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    7/8/2006 Moonlight Gardens Cinti OH
    2/2/07 Bogarts Cinti OH
    7 21/07 Annies Cinti OH
    2 12 /08 Bogarts Cinti OH
    5/18/08 Annies cinti oh
    2/19/09 Maddison Covington KY
    2/16/10 Maddison Covington ky
    10/30/10 Madison Covington ky
    2/18 12 bogarts cinti ohio
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  1. Matthahnoh

  2. Winter tour 2015

    cant wait till covington havent been there in 2 years any one else going to the feb 14th show ?
  3. New Year's Eve in Newport, KY

    wow i live in very close do you know how much or anything i live on the border line of fort thomas and newport never seen born cross eyed yet
  4. has dso done 10-26-72

    10-26-72 Cincinnati Ohio Music hall set list is killer Any one herd of them playing this show it was my dads first show thanks Matt Keep truckin
  5. Northampton, MA

    love the opener nice setlist right there the venue good as well?
  6. dso play cincinnati again?

    i know dso plays or has played every where but i would love to see Dso in the fall i might be over reaching here but i thought i would put it out so what im saying is i would love to see an outdoor show near by town Love the music man what can i say Planing on going to the jam in the sand next year Matt Keep truckin
  7. DSO audio vine sign up!

    id would love to join any one have anything going hit me up thanks rob hope to hear from some one soon thanks Matt
  8. Gateful Dead opening band recordings?

    ill look into that might be able to help
  9. cincinnati /covington shows

    Hi new to the site but not to the music well i seen the tapers section is the place with me would love to get in on some vines or trades Looking for any dso show from cincinnati /covington Ky welp hope to meet some new people Keep truckin Matt
  10. Stu Allen, Dino and owsley county

    stella blue wow from me i love the first set nice of them to pay tribute to joe cocker man i never want to be to drunk so bad i have to go home at a setbreak i thought i pregamed hard lol nice set list over all cant wait to get my dead fix on feb 14 in covington
  11. Hi i know its only 12/28/ but im very excited about this show upcoming at the madison theater ! me and my wife and uncle will be going would love to meet some new heads i pray it doesnt ice us out like last year !! well i like to know whos all comeing im new to this site so i thought id start off with this i would love a nice 5-9-79 any other shows that you would like to hear? peace if Any one would like to talk dead id love to chat ? Peace Keep truckin Matt
  12. Now Listening...

    if any one comes threw Cincinnati a band a must see is Jerrys little band very nice ! other than seeing them I been playing the hell out of 12 9 89 wow uncle johns band is one of the best ive herd !