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  1. JRAD....???

    great reviews thanks. The idea of not playing full songs and straying too far away from the "constitution" are the kinds of things that are likely to kill a groove for me. However, nice to see others on the site speak very highly of them. Looking forward to it and the feedback from all is much appreciated. I can only say that after 16 years of thinking that transcendence through music was a thing of the past for me......I found DSO in 2011. I am so happy I found them, and should have listened to all the people who told me to go years earlier!
  2. JRAD....???

    I'm from Philly. I've got the itch, but Montclair wasn't in the cards this past weekend. Penn's Peak doesn't work for me either. A friend wants me to go with him to see JRAD next weekend. I am very discerning about my Dead music. Anyone have any reviews on JRAD they would like to share? Are they a Dead cover band......or are they DSO / Grateful Dead? Can they get you to those special places? I am going no matter what. Great fiend who I love to spend time with. Just looking to set my expectations.....cause I'm that type of guy.
  3. Sounded so Sweet

    I am going to interpret your question as follows....the Great Gig in The Sky tells me that I will have one last chance in life to dance. What song am I picking? The contenders are; Music Never Stopped Lost>Saint Sugar Magnolia>SSDD Big Railroad Blues China>Rider Almost any of the Bobby Cowboy Songs BIODTL I gotta go Sugar Mags>SSDD. It's never failed me.
  4. Barraco will do a Reddit AMA on Friday - 10/27

    Great question PG. 1. Obvious question, but am interested in the answer.......does he have a favorite era/keyboardist to perform?
  5. A Little Help?

    Most prescription and drug deaths are self-inflicted. People choose to take the drug and they die. Is there a new epidemic of people forcing others to ingest drugs and killing them? Sorry, I have not heard of it. There is a major difference between people dying and people getting murdered. People use guns to commit murder. People do not use drugs to directly commit murder. Again....your equivalency is very flawed.
  6. A Little Help?

    Sorry. This is not a valid equivalency. 1. Without having exact numbers, I would suspect that the proportion of accidental vehicle deaths/total vehicle deaths is higher than the proportion of accidental gun deaths/total gun deaths. At a minimum, I am sure there are more people killed purposefully by guns than those who are intentionally murdered by car. In other words, if all gun deaths were accidental, I would not be suggesting that the 2nd Amendment needs revisiting. Yes....there are gun accidents, as there are vehicle accidents. However, guns are also used as intentional tools of murder at an increasingly alarming rate. Cars are generally not used for this purpose. The intent matters in this case. If one agrees that intent matters, your argument is not an equivalent. 2. I am a proponent of responsible limits and regulations on who should be able to operate a vehicle, and how a vehicle should safely be operated. Most states have laws that say you may not operate a hand held device while operating a vehicle because it protects the public. There are countless laws that dictate how a car may be driven to promote safety. For example, speed limits must be followed. There are very reasonable limits on how much you are allowed to drink and drive. I would suggest even more limits on the driving privileges of older adults and younger adults. Driving is a very regulated privilege. I do not believe that gun ownership is regulated anywhere close to the extent it should be to promote public safety. For example, if there existed a Cell Phone Lobby group and they were anywhere near as powerful or RIDICULOUS as the NRA, do you think that handheld devices would have ever been restricted while operating a vehicle. Just a wild guess......but I doubt it. There is one caveat to this argument.....the increasing use of vehicles as a weapon during terrorist attacks. That being said, I am sure there are many more gun murders than vehicle murders in the world. As long as that remains the case, I believe my argument above remains valid.
  7. A Little Help?

    At the risk of incorrectly paraphrasing, you seem to strongly believe that the right to bear arms is justified in the need to protect oneself against a tyrannical, overbearing, or otherwise wrongful government. This is a reasonable viewpoint and bears consideration. While I never would have given this argument two seconds of thought, events of the past year have convinced me that anything can happen and maybe the need will arise. However, you also have cast a large spotlight on the Bill of Rights in your many arguments and statements on this page. The forefathers of our country and Framers of our Constitution are not infallible. Slavery??? The 2nd Amendment is nothing more than words. I am tired of hearing about the 2nd Amendment being enough reason for guns to be legal. The best thing the founders did was allow for the Constitution to be changed and AMENDED. The 2nd Amendment is outdated. It is time the Right to Bear Arms is "Infringed" upon in some meaningful way. There is not enough time in my day to provide all the reasons I believe there needs to be at minimum more sensible gun control, if not a total ban. You state in an earlier post that "I am a peaceful man". That is the calling card of many an NRA member. "Guns don't kill...people do." You are not innocent or peaceful just because you have never used a gun irresponsibly. This country has a gun epidemic that more reasonable countries do not. It is not because our populus is more unhappy than others, or because we have more mental instability. It is because we have easy access to guns, especially semi-automatic weapons. Plain and simple. I strongly believe that anyone who carries that NRA card, or fights against reasonable gun control in any form, has blood on their hands......and should therefore reconsider their own accountability. As far as your stance on kneeling for the anthem.....no one that I know ever fought for a flag. They fought for the ideals of democracy and basic human rights. There are plenty of heroes who never fought in war, but used peaceful means to fight the tyranny of government. Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali come to mind. The peaceful expression of one's beliefs, no matter the form, is protected in another of your cherished bill of rights. My guess is that you don't agree with the stance of the protesters or the reasons why they kneel. I am not so sure I do either. However, I can tell you Colin Kaepernick had a lot to lose by choosing a peaceful protest in order to shed light upon an issue he felt needed attention. Standing up for a flag is easy. Putting it all on the line for what one views as a stance in support of basic human rights is hard. IMHO, the latter represents true American ideals and embodies what people fought for.
  8. A Little Help?

    Could not agree more. The necessity of an active third party has been my pet political issue for 20 years. As much as I detest the current president and the current actions of the alt right, I can see a path to a third party right now. If Steve Bannon continues his assault on moderate republicans, a major fracture could ensue within the Republican party that leads to a relevant 3rd party on the far right. I would further encourage Bernie Sanders to do the same thing in the Democratic Party and lead a 4th party that is far left. Lo and behold.....we would have a moderate Democratic Party, a moderate Republican Party, a progressive/socialist party, and a far-right party. As you suggest.....coalitions would need to be formed to pass legislation, which will have a long-term benefit to the country.
  9. I've thought a lot about this since discovering DSO. I don't think it's about the players. I think it's about the music. Yes.....the GD were the composers, songwriters, and originators of their own category. Yes.....the band (esp. Jerry) have achieved such hero status in our hearts and imagination that it is hard to put anyone on their level. However, none of that has anything to do with what's being presented onstage. I think the only way to analyze your question is to compartmentalize and separate oneself from the lore of the Grateful Dead. I read a Robert Hunter interview once where he says that he and Jerry had a sense at the time that they were writing "music for the ages". I believe that the GD have given us a remarkably original catalog of music, and showed us a singularly unique spirit with which it can be performed. Unless I am fooling myself and/or my ears are totally deceiving me, I think DSO is playing the music just as well as the Dead and presenting it in the same spirit that allows for a transcendental experience. I hope and believe that it is music for the ages. To my experience, DSO is the only band with the musicianship and spirit to carry the torch without losing a step. I hope one day another band comes along that takes the torch from DSO. It will only be music for the ages if it is performed in the GD sprit on stage....because live music is what this is about. Granted.....I am of the "touch head" generation and started seeing the band in the '88. I am sure large venues, time, and other influences changed the GD experience from what it was in the seventies. So to this fan.....DSO holds somewhat of an unfair advantage. That being said......I get to the same places with DSO as I did with the Dead, and I don't even do psychadelics anymore. It's all movement and music. Sorry Hardpan.....that's my long-winded way of saying that I don't experience any quantifiable or qualifying difference between the DSO and GD experience. It's the music that matters....and both bands Got It!
  10. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    el paso playing in the band (not a huge fan of the space jam in pitb) t jed (too repetitive) Tom Thumb Blues Queen Jane Approx. Johnny B Goode
  11. Taper abbreviations thread

    biodtl (pronounced......biodittle) I have to ask.....what is dough knees?
  12. RIP Tiff Garcia

    Found this little blurb in an obit. As Tiff told the Marin Independent Journal in 2006, he was a morning person who wasn’t fond of show business. When Tiff attended Grateful Dead shows, he eschewed the backstage scene, preferring to hang out in the audience with other “Deadheads.” In 1988, Tiff quit his Post Office job and started a stint in the merchandising department at Grateful Dead Productions in San Rafael, California where he remained until the company transferred operations to Los Angeles based Rhino Entertainment in 2006. https://www.inquisitr.com/4490894/jerry-garcias-brother-clifford-tiff-garcia-dead-at-age-79/
  13. RIP Tiff Garcia

    I am stretching my memory here. I think Tiff Garcia was discussed in the biography "Dark Star". I remember something to the extent that he didn't come around too much because he did not like the scene, but no falling out. Could be wrong.
  14. Dead & Co. - Fall Tour 2017

    Interesting scenario. I think MC is correct. If Bobby went first, I think the boys would have wrapped it up just as they did when Jerry died. My guess is that if any one of them had passed in 1995 (except for Vince) they would have folded up shop. They were done, and it seems just "trucking on" to feed the machine. Recall the scene in summer '95. It was horrible.......especially the gate crashers showing up everywhere. I remember the band sent out a letter to the fans asking for better behavior or the entire scene was at risk. Things were not good. Anyone else think they may have called it quits, or at least gone on a hiatus, even if Jerry did not die after that tour? On another note.....psyched to see the Bobby love on this thread. No doubt the man created his own style. His style of rhythm guitar is almost unrecognizable to anyone else who played rhythm guitar before him. That can not be said of many musicians in any genre. I love the segment in the documentary "the other one" when he figures he has played guitar and sang in front of a live audience more than anyone else in human history (paraphrasing). Stands to reason, right? Bobby Badass!
  15. Dear Jerry AXS tv

    I have watched parts of the Dear Jerry concert. Last night I saw a segment where Bill Kreutzman was playing with some members of his new band, as well as a couple guests. Sorry, I am not really up to date on the current music scene, so I don't really know who was on stage with him. Anyhow, they played a killer Scarlet/Rider. They did the full transition, as if going into Fire on the Mountain, and went into I Know you Rider instead. It sounded totally natural. Bill played a few tunes with his band first (Help/slip/frank), before changing the line-up for the Scarlet/Rider. I haven't seen the whole concert yet, but I thought Kreutzman was the best of any of the acts. Big energy and everything well played. Last night, before AXS TV played the Dear Jerry concert, they aired a 1 hour special, titled "From Anthem to Beauty". I only caught the tail end. The band members, Robert Hunter, and other involved parties were discussing the making of Anthem of the Sun and American Beauty albums, as well as lots of other stuff from the early days. It was really interesting. Looked like most of the interviews with the band were done about 15-20 years ago. Lots of previously unseen footage, interviews, and photos from the late 60's / early 70's. Lots of details in the interviews about specific songs straight from the songwriters. Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Check it out if you can. Bobby told a cool story about how he was recording the lyrics to Sugar Magnolia, while Hunter was in an adjacent room writing the lyrics to Sunshine Daydream. He said the first time he read the SSDD lyrics was when he recorded them and how shocked he was that he made it through clean since he is dyslexic. Really nice piece on Box of Rain, where Hunter and Phil both discuss the making of the song, and Phil discusses what it means to him.