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  1. Mojo Hand

    Best Miss 1/2 Step?

    I am going to stay away from the greatest of all-time discussion because specific dates are not my strength. But I would like to say that I really love the Half-Steps from the '73 era (example Dick's Pick's One). To a fault, especially in later eras, Bobby's guitar was often too low in the mix. It wasn't like that during the '73 time period. The rhythm guitar is often just right during that era. Half-step is one of those songs where Bobby really does some extraordinary guitar work if the listener is lucky enough to hear it. The combination of being more prominent in the mix, some really nice guitar tones Bobby was using during that period, as well as a little extra space between instruments provided by 1 drummer vs 2 are the factors that make Bobby's guitar stand out at that time. I'll take 1973 as my favorite era for that song. (in defense of grateful dead sound engineers.....I'm not sure I would have put Bobby prominently in the mix either considering some of the awful guitar tones he was using in the '90's.)
  2. Mojo Hand

    Joe Russo’s Amost Dead

    You should refer to a thread on the DSO forum from approx about 6 months ago. Same question asked and lots of feedback given. I am not a fan. Seen them once. Too much shredding. All male energy at the show. No dancing, all head bobbing. Boring and non creative jamming. Very skilled playing but not my thing. Way too heavy an interpretation for my tastes.
  3. Mojo Hand

    Franklin Music Hall -12/28/18

    Yes and thanks for asking. So glad I picked Friday. They were just so amazing. The setlist was right up my alley. And the dance space was plentiful. What a night. I have so much more to say about the playing. It is so cathartic to shake dem bones sometimes. Much needed and still in the afterglow. Praise DSO and Happy New Year.
  4. Mojo Hand

    Franklin Music Hall -12/28/18

    Filler. That’s what love will make you do.
  5. Mojo Hand

    Franklin Music Hall -12/28/18

    12/28/87 So cool. Excellent 80’s Dead. Played so well. Highlights were sugaree, Cumberland, and sugar mags. Thank thank thank you Eaton for a beautiful Masterpiece.
  6. Mojo Hand

    Top 10 albums

    These are the albums I wore out the most. In no particular order. (for me.....I do not include the Grateful Dead in any of these discussions. They are an art form unto themselves. "The only ones at what they do." I don't really put them in song/artist/albums comparisons.) Van Halen - Women and Children First Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon Crosby Still and Nash - self-titled 1969 "CSN" album Neil Young - Harvest Moon (1992) Martin Sexton - Black Sheep Old and In the Way - self-titled album Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - UFOTOFU Dar Williams - Mortal City The Hooters - Amore Blues Traveler - self-titled 1st album God Street Wine - $1.99 Romances Guns and Roses - Appetite for Destruction Hon Mention: The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta Allman Brothers - Eat a Peach Natalie Merchant - Tigerlilly Van Halen - Diver Down Miles Davis - at least a handful of his albums Stevie Ray Vaughn - Texas Flood
  7. Mojo Hand

    Rolling stones

    no doubt the are Stones one of the greats. A library of epic tunes. I have seen them once (1989) and thought they were not a good live band. Watched plenty of other live performances. Seems like they can't reproduce their sound on stage. For lack of a better term, they sound very empty on-stage and not really together. Probably just me. I will say this about the Stones of the last 20 years....they are caricatures of themselves. I find it odd when you see the aging rock stars trying to act like the same young men they were 50 years ago, instead of allowing themselves to grow into something else...as we all do.
  8. Mojo Hand

    The Anthem

    I am not sure I agree with that statement. Jerry died an addict. He died a slow death. His end days were unhealthy by his own making. He was at a low point in his professional career because his playing was generally sluggish, sloppy, and uninspired. I would say that he definitely did not “nail the dismount”.
  9. Mojo Hand

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    A peaceful place or so it looks from space
  10. Mojo Hand

    The Anthem

    I had the good fortune of being at the RFK Casey Jones and the Unbroken Chain in Philly. The crowd reaction to Unbroken Chain was euphoric and big. However, for me it was one of those nights that exemplify the downward trajectory of the band. It was spring of '95. The setlist that night featured an Easy Answers, Way to Go Home, Corrina, Mathilda, and a very poorly played Unbroken Chain. The song never really meant that much to me, so the bust-out was not significant for me and it was very poorly played. Numerous buzzkills in this concert, as was typical for the time period. I've never listened back. I'm sure there were some well played moments, but those '95 setlists could never hold me for very long. On the other hand......the Casey Jones bust-out was one of the highlights in the best week of my life. What a day at RFK! Not the best Dead show I have ever seen....but a great one for me and a day I will never forget. I have never experienced group exuberance like that Casey Jones. Casey Jones is also not a very important song for me.....but the moment was huge. The colors, the smiles, the green grass, the sun, the dancing, the train whistle, the liquid! I will never be able to adequately express what that moment felt like.
  11. Mojo Hand

    Philly Question

    Good stuff. Much appreciated. You must be a statistician.
  12. Mojo Hand

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    preacher man call me a sinner, but his little girl call me a saint
  13. Mojo Hand

    Philly Question

    This is a question for the prognosticators in group. I have a houseful of out of town guests the week between x-mas and NYE. I can only get away for one show. Philly 12/28 or 12/29 works best. So.....if you had to guess based on history, does either one of those nights have a greater likelihood of being a recreation than the other? I looked at the history, and I'm not noticing any trends, but there are many of who are far more versed than me. Getting ready to buy a ticket and figured I would seek-out guesses. I definitely have a preference for recreations versus originals and have hit a string of originals lately. Hoping to put my money on the right date. Go ahead and throw me a guess if you have any thoughts. No judgments if the guess turns out wrong.
  14. Mojo Hand

    Wellmont Theater Question ??

    I was in the balcony last year. Great seats. A little tight for dancing, but typical for a place that is either an old movie theater or a place that has plays. can't comment on the rest.
  15. Mojo Hand

    Touch Heads

    BTW.....I always feel Nitrous gets a bad rap. I happen to love the stuff. I know it's bad for you and all that....but as long as I enjoy something to no detriment of others, then live and let live. The problem with Nitrous is the people who dealt it brought a bad element to the scene, and too many people do not enjoy responsibly. It's a shame nitrous wasn't sold by Heads right in-line with t-shirts, burritos, and patches on Shakedown St. Then maybe it wouldn't get such a bad rap. For people like me who want to sit down with some balloons and friends....what's the harm? I understand that I am supporting the bad element by purchasing their product. That's why I wish it was sold by Heads right on Shakedown St. Then I could enjoy my drug with no negative connotations attached. today is the day I come out of the nitrous closet.