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    01. 7/1/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (4/4/1969)
    02. 7/2/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (3/19/1977)
    03. 7/3/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (elective)

    04. 2/16/2012 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (9/6/1980)
    05. 8/31/2012 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (10/5/1984)
    06. 9/1/2012 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (9/30/1976)

    07. 2/10/2013 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (5/21/1977)
    08. 6/28/2013 Mishawaka, Bellvue, CO (elective)
    09. 6/29/2013 State Bridge, Bond, CO (9/16/1972)
    10. 6/30/2013 State Bridge, Bond, CO (4/7/1988)
    11. 7/8/2013 Veteran's Park, Springfield, OH (5/11/1979)

    12. 2/9/2014 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (elective)
    13. 5/23/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    14. 5/24/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (11/6/1977)
    15. 5/25/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    16. 8/2/2014 Pocahontas State Park, Chesterfield, VA (elective-mixed)

    17. 2/10/2015 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (5/21/1992)
    18. 5/22/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (6/17/1976)
    19. 5/23/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (4/22/1969)
    20. 5/24/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    21. 11/13/2015 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (elective)
    22. 12/31/2015 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective - old school)

    23/01. 2/28/2016 Express Live!, Columbus, OH (5/13/1978)
    24/02. 3/1/2016 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (elective - old school)
    25/03. 5/24/2016 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (3/25/1972)
    26/04. 5/27/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (3/27/1987)
    27/05. 5/28/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    28/06. 5/29/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (8/27/1972)
    29/07. 8/5/2016 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (6/5/1969)
    30/08. 8/5/2016 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (elective)
    31/09. 9/23/2016 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (11/20/1978)
    32/10. 9/24/2016 Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI (elective)
    33/11. 10/15/2016 StageAE, Pittsburgh, PA (elective)
    34/12. 12/30/2016 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective)
    35/13. 12/31/2016 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective)

    36/01. 2/16/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (5/14/1983)
    37/02. 2/17/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (5/15/1983)
    38/03. 2/18/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (1st: elective / 2nd: 5/24/1969)
    39/04. 2/19/2017 Harrah's, Lake Tahoe, NV (6/8/1977)
    40/05. 2/21/2017 House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV (4/10/1978)
    41/06. 5/13/2017 Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA (elective)
    42/07. 5/26/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective-mixed)
    43/08. 5/27/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective-mixed)
    44/09. 5/28/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (5/28/1977)
    45/10. 6/24/2017 RiverEdge Park, Aurora, IL (8/12/1987)
    46/11. 6/27/2017 Veteran's Park, Springfield, OH (elective)
    46/12. 7/28/2017 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH (elective)
    46/13. 7/29/2017 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH (9/18/1988)
    46/14. 7/30/2017 Melody Tent, Cape Cod, MA (4/22/1971)
    47/15. 8/10/2017 StageAE, Pittsburgh, PA (9/3/1977)
    48/16. 8/18/2017 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (elective)
    49/17. 8/19/2017 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (5/18/1977)
    50/18. 9/28/2017 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO (elective)
    51/19. 9/29/2017 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO (9/29/1977)
    52/20. 9/30/2017 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO (6/18/1983)
    53/21. 10/5/2017 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (12/13/90)
    54/22. 10/6/2017 Taft Theater, Cincinnati, OH (10/30/71)
    55/23. 10/7/2017 Express Live!, Columbus, OH (elective)
    56/24. 10/13/2017 Vic Theater, Chicago, IL (9/23/1987)
    57/25. 10/14/2017 Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI (elective)
    58/26. 11/11/2017 Palace Theater, Albany, NY (elective)
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  1. 2018 Jubilee!

    VIP RV allows you to bring your RV to the VIP area, but you need a VIP ticket. VIP benefits Camping next to your car Able to see stage from some locations and hear music Free showers Access to the Good Lovin' Lounge (private deck area near the sound board) Private entrance so you don't have to wait in the dreaded GA line (they have a problem getting people in there in a timely fashion) Close proximity to stage (Uh, I guess. Judge for yourself) RV benefits 20x40 foot allotment of grass (borders of each RV space are painted on the grass) Don't need an RV to buy an RV space. You can invite friends to bring their cars/camps into your allotment of space too Close access to stage and vending if you don't mind walking down The Hill Can hear the music pretty well I think both of these options cost way more than the value of the benefits you get from them. Some had mentioned "more amenities" in the VIP section so there may be more you get with VIP than what I'm listing? Real toilets maybe? Breakfast buffet? Free ice? I'm not sure exactly. Maybe someone who was in VIP can chime in.
  2. Your 2017

    I don't see competition. I see people keeping track of their personal statistics. In order to be competing with others, you also have to be paying close attention to what they do. Acting and reacting based on your "opponents" actions. If there was really a competition, no one would need to ask how many anyone has because they would already know. I keep my list of shows in my profile organized and up to date. Anyone could look at them I guess, but they're not for anybody else, they're for me! I do it so I can browse through the shows I've seen and relive some of those memories. I like to see the progression of seeing 3 shows my first year to what I've done in the past few. The only person I compete against is myself! And I'M WINNING! I saw 6 shows two years ago, 13 shows last year, and will do well over double that this year. I don't have to count because they're all organized in my profile. As Taper Ron [might have] intended! I'm ripping my own personal high score a new & shiny one! Wooooo! As others have mentioned DSO provides a wonderful excuse to go to places I likely wouldn't otherwise. I've seen DSO in 13 states! Seeing them in all 50 would be a neat goal.
  3. 2018 Jubilee!

    This may be helpful for some first timers curious about the layout of the venue last year. As best I can remember it. I think VIP would be a more desirable location if it were behind the food area and extended up into the trees. Family Camping is a short walk down from The Hill on the bottom portion page that is cutoff.
  4. 2018 Jubilee!

    Well you already know what the scene is. Picture your other DSO experiences but much bigger with very little rules other than to be kind, respectful, and courteous to everyone else. If you have no qualms about coming alone and meeting new people, then I think you'll have a blast!!
  5. 2018 Jubilee!

    You are not alone Have you ever been to a DSO show before?
  6. 2018 Jubilee!

    As much as I've been trying to sell the RV area, and really the idea of having a large gathering, I did find some enjoyment last year in having multiple destinations to set out for and go to. Helped pass the time during the days. Making me think "careful what you wish for." So I'll stop the RV area sales pitch. I'd personally still prefer to see the large group festival within a festival, but like PG mentioned to each his own. I'm pretty sure that I still count as an overly excitable newbie. Maybe after a couple more shows, I'll drop this "party at the Moon Tower" mentality. I will say it certainly wasn't fun being invited to come to the VIP area, and having the gate guard turn me away. That happened several times. And it made me feel even more unimportant. Love that idea MC.
  7. 2018 Jubilee!

    VIP ticket allows you to camp next to your car. An RV ticket allows you to camp next to your car AND allows you to invite your friends into your plot to camp by their car as well for no extra charge. One RV plot can fit 3-5 camp sites. Wherever you go, you will not have a hard time finding Dr Barry.
  8. 2018 Jubilee!

    It also should be mentioned that there's a huge gas generator pumping out 100 db of sound and powering a stadium-worthy floodlight which makes noise and shines right on the Very Important Person area all night long. If you enjoy your camping site bright and noisy at night, you'll love it. Also I am going to personally count the steps from the point where the path branches off to VIP vs RV to determine how much "closer" VIP is. Bet their within a 150 steps. And if you consider going down the hill isn't a problem for most, RV may be closer to the stage on the way there.
  9. 2018 Jubilee!

    Anyone can buy a shower for $5 a piece, regardless if you have Very Important Person access. I've heard they're not very hot. Silly rabbits, your camp wasn't great because of its location within the venue. It was great because of the people you were with. It would have been greater if you were with me. I gauran-fucking-tee it! (don't fear the cookies) I didn't even realize it was called camp kitchen. As MC points out, our kitchen was pretty damn comparable itself. Possibly even the winner if not for Chris' smoked meats. Regardless of what hairs you split in determining which is "better", I'm a big believer in encouraging the family vibe and the huge gathering of friends and friends of friends. How that can be trumped by any other factor, I don't know? The Jubilee is the only DSO event where that is feasible to achieve and shouldn't be taken for granted. Many people do not have the means to make it to the Very Important Person area even if they wanted to. Next thing I know, I'm I going to find everyone posted up in the Good Lovin' Lounge.
  10. 2018 Jubilee!

    RV area is the perfect place. When you buy an RV pass, you buy a 20' x 40' section of grass. Line up 2 or 3 of those together you have mini festival within the festival!!!!! And it's right by the entrance near the stage. It's weird how one negative aspect can make people forget all the positive aspects of a particular situation. Some folks complained that the negative thing about the RV area is you have to walk down the steep hill to the stage. Actually people complain about the walk back up. But you don't have to walk up that steep hill! It's OPTIONAL. You can just walk the path and cut back and go out the entrance. That trek isn't much further than walking all the way back to the VIP area if at all. Think about it. The music can be heard just fine in the RV area too. Not sure who would want to pay double to hear Los Lobos in perfect stereo anyway? I will likely be buying a RV pass this year again and will gift out space within that lot for friends
  11. 2018 Jubilee!

    Melvin and DSO playing again. That was a lot of fun last time. Holly Bowling is a cool and interesting choice. Talking Dreads should be fun. Wish I liked bluegrass more, but it just doesn't do it for me. Yonder Mountain has somewhat held my attention in the past so hopefully the Infamous Stringdusters will too. My Jubilee dream performer is Stanley Clarke. I'm not sure why my mind assures me every year that there's a chance that this wish could come true. Stanley Clarke and his band would rip the Jube a new one! He probably asks a lot. I guess I am just a silly rabbit for even thinking it. Then there's Los Lobos. Yawn . It seems to me that Los Lobos is only recognized because the Dead played La Bamba and had them open a few times. I've never met anyone who is into Los Lobos. I've asked many heads. I haven't found anyone issuing them higher praise than, "eh, they're okay." (now watch a plethora of people kill me on this with claims that Los Lobos is their 2nd favorite band)
  12. Tea for Texas appreciation thread!

    The least jagged and jaded personality on the forum. Cheers Tea
  13. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Just bought my tickets for Red Rocks!!!!! Fantastic venue plug Doc! Magnificent! How could you not do everything in your power to get there? So hard to see them not doing a Friday & Saturday show. Or at least Friday. Friday in Idaho maybe? Driggs looks like an amazing place.
  14. JRAD....???

  15. 11/19/17 - State Theatre Ithaca, NY

    Love this setlist. This looks like a lot of fun.