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  1. Nice Rob!
  2. I've seen 2 of these and would never miss one if I had the choice...
  3. its not for everyone...honestly, when JK left dso I couldnt go see furthur, I was so pissed...I got over it, realized these old guys are not here for long......Don't go if it makes you that is short my brotha
  4. btw, DSO adapted to Weir and they killed it!
  5. ....another thing I should add.........I am sure UNJB was beaten to death in VA> Having said that, Mayer is just learning and pretty fucking good for JUST learning......but, remember this...he is playing next to Bob Weir, the same Bob Weir that chose to NOT tell anyone on stage his intentions when he joined DSO for the second set at The Fillmore in 2005....He played slowly, out of tune and insisted singing some of the Jerry tunes....Cannot be easy to guess and follow along with Mr. Weir....Having said that, its a challenge and I am certain JM is up for it BTW, I am NOT a guitar player but would imagine this isn't easy!
  6. mango, great words my friend....The GD were the shit....everyone else does their best, dso happens to do it the best....i have changed my tune and am with my girl and we love it together...i listen for the mistakes and they are rare....i am surprised....btw to brian and mango, tix will be in the 30.00 range.....hold out with finger in the sky and BAM!!! theyre not 82.00 good
  7. Boy am I excited for the Wrigley shows. Will be hanging out with my good friend EB, who is doing the majority of the tour. He listed Fenway as the best shows followed by Boulder., I always like to here my people's opinions. Everyone has them > see all the above posts Anyway, it is difficult to listen to all the hate about Dead and Co. In a way, its sad but more importantly, opinions are everyone's right...Will I see anyone else in Chicago? Peace and love folks!
  8. The music is different for everyone. Have fun whatever you see.... cherish it and know it too, will end some day...I, for one, am excited for the next two nights in Boulder!!
  9. I did not know Matt very well. I do know that the crew and band regarded him to be irreplaceable....that says everything. My prayers and love go out to the entire dso family, his family and KNOW that love, light, music, memories and kindness will get us through.. rest in peace Curfew...
  10. Cant wait for tonight!!
  11. ...I heard that rumpke did play in a tent late night...
  12. ...may have omitted or added into above but am thinking its close...
  13. 1st/ dont ease, frozen logger, fotd > frozen reprise candyman , deep elem speedway most of that first set was acoustic..jeff switched to elec. at some point 2nd/ Logger in the first set didnt go so well so eaton came out and did logger ( solo ) to start second set , monster morning dew, casey jones, dancin, next time you see me, CHINA> RIDER > BIG!! 3rd/ good loving > drums > lovin reprise > pretty qucikly into new orleans > lovin reprise attics, dire wolf, alligator, goin down the road harmony( i thought ) > lovelight > not fade > lovelight reprise encore uncle johns filler hog for you baby obscure show....dont get em like this very often....thanks dso
  14. Elective tonight. .. MONSTER Tangled up and blue to end strong first set. Second set > HSF>Let it grow > unbroken chain...more to come... DSO is killing it
  15. Very strong show!!