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    01. 7/1/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (4/4/1969)
    02. 7/2/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (3/19/1977)
    03. 7/3/2011 Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, OH (elective)

    04. 2/16/2012 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (9/6/1980)
    05. 8/31/2012 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (10/5/1984)
    06. 9/1/2012 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (9/30/1976)

    07. 2/10/2013 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (5/21/1977)
    08. 6/28/2013 Mishawaka, Bellvue, CO (elective)
    09. 6/29/2013 State Bridge, Bond, CO (9/16/1972)
    10. 6/30/2013 State Bridge, Bond, CO (4/7/1988)
    11. 7/8/2013 Veteran's Park, Springfield, OH (5/11/1979)

    12. 2/9/2014 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (elective)
    13. 5/23/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    14. 5/24/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (11/6/1977)
    15. 5/25/2014 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    16. 8/2/2014 Pocahontas State Park, Chesterfield, VA (elective)

    17. 2/10/2015 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (5/21/1992)
    18. 5/22/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (6/17/1976)
    19. 5/23/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (4/22/1969)
    20. 5/24/2015 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    21. 11/13/2015 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (elective)
    22. 12/31/2015 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective - old school)

    23. 2/28/2016 Express Live!, Columbus, OH (5/13/1978)
    24. 3/1/2016 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (elective - old school)
    25. 5/24/2016 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (3/25/1972)
    26. 5/27/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (3/27/1987)
    27. 5/28/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    28. 5/29/2016 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (8/27/1972)
    29. 8/5/2016 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (6/5/1969)
    30. 8/5/2016 Pisgah Brewery, Black Mountain, NC (elective)
    31. 9/23/2016 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH (11/20/1978)
    32. 9/24/2016 Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI (elective)
    33. 10/15/2016 StageAE, Pittsburgh, PA (elective)
    34. 12/30/2016 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective)
    35. 12/31/2016 Electric Factory, Philly, PA (elective)

    36. 2/16/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (5/14/1983)
    37. 2/17/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (5/15/1983)
    38. 2/18/2017 UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (1st: elective / 2nd: 5/24/1969)
    39. 2/19/2017 Harrah's, Lake Tahoe, NV (6/8/1977)
    40. 2/16/2017 House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV (4/10/1978)
    41. 5/13/2017 Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA (elective)
    42. 5/26/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    43. 5/27/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (elective)
    44. 5/28/2017 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH (5/28/1977)

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  1. Thanks for this valuable info! I got 5 on it!
  2. I'm bringing my chair as well and sitting right by Rude. I've heard a lot of rambling about "locals in chairs" as if there's something wrong with that. When in Cleveland, I'm a local. And if I want to sit in a chair that night then I have every right! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with people who want to bring chairs or have a leisurely concert experience. That makes them no less worthy of the music or the experience. Nor are they in any way less dedicated to the scene or inferior deadheads. Some people are older or have medical conditions that keep them from dancing. I sincerely hope that none of my friends or myself are ever so physically compromised that they do not have a choice. Also, we should go up and thank all those locals who come with chairs! THEY ALLOW THIS BAND TO CONTINUE! You think the band could afford to operate on the ticket sales generated from tour heads and people doing 6-12 shows a year? That's like 5% of the crowd, if that. The band, as well as us, depend on locals coming to keep the bus rolling.
  3. Why they didn't have a smoking section inside was baffling to me though. It was an outdoor venue and enormous. I guess it holds 7500 people.
  4. The security didn't ruin the vibe though. Just doing their job. I saw them pull a couple people to the side and tell them to keep it cool, don't smoke so you don't get arrested. There were tons of uniformed police in the venue too. They weren't looking to get anyone in trouble. Probably the opposite actually. I'd come here and not smoke in a heartbeat before going back to Ann Arbor where we were basically told not to dance.
  5. I was surprised to hear this too when hearing it - it's why it stuck in my head for all these years.. Another thing Jerry mentioned in that same interview was something about how his approach to soloing was typically to play the melody of the lyrics. Obviously we've all heard this in the songs, but it was interesting to hear him say it and if I recall his desire to learn and play the basic song perfectly was tied to that melodic playing. Like it was very important for the basics and foundation of the song to be set in order for them to be able to expand on it. Makes sense to me.
  6. I was gonna say, please tell me what vitamins you're taking!
  7. I can't tell what you're disagreeing with exactly? By Warlocks you mean the '89 shows, right?
  8. Super well said. 100% agree. I heard from in interview with Jerry discussing how different Bobby and his approach to writing and rehearsing were. When Jerry came to rehearsal with a brand new song, it's structure and his playing of it were very tight. Rarely did he come with a new song that wasn't completely written and he knew exactly what he wanted. Little, if any improvisation. Jerry was very adamant that they guys played the parts correctly, consistently, and perfectly. I guess Jerry was pretty anal about this. But Bobby and supposedly Mickey were very hard to keep on script. They would drift off into improvisation and Jerry would get pissed. Alternately, Bobby would usually arrive with songs very loosely written and the band had to work out the details a bit more in the rehearsal room.
  9. Monster 2nd set, particularly after the drum/Space segment. Estimated was a great surprise! The UJB completely dissolved into musical gibberish and I sensed that most of us were expecting them to go into Playin, but instead made an immediate, out-of-nowhere, transition into Estimated. Great job! There were several killer transitions in that 2nd set. DSO is getting really great at transitioning. Beautiful transition from Throwing Stones into NFA too. Jeff just kills Stella every time. I'm really enjoying Jeff's singing on these Jerry ballads too! Really gorgeous venue. Unfortunately, there was a staff or security member for every 25 people it seemed. They were no nonsense. Didn't notice them throwing anyone out or being super-dicks, but they made it loud and clear there was going to be no smoking of any sort or foul play in this venue. Maybe because it's a brand new venue? They would let you out and back in, but the police presence was stifling outside.
  10. Before the days of having access to every recording at my fingertips, I thought Jerry's dis-ease reaaly kicked into overdrive when Bruce left and the reality of Brent being gone and Vince being there set in. However, 92, and 93, although not great years by Dead standards, had some highlights and still saw some great music being created. The downhill trajectory Jerry took through '94 was extreme, culminating in the awful, basically intolerable version of him in '95. I always figured the coma was Jerry's rock-bottom time. The '95 spring & summer tours more likely would get that recognition.
  11. Price gouging. TicketMaster and Live Nation are as bad as the mafia.
  12. That is absurd. Blossom lawn tickets are $40 + fees. And the lawn at Blossom sounds a lot better than most amphitheaters I been to due to the design of the stage canopy.
  13. I cannot condemn you, and nor will I deny... I have felt the same way. After Jerry died, I attended the two Further Festival Tours in the years that followed. I couldn't stick around. There was just something missing, and it wasn't just Jerry. The soul of the music and the scene was ripped out. And all the incarnations after just never did it for me. It's almost as if I have a sub-conscience obligation to dislike these off-brand versions of the Dead. I wasn't happy with the Dead & Co decision really. And not just Mayer but the choice to do it at all. But somehow, someway, despite my typical personal aversions to these watered down Grateful Dead revivals, I have come to find the positive aspects and potential effects of Dead & Co outweigh my personal feelings and aversions.
  14. Weird. I find the comments to be overwhelmingly positive. I have even been listening o some of these recent shows and have been at least satisfied with the progress. I would be counted as one of the Deadheads who never really knew John Mayer was a competent guitarist to begin with, so any prowess shown by him was surprising to me.
  15. Holy overanalization Batman! Emphasis on ANAL!