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  2. Pete

    Matt Reynolds

    I feel bad because I never thanked Matt for all he did. Every time I went to see the band they were on stage and ready to play and all I had to do was buy a ticket. Matt did all of the hard work to make sure the magic happened and he deserved far more credit from us fans than we ever gave him. Rest in Peace Matt, and may your friends and family know we are forever grateful.
  3. Pete

    Venues I Have Known and Loved

    How Do You Do? is right, it went Legend->Buckeye->Legend. I have heard great stories about the Ledges and hope to make the trek someday. As Chuck said, Vina Robles Ampitheater in Paso Robles, CA is the other great outdoor venue I've seen DSO at. It's nestled in the middle of a vinyard on the central coast and everything about the place is really is just exactly perfect. I suspect some of the local crowd didn't know what they were in for but they seemed to enjoy themselves. The venue is fairly new, having opened in 2013, but it draws an impressive lineup of shows every year considering the somewhat remote location. I'm hoping the DSO bus makes another stop soon so we have an excuse to head back.
  4. What do Sting, Steve Miller, Traffic, and the Violet Femmes have in common? They all opened for the Dead at Buckeye Lake. For the first in my short series of venue reviews there's no more appropriate place to start than the home of the Dark Star Jubilee, Legend Valley. Formerly known as Buckeye Lake Music Center, Legend Valley has hosted an impressive list of shows over the last 30+ years. From Parrotheads to Juggaloes this place has seen it all. When the music is playing everything else fades into the background but a nice venue can turn a good show into a great one. When you're getting three straight days of nonstop music a great venue makes the weekend magic. Dancing is fundamental to my concert experience and Legend Valley is a first-rate place to dance. No matter how much space you need to shake your bones you've got it. The open air dance floor is huge and totally unimpeded by chairs, bars, or potted plants. The gravel can be a little rough on those who eschew shoes but a rug or two sets the stage for dancing nirvana while keeping your tootsies safe from harm. Most venues give you a choice between room to move and clear, clean sound. Not so at Legend Valley. The music sounds great anywhere and late risers can enjoy early sets from the comfort of their tent or rv. The light show extends all the way to the trees behind the dance floor and the night sky beats any chandelier or smoky wallpaper. Even better, because the venue is BYOB the drink prices couldn't be cheaper. The highlight of Legend Valley isn't the room, the sound, or even Disco Pizza after a late night show. It's the friends I see every time I go. I get to listen to the music I love with my people, gathered together from all corners of the country. After the shows we giggle late into the night and sleep late in the morning before rallying for the next show. Legend Valley easily makes my list of the best venues in the country, and while I have to sit this year out you can bet that sometime soon I'll see you at the Jubilee.
  5. Pete

    Cuttin a rug

    Lager, it was a pleasure dancing with you. Your rug helped tie the space together. We will have to rebuild next year since the black muddy river had its way with the rugs and I hope you'll be there with us.
  6. Pete

    Jubilee Night 2

    Rick, I'm with you on the original being better but the sad truth is you and I were born too late to see the dead live. We're the first generation to come to this music after the plug was pulled and the fact we were both at the show rather than sitting at home listening to a recording says good things about DSO and the future of the scene. I was thrilled to see kids who hadn't even been born when Jerry passed shaking their bones all over the jubilee. At its heart this music is about giving us an all new take on the music every time it's played, and there are only so many recordings of Jerry in existence. If you want something truly original you have to go with DSO or a lesser equivalent (no offense to Trey) and given the choice I want to see the band live while I dance with my friends. DSO is getting better and better and when they inevitably hang up their instruments many years from now I pray someone else will be waiting, ready to fill the void.
  7. Pete

    Jubilee Night 2

    That 2nd night show may be the closest we'll come to traveling back in time to see young men in their prime rewriting the rules of music. For us '69 fans it was more than we could have hoped for, with all of the best parts of the 50 year long strange trip emerging in strange and delightful places. Skip tied the show together with bombs that woke the dead, and from start to finish the band showed us their hard work and deadication have transformed them from the best cover band in the world into something that transcends space and time. It's clearly a labor of love and I am privileged to have been there to dance my appreciation into the universe and receive this masterpiece in return.