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  1. San Francisco Night #1

    On paper, that's a tough one to top...nice work Scotty!
  2. Paradise

    ...sandwiches afterwards in the yellow submarine?
  3. Place to crash in San Fran???

    thanks Jen for helping me there..
  4. Seattle 2/8

  5. Place to crash in San Fran???

    get a spot at one of the hostels....stayed there about 13 years ago when in town for dso...the one i stayed at was called the green turtle, i think? look it up as it is pricey in that neck.
  6. jubilee tickets

    pulled the trigger....just couldnt justify the VIP...makes no sense at all..
  7. jubilee tickets

    Apparently, ticket pricing for the jubilee will go up after january 16th...what are peeps doing this year, ga or vip, rv or not?
  8. Jam In The Sand

    A buddy of mine would like to go Jamaica for JITS next week. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANOTHER PERSON who wants to attend? 2 are needed to fill a room...please have them contact me asap > sbixby22@gmail.com
  9. NYE 12/31/17

    Maybe it is to him just not you
  10. NYE 12/31/17

    2nd set was the best set for me, all 4 nights...1st electric factory show my favorite, start to finish....Im pretty sure ill see this band again..i like them..maybe in jahmaica?
  11. 12/29/2017, Electric Factory

    silly sick, sick show...thanks dso! btw, pretty sure this was the first china > rider the GD did in some time....oh, this china > rider was the highlight for me..
  12. 2018 Jubilee!

    what i dont understand is why you have to pay a fee to bring your RV..theyre no hookups, no benefits, noithing!....and btw, theyre 20 fields to park in....for gods sake, the boys played here and people were camped across the road...
  13. Richmond 2

    not really buddy...after 2nd song in norfolk, some dude spilled his entire drink all over me....thankfully its winter and i had extra sweatshirt to put on....not really feeling virginia..ive seen a handful of shows, maybe 25 or so..but this little 3 show run was full of hard core drinkers and screaming matches...
  14. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

    My dso friends prolly shouldn't miss this one again, if they're lucky enough to play it..grate place..
  15. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Rumor has it...dead and co may play the week before or after DSO in Boulder maybe? Also, maybe a father son reunion...would love that!!