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  1. mid you do Charleston , you might as well hit Savannah first. Two hours apart.
  2. PoetryGirl

    Norva - 12/7/19

    Too much of everything is just enough?
  3. Charlie Miller’s go fund me https://www.gofundme.com/f/6l033hs
  4. A review of the show! https://glidemagazine.com/237224/dark-star-orchestra-hit-on-nassau-coliseum-5-9-81-at-huntington-nys-paramount-show-review/
  5. Thanksgiving might have already passed by but it looks like everyone got a healthy helping of soul food! I'd like the chance to dance shamanically to that low spark-> LIG-> So Many Roads-> Viola
  6. Glad you saw it through ... great show that year
  7. Hearts aglow. So thankful to be a part of this tribe. You are my people. Gratitude earthbrothers and sisters- blessed rising! Happy Thanksgiving enjoy this Dear Mr Fantasy. Atlanta 4/1/1990 https://archive.org/details/gd1990-04-01.sbd.miller.87809.sbeok.flac16/gd90-04-01d2t05.flac and donate today.
  8. i think you already know the answer. You are smart.
  9. Tea- Millennials need constant praise and reassurance. It is what drives them. Period ( exhausting- right? True happiness and self esteem comes from within. Nope not for them) They are also the most loyal of all the labeled generations, if you can capture it. Incidentally they are also on a whole the most philanthropic. It is the sum of their age group’s combined efforts that earns them this distinction.
  10. This deadhead women’s group on Facebook post is filled with DSO praises. Of course ...... told ya so... haha jk
  11. FYI- NAC or n-acetyl cysteine, is an amino acid and is good to help overcome colds/ flu; check it out on WebMD. Get it in the supplement aisle. Mullein tea, or infusions, are great for lung health and restoration. When I had pneumonia- the real stuff- I mean a sac of pus sitting in the lower lobe, eating pineapple really helped me recover. The bromelin is good for respiratory health, too. Lung issues are a good time to process grief, metaphysically, if you are into that. Of course I think I've probably posted this before. I get elderberry capsules 500mg and double or triple dose for short periods when I am fighting something. Pho soup with its bone broth is some good homeopathic medicine, delivering all that goodness one could want. It is nice to avoid antibiotics, if possible. I have found patients with chronic sinusitis actually are suffering from a yeast (Candida albicans) sinusitis. They've been treated with multiple antibiotics and still struggling with no relief. A round of 3 flucanozole tablets coupled with good plain greek yogurt that can be sweetened with stevia and non alcohol based vanilla flavoring and incorporating fermented foods, like sauerkraut. I believe people suffer more from Candida than the medical community recognizes. They see it only of being of consequence in immunocompromised patients and that just isn't the case. Yeast fills the void caused by antibiotic kill off of good bacteria and can be an insidious infection- poor gut digestion, leaky gut,, depression, brain fogginess, congested liver from poor splenic pancreatic chi since yeast ferments and makes alcohol internally. It is good to share some health. Hope all stay well this holiday season and others feel better. The band sure knows how to pinch hit. Can't wait for the bus to come by
  12. You all just make me smile. 💙⚡️❤️
  13. From my friend Brian A hippy was walking down the beach, and a bystander noticed he was missing a shoe. So he yelled, "hey man, you lost a flip flop! " The hippy yelled back, "nah man! I FOUND a flipflop and it's just my size! It's gonna be a great day!".
  14. Dang I hate spell correct
  15. You know it’s a good dress when it doubles as sleep wear.
  16. Next stop Shine on you crazy diamond. Heard it at the record store today on a Grateful Dead cd release . Yay Sud Barrettt
  17. Portland ME Set One: jam > Bird Song > The Other One > Bird Song > Jack Straw > Big Railroad Blues ; Lazy Lightning > Supplication ; She Belongs To Me > The Music Never Stopped Set Two: Terrapin Station > The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys > Saint Stephen > Man Smart (Woman Smarter) > drums > space > imagine (jam) > Saint Stephen (reprise) > Lost Sailor > Saint Of Circumstance > Eyes Of The World > Stella Blue > Good Lovin' Encore: Midnight Moonlight
  18. I think John Mayer is getting it. Can there be too much awareness? We are all better by the transformative nature of this music. I’ve been saying for a couple of years that the tone d Mayer’s guitar was all wrong. He has figured that one out, too. It sounded great this past weekend. And I cracked up as Bobby’s eyes cut over towards Mayer as he did his own flourish, one of his lead runs, during Ripple encore. He is getting his own wings within the construct of the music. . and there’s this https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/john_mayer_explains_how_he_changed_forever_from_playing_jerry_garcias_iconic_grateful_dead_guitar_with_dead__company.html
  19. Hope it’s Charleston, SC
  20. so that’s what you are always talking about in Reviews... US blues? Franklin
  21. Dagnabbit! That looks spectacular. Can’t wait for JITS! After those two nights what’s t left of the dancers? Your legs are shredded 😂 RX: sublingual arnica gonna watch the feed tonight. DSO thanks for the love! It warms up this cold snap we are having - it’s 40 degrees right now. 🥶
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