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  1. I have some naughty lyrics for this one...just had to mention 🙈
  2. crazy digits


    Lol That's me undercover in the blue skirt!
  3. Cant give you one song but can tell you elton john, gary puckett and the union gap, loggins and messina and chicago were early loves.
  4. crazy digits

    Summer Festivals

    Take her....she'll love...just ask Jay's wife!!
  5. crazy digits

    Standing on the Moon

    ole robert hunter was quoted as saying that " days Between is the one song that reminded him of the band " more than any other ...which i found sweet to the core..
  6. crazy digits

    The Anthem

    Favorite show of the 8 I saw...this is why I do this!!!
  7. crazy digits

    Richmond- night 1

    One word > eyes!!!! Sick!
  8. Crashes started in mid to late 80's with stadium shows added in addition to the release of IN THE DARK. Keller wrote a song about the Deer Creek debacle. Top 40 has the potential to ruin anything outside of packing the band's pockets with dough. Vince didn't help anything either...when Brent died, the scene collapsed, in my opinion...I saw only 3 local shows in 1995..
  9. crazy digits

    Revolution Live 11/3/18

    .....a few of us know ALL about the revolution....no thanks..
  10. crazy digits


  11. crazy digits

    I don’t want to know the show!

    I've read very little of this post but Steph was 100% correct about the blurbing out of show date...if you know it, super dooper...keep it to yourself...if someone tells you, keep it to yourself....I've been lucky enough to see a lot of shows and find the intrigue a lot of fun...don't ruin it for the ones who want to give it a whirl...love you Steph!!! .....and for the record...not a fan of band announcing show either....but, it's their gig and if it helps them somehow, God bless em....as Herdy once said....
  12. crazy digits

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Great subject!! Many of my friends like to tell me what the show is...NOT cool! I like trying to figure it out...Love you all anyway but PLEASE keep your cheating to yourselves!!
  13. crazy digits

    A band I saw last night

    and, then there is Grateful Shred....I will make a point of seeing this band more than once for that matter!
  14. crazy digits

    Jay Peak 8-4-18

    This was a top 5 GD show for me. Amazingly enough, never saw DSO do it...this had to be a good one.
  15. crazy digits

    Queen Wilmington 5-15-18 Tuesday

    5-15-81...thats a what im a thinkin...