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    01. 7/1/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (4/4/1969)
    02. 7/2/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (3/19/1977)
    03. 7/3/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (elective)

    04. 2/16/2012 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (9/6/1980)
    05. 8/31/2012 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (10/5/1984)
    06. 9/1/2012 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (9/30/1976)

    07. 2/10/2013 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (5/21/1977)
    08. 6/28/2013 Mishawaka, Bellvue, CO (elective)
    09. 6/29/2013 State Bridge, Bond, CO (9/16/1972)
    10. 6/30/2013 State Bridge, Bond, CO (4/7/1988)
    11. 7/8/2013 Veteran's Park, Springfield, OH (5/11/1979)

    12. 2/9/2014 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (elective)
    13. 5/23/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    14. 5/24/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (11/6/1977)
    15. 5/25/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    16. 8/2/2014 Pocahontas State Park, Chesterfield, VA (elective-mixed)

    17. 2/10/2015 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (5/21/1992)
    18. 5/22/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (6/17/1976)
    19. 5/23/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (4/22/1969)
    20. 5/24/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    21. 11/13/2015 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (elective)
    22. 12/31/2015 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective - old school)

    23. 2/28/2016 Express Live!, Columbus, OH (5/13/1978)
    24. 3/1/2016 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (elective - old school)
    25. 5/24/2016 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (3/25/1972)
    26. 5/27/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (3/27/1987)
    27. 5/28/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    28. 5/29/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (8/27/1972)
    29. 8/5/2016 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (6/5/1969)
    30. 8/5/2016 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (elective)
    31. 9/23/2016 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (11/20/1978)
    32. 9/24/2016 Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI (elective)
    33. 10/15/2016 StageAE, Pittsburgh, PA (elective)
    34. 12/30/2016 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective)
    35. 12/31/2016 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective)

    36. 2/16/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (5/14/1983)
    37. 2/17/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (5/15/1983)
    38. 2/18/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (1st: elective / 2nd: 5/24/1969)
    39. 2/19/2017 Harrah's, Lake Tahoe, NV (6/8/1977)
    40. 2/16/2017 House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV (4/10/1978)
    41. 5/13/2017 Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA (elective)
    42. 5/26/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective-mixed)
    43. 5/27/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective-mixed)
    44. 5/28/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (5/28/1977)
    45. 6/24/2017 RiverEdge Park, Aurora, IL (8/12/1987)
    46. 6/27/2017 Veteran's Park, Springfield, OH (elective)
    46. 7/28/2017 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH (elective)
    46. 7/29/2017 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH (9/18/1988)
    46. 7/30/2017 Melody Tent, Cape Cod, MA (4/22/1971)
    47. 8/10/2017 StageAE, Pittsburgh, PA (9/3/1977)
    48. 8/18/2017 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (elective)
    49. 8/19/2017 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (5/18/1977)
    50. ?
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  1. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    And of course you'll never forget your birthday song!
  2. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Welcome! Your excitement reminds me of how I felt at my first show. My first show was like receiving a heart transplant after a 16 year wait! At that show my soul was repaired, my heart was replenished, my mind was released, and I was made whole again. My last Dead show was 6/30/1995. My first DSO show was exactly 16 years and one day later on 7/1/2011... the show recreated that night, 4/4/69. Fuck yeah!!! Couldn't ask for a better initiation! Don't remember dancing much as I was more staring at the stage in utter amazement. Next night, they recreated my favorite Franklin's Tower by playing 3/19/77. Danced my ass off that night. Mind officially blown. Um, yeah I think I was hooked. A truly life altering weekend that was.
  3. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    It happens to me sometimes too. I'd imagine it does to everyone. I don't get why either. Only thing I can come up with for me is that there's a lot going on at a show and I can become distracted and if I don't notice that I've become distracted, it may take a little while to be released. In my review I really should have mentioned that GDTRFB. It was truly off the rails. That song gets me nervous when it is played. There was lore on the 90's Grateful Dead tours that when that song was played, someone major got busted. I'm pretty sure it was just lore but I still can't shake the thought when I hear the tune.
  4. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Awe inspiring is the truth. I'm not sure if any of us were expecting that. I was expecting a Sierra Nevada tavern with a few brew kettles. We pulled through the gate, turned the corner and my jaw dropped. A Taphouse brewing specialty beers, a huge production brewery brewing the full line up (I think), bottling, and distribution. What massive place! The barrels were like 20 feet in diameter and 100 feet tall and I count 16 of them in the picture that I can see. Plus the same amount of others half that height. I bet there's more than that even! Can you imagine what the Chico brewery must be like? And I loved the BBQ as well and thank you for your hospitality brother! It is a genuinely unique and inspiring experience to have so many like-minded people from so many different places come together for the love of this music, and to bask in the vibe and energy of others who do also. It's genuinely unique and inspiring to have people in so many places who you can connect with. It was a great, great time this weekend. Those who found themselves in Supplicated's room on Friday night also had an experience they'll absolutely never forget! As for the show, first of all... I FINALLY got my first Crazy Fingers! Fuck me, it only took 48 shows! Now I just need a Here Comes Sunshine. Maybe the Ohio run will bear that fruit! I seem to get a Corrina in every elective and was a little bored with it until the jam part. Fantastic Drum/Space segment this night with Barocco joining in for the last 5 minutes of Drums. The Visions of Johanna, as always, a huge highlight for me. King Solomon's may have been the biggest jam of the night. But my truly favorite song played tonight was the I Shall Be Released encore. That relatively rare song always touches me deeply.
  5. 08-18 & 19-17 Black Mountain, NC

    The time has come...
  6. 08/14/17 Dewey Beach, DE

    '71 ought to be in anybody's "money era"
  7. 08-10-17 Pittsburgh, PA

    Solid second set featuring a very serious Eyes and Sampson as well as an epic NFA>Truckin to end the set. I commented that I've seen a few too many NFA's in the past month and a half, but this one was very interesting and kinda unique. I'm going to have to check some Dead versions from late 77-78 and see if they were doing this unique segment that the band was doing last night. I like this venue, aside from the asshole door guys. Dance floor is huge with tons of room for people to get down. Nice outdoor area where you can bring your beverages. American Eagle needs to build a stage in Cleveland. We have several great venues in Cleveland that would be much more appropriate for our crowd and I've always wondered why they play the House of Blues, which isn't bad but has an absolutely atrocious design which doesn't allow good sight lines to the stage or sound lines to the speakers. Unfortunately the places I'm thinking of are just a little too big for DSO.
  8. 08-10-17 Pittsburgh, PA

    That's unfortunate, but in today's case an 8pm start actually helps us, although I think we'll still arrive an hour early.. Good news is the inside had plenty of space for dancing last year.
  9. 08-14 & 15-17 Dewey Beach, DE

    I have heard so many mixed reviews of this stop. From "it's a shit hole" to "it's great" to "it's a shit hole, but it's OUR shit hole" I guess not all beach venues are created equal.
  10. 08-10-17 Pittsburgh, PA

    I enjoyed this show a lot last year, even though it was on the indoor stage. Great sound and lots of room to dance. Nice and dark. They have an outdoor stage too which looks fantastic. Hopefully they open up the outside stage, weather permitting.
  11. 7th Annual Greatful Dead Meet Up

    They're also releasing a video box set too. I wonder if that will have identical sound quality? Most video footage of the Dead are pretty poor quality compared to today's standards.
  12. 7th Annual Greatful Dead Meet Up

    I don't think the Grateful Dead Movie showing wasn't billed as a "Meet up At The Movies" event. Don't quote me on that. I went to one of these for the first time last night. Fun time, great performance. I agree.... best thing about watching Dead videos from 87-90 is seeing Jerry so happy. Bobby gets him going just as much as Brent sometimes. He was in heaven between Bobby and Brent. He's always laughing at them with a face that says, "I love these two lunatics!" Bruce killed that Women Smarter though. I assumed Brent might have forbidden Bruce to touch his keys, but obviously Brent was having a blast with Bruce. (I don't think anyone told Bruce to not drink anything backstage.) Happy 75th Jerry! You are so sorely missed. Your passing left a hole in my heart and soul. Thanks to DSO for plugging it.
  13. 07-30-17 Hyannis, MA

    Surprised no one has mentioned the Drums... Dino deserves extra recognition for absolutely slaying the drums at this performance! They sounded so big and so full - had to be reverb on them or something. Fantastic drums segment... best of the weekend for sure!
  14. 08/03/17 Buffalo, NY

    Well that is pretty lame.
  15. 08/03/17 Buffalo, NY

    No dancing space? It's a small stadium is it not? They should be able to fit the whole crowd right on the field. I don't get it?