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    Barraco interview

    The Wallingford CT show is a fun listen when Chimenti was on keys and Rob on bass.
  2. You might say I am a touch head ! I fell into the scene a junior in HS amidst dating an avid deadhead originally from Delaware, befriending a bevy of local college alums who were deadheads, and hanging out with small sect of homegrown deadheads too. One of my favorite memories was the couple you might consider the elders of the crowd feeding us all black bean soup and bread after spending the night post show at their place. They fed probably thirty of us. It felt like family and care and cemented what shows were about in my book. The sister and brotherhood - togetherness.
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    My pleasure.
  4. PoetryGirl


    Well-justified opinions go a long way with me and make this thread interesting. Clasic vs Legendary. Classic show would be one you could pull and say this is an true example of Grateful Dead set lists from this era.. Solid. Goes with anything and everything. A Straight . A flush. A pair of Aces. Trusty. Legendary or quintessential would mark in some way outstanding, irreplaceable, a creme de la creme. Royal Flush. A straight flush. 4 of a kind.
  5. PoetryGirl

    Revolution Live 11/3/18

    6/22/1974- Dino on drums Set One: The Promised Land > Bertha ; Greatest Story Ever Told ; Deal ; Me And Bobby McGee ; Scarlet Begonias ; Jack Straw ; Loose Lucy ; Mexicali Blues ; Sugaree ; The Race Is On ; It Must Have Been The Roses ; Playing In The Band Set Two: China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Me And My Uncle ; Ship Of Fools ; El Paso ; Eyes Of The World > Wharf Rat > Sugar Magnolia Encore: Johnny B. Goode
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    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    It reads like the randomness of a tornado!
  7. PoetryGirl

    Ithaca 11/10/18

    Filler?? Wowzy Help On the Way means something a little different to me now thiat Paradise, CA gone. We had planned to have that show as the last night of our first West Coast music tour before driving on to Sacramento and flying to Denver to meet kids and look at schools. Prayers for rain for California. Gonna go spread compost around my garden and be thankful for the rain and sun and beauty.
  8. PoetryGirl

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    I know someone whose father curated Stradivarius instruments. Now the parent is long deceased, and the instruments have been managed by a foundation that lends them out to outstanding musicians to be played. The board of 6 decides the “winner” based on a merit of sort I guess for the year for each instrument . The man with the 1672 Viola for the past 8 years told me it is like a marriage, a relationship. The instrument has things it wants to say and he has things he wants to say. A dance. A conversation. I have never heard such magnificence. . The sounds that he can manifest from the instrument still astound even him after all these years. I would like to see Wolf have that chance. To be played by an outstanding Grateful Dead lead guitarist for a period of time to begin to know the instrument and see what relationship develops. To dust off those rusty strings and allow it to be played in the spirit which it was born. I think a guitar could be as individual as a viola. Right ? That is the conversation here. It would be such a gift to the muses, the art, the legacy of the Grateful Dead, if this owner lent it out more than one night to see what beauty could be made. Loftier goals have been dreamed. And it would be phenomenal to see what Jeff could do with Wolf with time to play it. You know, there are 2 Brent’s organs that he played early 80s. How lucky are we the fans of DSO to see Barraco play one! It was at the Boulder 2016 show. He told me he spent years trying to emote sounds out of other organs and never could get them quite like that one plays. That is some fun fatback to chew on. Don’t you want to start a petition now. 😂
  9. They played that 90/ 91 or so, too. No gate crashing happened then, right?
  10. PoetryGirl

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna934086 Paradise is in 🔥 flames! On the crest of a wave of the Camp Fire. The whole town they say has burned. 27k evacuated. It was burning the equivalent of 25 football fields per minute!
  11. PoetryGirl

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    The stigmata!!
  12. PoetryGirl

    College Hoops 2018

    What a devil of a game. How was Weir and Wolf Bros? Slow? Singing like speaking? Or magical?
  13. PoetryGirl

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    What are the chances? 1/9500?? lol
  14. PoetryGirl

    Revolution Live 11/3/18

    From a friend: DSO was great!! ‘74 Miami set was excellent. The venue has some problems - thousands of people and 8 porta potties - with no refresh YUK
  15. PoetryGirl

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    Well super cool! I am glad you had a great show! 💙⚡️❤️ it was fantastic..... And put it together for us.!! I’ll send your regards to Joe. Peace- PG
  16. PoetryGirl

    College football

    Did you all see the end of the Texas Longhorn and West Virginia game? Wow, what a coach for WV! What a win!
  17. PoetryGirl

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    I recognized you and your shirt from Philly NYE shows? That guy I invited to hang out. That is you? Yes - I was dancin with Huck @ RR. My husband and I have 2 children ( but boy and girl) . And we met studying chemistry.
  18. PoetryGirl

    I need that Cat face tour shirt in 2xxl

    Glad you got them. That hoodie IS super cool! Their merchandise online was lagging some. Update is nice and the new website is so slick. I have that sticker and haven’t stuck it anywhere yet because I want it to last. Guess I should take my own advice and get another. I like that design a lot.
  19. PoetryGirl

    Cough, Raiders suck, cough.

    Ha- I disliked the Raiders since I was 7 years old. See I was a little league Giants cheerleader and the Raider cheerleaders would come try to steal our cheers and grooves and moves. “ UGLY you ain’t got no alibi- you ugly yea yea you ugly.. C-U-T-E don’t you wish you looked like me. I’m cute heck yeah I’m cute. The seventies are a completely different time. 😂
  20. PoetryGirl

    I need that Cat face tour shirt in 2xxl

    Why stop at shirts? Sticker, patch.
  21. PoetryGirl

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    Wolf was at Jerry’s 75th Borthday Bash at Red Rocks played by Tom Hamilton in both Melvin set and Weir’s sets.
  22. PoetryGirl

    Rising Up to Paradise

    Aloha. Good luck! Maybe the giant NouNou will let you cross the Waikini stream as we ask to enter our halau as our Oli Kahea chant and get those tickets ! lol
  23. PoetryGirl

    Happy Halloween!

  24. PoetryGirl

    Look who’s copying DSO...

    DSO 4ever!!!
  25. PoetryGirl

    Happy Halloween!

    Who’s dressing up? Or down? We are going as Napoleon Dynamite and Deb Bradshaw. I have friendship bracelets to give out to go with my side ponytail and fanny pack At the Anthem JRAD show, there was a redhead dressed as a dirty cop with Frankenstein thick wedge boots on and fishnets throwing down 3 rows back. Beetlejuice was there and I couldn’t trick him into the 3rd time saying his name to get him to leave but I did find Waldo. 🙂