5. otherlove

    Manhattan Center 4/5/71- Fillmore Charlotte 2/20/16

    A great run!!!! A wonderful run of music, friends, and future stories!!! Who could not be happy to hear this GD show? Set list awesome!!! Never heard a King Bee live!! That was pretty cool. The honey poured, and the hips sure did follow. The wood floor at this venue was a great break from harder surfaces. However, words above true, the sound is easily muffled at this venue. For those of us who like to dance, we do our best, and found the sweetest spot we could. "Carving", I think we all did that very well, and I really want to say.....again.....I love watching you all dance!!! When I am tired, and I get very tired, I feed off the energy you all produce and posture. I have watched, witnessed, and been part of the comfortable development it takes to let it all out. Watching my friends be free......freedom is another word for nothing left to lose!!!! What is there to lose on the dance floor? Special big thanks to gr8fulpair for helping make this run easy wind!!! I really tried to get him to adopt me into his family, but I am definetly a person only a mother can love;}!!!! I think he considered it, but the wife did not think it as cool of an idea as I did!!! Love you brother, you have a beautiful family!!! Thanks for the southern hospitality, and welcoming us dirty dancing heads into your world!!! Your a class act brother!!!! The fare the wells are much tougher than the encore of the last show!!!! Love all you guys and gals!!! Would not be the same with out others rearranging the dance floor, or the post show milk drinking that's not really milk!!!! The sensual beauty of poetry in motion!!! The post show conversations, the laughter of laughing at ourselves and each other. To feel safe in such different places is not because I am so self confident, but because I have the confidence of others I respect!!! In between all of that, I got awesome music to boot!!!! A big thanks to DSO for all they do!!!!!! See yall at Jubilee!!!! Another huge thanks to Slowmo for the ride to Richmond from South Carolina!!!! Missed the 7am train!!! Either stay up all night, or plan on missing your ride!!! Thanks buddy!!!!!
  6. otherlove

    Georgia Theater

    I think comments about venues are important, just as I think description of the crowd. ATHENS: YOU WERE THE MOST SILENT CROWD I HAVE EVER HEARD> you could hear a pin drop when the band got on the stage. The whole venue was giving the music, those who channel it, and all the people there who love to witness it the greatest respect you can ever do at a show. The offered silence, reverence, and interest. The most attentive venue I have been thus far. This tour has given me a awesome chance to experience new venues, and for the most part, AWESOME
  7. otherlove

    Putting on the Ritz

    Yall Rock Raleigh, and so did DSO. This was a blissful night. Not my favorite year, but DSO played a barn burning dancer!!! Such a wonderful relief from last night. Awesome room, people were kind, awesome energy and great dancing. Really appreciate Slowermo's review. I really don't remember a slow moment during the whole night. The Morning Dew, melted.....3 kick ass fillers. A Estimated that blew my legs of the dance floor. DSO is on fire....the venue rocked, and it was a whole different deal tonight!!!! Thank you DSO.......thank you kind friends....we all did good tonight. The vibe was right, and all I can say is smoking!!!!! One more to go, and I think Charlotte is going to blow the fuckin lid off!!!
  8. otherlove

    The orange Peel Ashvile, NC

    I might of been a bit harsh, but my account was true. Again, the music is what created most of the frustriation. It was so good, but..... I said my peace. In retrospect, I should of used the time to tried to turn the experience into a positive experience of growth. I eventually did, but it took finding the bathroom hallway. I loved the people I was with, and I love locals. Many of which I have known for years now. I frequent Pisgah/Black Mountain. I know good people in Ashville. I have family close by. I enjoy the town, and the community, but.... I failed in personal growth. I think I crossed a line at one time, and I ran away. My personal weakness. When the music is this good, you cant contain what energies build up. And that's my choice.....choose..... never Orange Peel. Go BIG DSO,,, and always Blk Mountain.. That place brings out the best of the area!!! Love yall.....
  9. otherlove

    The orange Peel Ashvile, NC

    Sorry, for some reason---my set list post did not come up the way I typed it. Sort of hard to read, but its most of the show. I am sure I missed a song or a order, but it was a original kick ass show. There were so many high points in the music tonight. Lisa's Strange Man was fucking awesome. She has vocals that make our hearts melt. She has such a beautiful smile, and a gracious thanks. We were thankful for the treat!!! This review is going to be honest. It might not read well with some, but its absolute truth!!!! The show tonight was awesome. Through and through. I a great dancer, but....NO FUCKING DANCE SPACE!!!! I finally found some in the bathroom hallway. This was the first show I actually nearly lost it. ASHVILLE, YOU ARE LOUD, IF YOU DRESSED LESS HIPPY, AND ACTUALLY COME TO THE SHOW TO DIG THE MUSIC RATHER THAN HAVE CONTEST ON WHO CAN LOOK MORE HIPPY, whose dreads grew longer, and what patch you have on your shirt. GO THERE TO DANCE AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!!!! YOU TALKED...YOU STOOD IN THE SAME PLACE WHILE OTHERS JUST WALKED AROUND SOCIALLIZING. I will never go back to this venue. I will never go back to this venue. It was sad, the music was so good tonight, but no ability to express it. This place makes 930 like a outside venue. IT SUCKED. Yes, I got to the hallway, behind a wall from the music to get something that would allow a decent dance. The staff took me aside tonight. Literally. Took me in the back room, asked me a series of questions. My drug use, during or before show, my alcohol intake, and if I am doing alright? Drank no beer tonight at show. Was not worth going to the bar, to big of lines. They were concerned I was sweating so much? Really? Sweating to much. They were cool, and I appreciate people looking out for me, but their concern was because I finally had some space to dance, and I exploited it. Perhaps they were not people actually dancing. Did you see the set list? Yep I danced, and danced hard!!!! Security brought me water several times. I thought was cool!!!! Still, do I look like this is my first rodeo? Still.....I love Blk Mountain...super cool people there. Orange peel pat downs, drunk red necks, hippy fashion talkers (fake), and a horrible venue. People were was less than nice at many moments and to several different friends and to myself. I love this music, and loved the music tonight; however, the atmosphere, the venue, and many of the people made tonight painfully sweet. It was really frustrating, and for such a great town, Ashville/The Orange Peel really disappointed me!!! Love DSO, and they threw it down tonight. Sorry my other words distract from the jams they got going tonight!!!! BUT......I wont go back to this venue-----DSO HAS WAY OUTGROWN THE ORANGE PEEL!!!!!!
  10. otherlove

    The orange Peel Ashvile, NC

    Hmmm...... Minlgewood no lisa T for texas Diamond Dupree Strang Man Queen Jane Lazy Lighting supplication so many roads Let Grow Deal Sugar Mag Scarlet--fire lost Salior drums space saint world to give iko iko sugar mag---sunshine daydream encore----- JGB Jam "to be announced" Mighty Quinn
  11. otherlove

    Georgia Theater

    Oh yea, I did have my own dance stage!!!!! It was awesome. it was like it was built for me!!! I hate sounding so selfish with space, cause I share it well with many of you, but I go nuts when I get my own. Its so special!!!
  12. otherlove

    Georgia Theater

    Great friends, awesome venue. Bad weather, but are we not all used to this by now!!! Got all I needed from this show, all the dance space, some of my favorite dancers to dance with to boot. The sound was amazing. Nuggets galore out of each set!!! Nice college town, awesome levels to the venue. Not a bad place to dance, as speakers are not hidden from nearly any point. Midnight Moonlight filler and the Cats were some of my highlights. I love their originals, so this show was right up my alley. Awesome new artwork on Koritz and Dino's drum covers. Pointed out to me....looked pretty cool. One red one blue, but maybe that is because its Primary season? Doubt it, but a cool little change up!! The Dark Star was up my alley, but there was a transition moment that felt a little uneasy, unmastered, but that experience was very short lived, and more than likely me!!! I have not heard a help, slip, franklins in a while. Last help slip ended with shakedown, this night, it ended with Stranger!!! Love you DSO....thanks for mixing it up, and keeping me on my toes!! Figuratively and literally!!!! Very Grateful
  13. otherlove

    charleston, sc

    The white rabbit was sick!! Longest White Rabbit I have heard, and this was about my 5th. Such a fun psychedelic song, DSO plays it, and Lisa belts out the perfect vocals. Had a blast at this venue. Charleston is such a great place, and even though it was all seating, I had all the room I wanted. Had first row tickets, and spent half of Bertha in front, but to much excitement led me back to the balcony!!! Awesome sound, very southern nice staff, and a college town, plenty of spinning flowers to share space with. The music was top notch, Deep Elm was one of the highlights!!! Drums....again, and again, very fun dancing.....the wheel......got the legs moving after a quick break during space. Waiting for them to light up Ashville tonight. This is turning out to be a awesome tour!!!!
  14. otherlove

    2016 Winter Tour....

    I always feel cool at shows, except for a couple times, and I blame that on one person!!! subjective suggestions:(!! Happy to spim through the GA and Carolinas....... Be seeing some soon!!!!!
  15. otherlove


    The DSO melvin sets will get my full attention. I usually am entirely too tired to dance more than just DSO, but a good Jerry round, especially since guest players are joing melvin.......hopefully speed his ass up, and bring back some of the good Gospel!!!