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    01. 7/1/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (4/4/1969)
    02. 7/2/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (3/19/1977)
    03. 7/3/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (elective)

    04. 2/16/2012 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (9/6/1980)
    05. 8/31/2012 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (10/5/1984)
    06. 9/1/2012 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (9/30/1976)

    07. 2/10/2013 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (5/21/1977)
    08. 6/28/2013 Mishawaka, Bellvue, CO (elective)
    09. 6/29/2013 State Bridge, Bond, CO (9/16/1972)
    10. 6/30/2013 State Bridge, Bond, CO (4/7/1988)
    11. 7/8/2013 Veteran's Park, Springfield, OH (5/11/1979)

    12. 2/9/2014 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (elective)
    13. 5/23/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    14. 5/24/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (11/6/1977)
    15. 5/25/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    16. 8/2/2014 Pocahontas State Park, Chesterfield, VA (elective-mixed)

    17. 2/10/2015 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (5/21/1992)
    18. 5/22/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (6/17/1976)
    19. 5/23/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (4/22/1969)
    20. 5/24/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    21. 11/13/2015 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (elective)
    22. 12/31/2015 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective - old school)

    23. 2/28/2016 Express Live!, Columbus, OH (5/13/1978)
    24. 3/1/2016 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (elective - old school)
    25. 5/24/2016 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (3/25/1972)
    26. 5/27/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (3/27/1987)
    27. 5/28/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    28. 5/29/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (8/27/1972)
    29. 8/5/2016 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (6/5/1969)
    30. 8/5/2016 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (elective)
    31. 9/23/2016 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (11/20/1978)
    32. 9/24/2016 Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI (elective)
    33. 10/15/2016 StageAE, Pittsburgh, PA (elective)
    34. 12/30/2016 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective)
    35. 12/31/2016 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective)

    36. 2/16/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (5/14/1983)
    37. 2/17/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (5/15/1983)
    38. 2/18/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (1st: elective / 2nd: 5/24/1969)
    39. 2/19/2017 Harrah's, Lake Tahoe, NV (6/8/1977)
    40. 2/21/2017 House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV (4/10/1978)
    41. 5/13/2017 Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA (elective)
    42. 5/26/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective-mixed)
    43. 5/27/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective-mixed)
    44. 5/28/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (5/28/1977)
    45. 6/24/2017 RiverEdge Park, Aurora, IL (8/12/1987)
    46. 6/27/2017 Veteran's Park, Springfield, OH (elective)
    46. 7/28/2017 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH (elective)
    46. 7/29/2017 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH (9/18/1988)
    46. 7/30/2017 Melody Tent, Cape Cod, MA (4/22/1971)
    47. 8/10/2017 StageAE, Pittsburgh, PA (9/3/1977)
    48. 8/18/2017 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (elective)
    49. 8/19/2017 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (5/18/1977)
    50. 9/28/2017 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO (elective)
    51. 9/29/2017 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO (9/29/1977)
    52. 9/30/2017 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO (6/18/1983)
    53. 10/5/2017 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (12/13/90)
    54. 10/6/2017 Taft Theater, Cincinnati, OH (10/30/71)
    55. 10/7/2017 Express Live!, Columbus, OH (elective)
    56. 10/13/2017 Vic Theater, Chicago, IL (9/23/1987)
    57. 10/14/2017 Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI (elective)
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  1. A Little Help?

    I stand for eliminating all campaign contributions from third party sources and having all political campaigns funded directly by the taxpayer. I stand for limiting campaigns to set times based on the office being sought. (i.e. 2 weeks for mayors, a month for congress man, 3 months for Presidents) I stand for coup d'├ętat. I want the citizens, the police, the coast guard, the military, et all to stand hand in hand and force our current government to pick 4 representatives to help write the new constitution as everyone else steps down. I stand for the immediate legalization of ALL drugs and the immediate release of all non-violent drug offenders. Followed by programs to educate people about consumption, moderation, addiction, and rehabilitation. I stand for prison inmates being given full time jobs in special coop programs where they actually work low skill labor jobs or learn trades and earn a reasonable salary that gets put away so they have something to fall on when they get released. Currently our "justice" system make inmates work a few hours a day for $0.37 an hour and when it's time to release them we give them a taxi ride and the whopping $13 that they saved and say, "Good luck. Hope you don't come back." I stand for integrating architecture and nature. Urban and rural. I stand for food being grown and picked freely in the streets and farmers becoming stewards of our rural lands. I stand for never being required to pay a penalty or fee to be granted what the Bill of Rights guarantees to us in the Constitution . Most importantly, I stand on the side of us vs. them, NOT us vs. us It doesn't really matter anyway. What matters is whether as individuals we view each other as conspirators in their party's agenda or as victims of the same propaganda machine we all are being cooked in. I choose the latter. Why? Because I believe deep down, everyone's core values are the same. Review comments I've made. You'll rarely find a "you" or an "I". That's because I don't point blame generally at one person or group. "WE" on the other hand will come up often. The future's here, WE ARE IT, WE ARE ON OUR OWN. And you are either with us or against us. FIGHT THE POWER! (maybe I just listened to too much Public Enemy as a teen) I got a letter from the government, the other day. I opened and read it and said they were suckers. They wanted me for their army or whatever? Picture ME giving a damn, I said NEVER!
  2. A Little Help?

    Did you seriously just call that pig faced asshole MY President? You truly have never listened to or read a word I've said have you? I could tell a republican that the pig faced asshole raped 100 pre-teen girls and they would figure out a way to justify it. I could tell a democrat that the hag-faced bitch raped a 100 infant boys and they would figure out a way to justify it. Yeah, you're right Rude, we should be very worried.
  3. A Little Help?

    Rude, I've liked your two previous comments a lot. The one I quote here just may be one of your more concise and well thought out ever! Unfortunately it seems you do not fully accept that similar propaganda and tactics are used by democrats as well. It's not a single sided issue. Making it one is equally unproductive. I will agree that many of the things conservatives latch on to seem odd and directly effect them negatively. So many of the things they buy into directly puts corporate rights over individual ones, even though the purpose of doing so (expanding business, increasing jobs, increasing wages, lowering inflation, etc.) is rarely ever what actually happens. Shit, I was supposed to be refraining from political comments. ok, last one. Some other radical independent will have to take the reins.
  4. 10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI

    Anyone record video of the Chimes of Freedom by the way? I did and then screwed up somehow and deleted most of it. The stage side security was also giving Lisa a standing O and the one near us asked if I could send it to him. But now I don't have it.
  5. 10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI

    Stellar! If not for Columbus, this would have been the show of the year for me. Definitely a close second. Unfortunately, I spent first 10 minutes or so of 2nd set talking to the house manager and security about our stolen clothes. I had a brand new bargain bin tour shirt and The Winner had the awesome DSO 20 year zip-up stolen. and it was the last in that size. Sorry man. That sucks. I considered giving mine to you, but I'm too husky. A lesson to keep in mind that not all Heads are like minded and looking out for their brothers and sisters. For 80%+ plus of the crowd, this is probably a one or two time a year thing for them. Shining Star can bore me at times. But it was absolutely gorgeous this night. Love was in the air! Chimes of Freedom never disappoints. The Let it Grow was especially spunky with a big booming drum part. They sounded sooo big! I love that Imagine instrumental they do. Such a good idea to ace the lyrics on that. I've been waiting to get a Mr Fantasy>Hey Jude Reprise since I got on this bus. Well I got Hey Jude. It was really good - still look forward to my reprise though. Visions of Johanna is my favorite Dylan song performed by the Dead. I think it and Tangled may be Jeff's favorite to sing. He loves it!!! Killer, killer rendition! And finally Viola Lee was easily the song of the night. I've seen at least 5 of them and this was just on another level. A minute or so before it even ended, it reached the level where the crowd is just standing there with mouth's ajar staring at each other in awe or jumping around in hysteria!!!! See you in Albany!!!!!
  6. 10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI

    2nd Feelin' Groovy Jam in a week! That can't be common, right? I don't understand how this jam gets missed so often. It's probably the most distinguishable jam in the GD repertoire of named jams and it only occurs during one year between the two same songs.
  7. new coffee table picture book

    Looks awesome! A friend of mine used to have a fantastic 11x17 picture book back in the day. Can't find it on Google anywhere though. I like this one: Do you have or have you seen any of the Grateful Dead Comix?
  8. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    I knew you'd come through the the stats Tea!!! 3/19/77 Winterland = one of my favorite Franklin's.
  9. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    Oh I had to also mention that the Vic is officially the worst venue I've been too. Beautiful theater. Primitive policies. Generally unfriendly staff.
  10. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    Great show. Tons of fun. Can't help but to smile when you hear a La Bamba. Sorry Jer, Jeff's spanish is better than yours. How many La Bamba's has DSO performed? Anyone know. Didn't the Dead only do it like 3 times? Feel>Franklin's is a wonderful way to start a show. I also thought that 10-8-89 was the first Franklin's in 6 years or whatever. That must have been the first Help>Slip>Frank suite. Or I just don't know what I'm talking about on that, which is very possible. Anyway, I love Franklin's early in a show. Gets the crowd and the band moving and having a good time!
  11. A Little Help?

    I'm starting to believe that civil war may be the ultimate goal of the ruling faction. Too difficult to control such a large and diverse population. Time to make the herd thin itself. And then BLAME itself for it, furthur justifying the "need" for strong government involvement and regulation.
  12. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    That's okay. New plan. sml is changing his name to Mason's Daddy.
  13. A Little Help?

    I would add a couple things... In most modern wars, when speaking of territory, natural resources are usually what is desired. Iraq/Kuwait = oil; Afghanistan = opium. We borrowed $2 trillion from China to drop 50,000 bombs on uninhabited mountains in Afghanistan as a distraction while we secured the opium fields from the Taliban. If you don't believe me, just ask a soldier who was sent there to potentially die so their friends could eventually die from heroin overdoses. Not to mention, in nearly all modern US wars, our soldiers, young men just starting their adult lives, are killed with weaponry that WE provided to that "enemy" in some other ploy to take and control something deemed necessary for the good of the country. Starting right now, I refuse to speak either of the names of our last two presidential candidates ever again! I will no longer provide justification that our "democratic" system chose the two most universally hated candidates in the history of the country, when two of the better ones, Kasich & Sanders, were the alternatives. Incredibly disrespectful to the populace of this land and our Constitution. Entire country should have boycotted voting period. But we've all been pitted against each other, just as they've planned. Divide & Conquer. Oldest trick in the book for controlling a large group. Civil war is right Rude. That is their agenda and party liners are are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. I'm done with all political discussions period.
  14. A Little Help?

    That's the point. The military, police, fireman, coast guard, etc ARE THE PEOPLE. And they would, or at least it's my hope they would, stand WITH the people before standing with the government. Also comprised of people. I believe, or want to believe, that any organized military action against the citizens of this country would end swiftly in a partial or full coup d'├ętat. Maybe I have too much faith in our service men and women?
  15. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    I would like to see Mason's Child shorten his name to Mason, and sml to change his name to Mason's Child