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  1. I saw Melvin and the newly constituted JGB in 1999 for the first time, and at the DSO Jubilee the last time. In 1998, Melvin and the JGB put out a CD, "Welcome to our World". It actually was pretty good, I liked the cover of Tangled up in Blue on there
  2. I liked when Kadlecik used to do the After Midnight>Eleanor Rigby>After Midnight during fake JGB shows with DSO back in the day. Hopefully this move works out for him
  3. My side hustle is being a hit man and leaving during the music after being there a while is still a good alibi, or I had to go assist my children at home out in the country. You decide
  4. I had to leave early too, and I left during Fire on the Mountain. They may have cut a song or two, but here was the setlist for set 2- Set #2: Shakedown Street Scarlet Begonias> Fire On the Mountain Truckin'> The Other One Stella Blue Dear Mr. Fantasy Lovelight Around & Around Morning Dew E: Knockin on Heavens Door Also, not first time they replaced Lee this year. Stu Allen filled in for Lee on July 27th as Lee had a competing gig and couldn't be there. Here's the video:
  5. I can give or take Oteil's band, but if he added Kimock and other already there members, I would consider that a win
  6. Happy that Zero made the lineup. Hopefully, all will be in the cards to make it to my 9th Jubilee. See ya
  7. Ammagamalin, I actually walked by you and I thought, “that dude looks like “ammagamalin” who I stayed with in Cincinnati” but the music was playing and I didn’t want to interrupt the vibe to find out. it was good show and the band stepped up with lee being out and had a good time. Hope you are well!
  8. Of course, my favorite work was when he played with DRA as guitarist for the Cardinals, but he played well with Phil more than once. Rest in peace.
  9. I wasn’t hyped about the set list (which is what happens when I know beforehand), but I should have known a set list means nothing when the band plays. They played awesome and I got lost in the notes, which is what I always want. Great time!
  10. Found a spot at the infamous KOA. See y’all tomorrow
  11. Sorry to hear about your mom, Rick. You, her, and the rest of your family are in my prayers.
  12. So, I have a backyard in Asheville to sleep in, however, If anyone on the forums is renting a house in Blackmountain and wouldn't mind me pitching a tent in the backyard, send me a message-I'll donate some tent rent and perhaps one or two can vouch for me here. I'd just rather avoid driving back to Asheville.
  13. I got my sleeping arrangements. Staying with a friend of a friend. Don't know who it is, or where it is, but I do know that "it is". See you soon
  14. no sleeping plans solidified yet. Clock's a tickin but I got confidence
  15. They played in one theater in Lexington this year, and that was a good choice. I only saw 5 open seats, and that was surprising. They turned the music up during the first song-everyone clapped. It was nice to see a video to a tape I've played lots over the years. Theater has reclining chairs and a button if you needed food or drink. It wasn't my home, but it was nice a good time.
  16. I honestly wished theyd do a live 4K stream instead of a movie event.
  17. Wish there was like somebody's backyard available for camping within walking distance really, that'd be ideal
  18. Haven’t had cable since 1998. After 15 years, bought a tv 2 years ago. It’s not on that often, but I do have Hulu and Netflix when I do. To each their own and what they are into. We just have always been busy, we read, we make music, we love. The kids are normal and not weird and better for it. Hulu and Netflix are nice that you can tune in and tune out when you want. I could do with it, but I admit I’d not fare well without Spotify and Archive.org
  19. If you didn’t make it to dso tonight, here’s a video stream of Stu Allen with Born Cross Eyed that starts at 9:00: https://www.facebook.com/darkstartv/videos/485491778947432/
  20. http://www.dsojaminthesand.com/
  21. I vended from 1997-2001. For the most part, I killed it. Thankfully, the ratio of people to vendors were good, but we fought the local venue and police tooth and nail and had to play many games of set up, take down, set up. Knowing when to be sly, when to be aggressive, when to bribe the police-all of it was key. The same venue could treat you differently depending on the day or the hour. It was a game, for sure, but having a larger crowd is key to business and often the key to receiving cover. I vended Further Festival, Other Ones, Phil Lesh & Friends, Ratdog, and did occasional jaunts with Phish, SCI, Dave Matthews, Widespread as needed for filler. Good luck
  22. I had a wonderful weekend, and the music was awesome. Nice to meet a few of you 😉 and until next time, stay groovy
  23. I used to have a Dupree’s Diamond News issue from the late 80’s where the writer essentially blamed all the problems with the late 80s scene- crowds, prices, parking lot, vendors- all of it- on venues allowing beer sales during Grateful Dead concerts. He tried hard to convince all who would listen that booze was killing the scene, but...hard to tell Dead fans what to do. When I drank some beer at this years Jubilee, I thought of him and gave him a toast.
  24. If you see me and I am spaced out, it's cause I won't know what to do or how to function outside my office after this long semester. I'm uncharacteristically driving up to the area tomorrow so I can show up to the VIP line earlier than I usually do. Any tips or tricks on getting best VIP space (like avoiding bright lights etc) would be much appreciated. Have a safe journey y'all
  25. In the summer of 1987, I was 8 years old. Touch of Grey blasted at the speakers at my local pool, and many of us received "In The Dark" from parents thinking that latest classic rock tape was better than the Michael Jackson tape. I love that album, and I love "When Push Comes to Shove", cheesy as it is
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