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  1. 9/8/88. My first Grateful Dead show and the first time I tried hallucinogenics. The day everything changed. Super excited to see it show up on a DSO list. Not long after Jerry died I wrote a song about the Grateful Dead. Titled it in honor of my first show. Here are the lyrics. “Spectrum ‘88” You gave the food of love to those who came to listen. We gave it back to you. The dust has cleared and your rays they still glisten. Your legacy is true. A song of love...a song of adventure A song to help you get through the night. A song so pure it could hold all the answers....to life. Thank you boys, you’ve done well. I hope you’re proud of yourselves. Thank you boys, you’ve done well by me. Inspiration bred a wonderful creation. It bears no label or a name. Belonging to no single generation. Were you the players or the game? A song of chance....a song of desolation. A song to help you see the light. A song so strong it spurred on a nation To new heights. Thank you boys, you’ve done well. i hope you’re proud of yourselves. Thank you boys you’ve done well by me.
  2. excellent show. Eaton seemed to really be into the show last night. He was pretty active on the stage. Eaton announced the loss of a close family member at the beginning of the show. Condolences to Eaton and thanks for playing through your loss. Also, it was the anniversary of Jerry's death and they said Matt Reynolds too. When I first got into the venue, I was a little concerned. Most of my area was sitting and I was actually asked to sit down. Took a bathroom break during Duprees and and when I came back, found a new spot with totally better energy. The energy kept gaining steam throughout the night until it seemed like the whole place was up and moving. I bounced around a lot and my favorite area was in the couple rows above the main aisle stage left. There was a good group of dancers in that aisle and security hassled no-one. Of all the DSO original setlists I have seen, this was my favorite. I don't like too many rarities in my setlists or mixing of eras. This setlist stayed pretty true to mid 80's thru early 90's. The first 3 to open the show (stranger/loser/minglewood) were stellar. Minglewood was downright nasty! Me and My Uncle was great. Strange rhythm to Big River. I think DSO put a completely original spin on Big River last night. A little slower and bluesier pace. Not sure if that was from a Dead styling of Big River, but don't think so. Wasn't too crazy about the Big River and it took from what is always one of my favorite pairings. Deal was smoking. Lots of gambling songs in first set to go with the Casino venue. Box of Rain is usually not a live favorite....but they killed it last night. Really beautifully played. Help/Slip/Frank was sick. Mattson tore up Franklin's. Franklin's was among highlights of the night. Terrapin was a monster! Dare I say......I think DSO is making me a fan of Truckin. Song never did anything for me until seeing DSO do it a few times recently. Great truckin. last night. Mission in the Rain was the highlight of the evening for me. Just gorgeous. Really thought that Eaton, Mattson, and Barraaco shined in so many moments last night. On the morning Jerry died I was camping on the Mississippi River during a cross country trip with my girlfriend. Being on the river that Jerry and the boys so often sung about really made it a special day for me. I remember sitting in my campground that morning and looking out on the river (somewhere in Minnesota) and feeling that I was meant to experience Jerry's death right there in that spot and moment, Very spiritual for me. DSO playing Black Muddy River on the anniversary of his death brought that moment back to me last night so vividly. Thanks DSO.
  3. That was generally my point. Aiko and Women r smarter are essentially the same song with different lyrics.
  4. I love Aiko. I love Women ard Smarter. Not sure how I would feel about them paired together.
  5. There’s an interesting topic. Take it or leave it on the Dylan covers (only as it pertains to dead concerts ....not the Dylan song itself) Take It: Masterpiece Baby Blue desolation row she Belongs to me watchtower maggies farm leave it: queen jane Tom Thumb blues Lot to laugh train to cry ballad of a thin man knockin on heaven door Quinn the Eskimo stuck inside a mobile visions of johanna Now imagine the above as a set list. Throw drums /space in the middle and it’s almost full. That is one boring setlist.
  6. One man’s Victim or the Crime is another man’s Death Don’t Have No Mercy.
  7. Great first set. I got a call from my wife at set break that my son was very sick and I had to leave. BUMMER! He is totally fine now. Little punk stole my second set from me. Feel Like a Stranger had what seemed like a totally different rhythm and pace to it. Wondering if the band was having a hard time finding the groove or it was intentional....or maybe I was just hearing things? Had a hard time achieving lift-off......Half Step finally got me there. Really well played. This was the second time I've seen Eaton do Masterpiece. I love what he puts into the song. That song really holds a special meaning to me. Of all the songs I've learned on guitar in my lifetime......that's the only one that I have never stopped playing. It was one of the very first songs I learned, and I still strum it every now and again 25 years later. The lyrics are just so perfect. Thank You Rob. Birdsong was really well done. Jeff was having a really good night. 3 great selections in the first set and he killed them all. Kind of figured it was a 90's show when the first set cut short. Based on what they had played over the last week, my call last night was for an 80's show with Help, Slip, Frank. I lived in Princeton JCT, NJ for a long time (town right next to Princeton). I don't go back to Princeton very often, but really appreciate what a beautiful town it is whenever I get to visit. Enjoyed that part of the night last night. Lots of dance space. McCarter was not full. Dance seen was pretty subdued in 1st set. Met up with a good high school friend inside. Had fun dancing and wished I got to stay and dance to that Aiko and Throwing Stones in the 2nd Set. Oh Well.....gotta wait until summer. Peace.
  8. 2nd set pre-drums list is huge!
  9. If forced to pick one song that epitomized Grateful Dead music, I would also pick China / Rider for essentially the reasons mentioned. But my first answer would be that you need to pick at least a dozen songs to truly capture their entire essence........ and that is one of the things that makes them so unique. For many to most bands, I think you could pick one or two songs to get a snapshot of what the band is really about. Not for Grateful Dead music. If the listener afforded me the time to truly answer the question, I would suggest listening to each of the following selections in order to get a well-rounded and informed perspective on what Grateful Dead music is. Me and My Uncle - they are cowboy troubadoors Stella Blue - ......and they are balladeers China/Rider - they are the intersection of Psychadelia and Americana Terrapin Station - they are the only ones at what they do Cumberland Blues - they bring a rare anthropological perspective and foundation to their music Saint of Circumstance - they are Rock N Roll Stars....Bob Weir is the true King of Rock and Roll Samson and Delilah - they provide unique interpretations of roots music.....that will make you dance your face off Wharfrat- they are storytellers Dark Star - they are free-form improvisational musicians Masterpiece - they love to perform Bob Dylan music Loser - one great Jerry "first set" song for good measure Jack-A-Roe - they are bluegrass The Other One - they are dark Eyes of the World - they are jazz Minglewood Blues.....and once again, Bob Weir is the true King of Rock and Roll
  10. Also an all-time favorite, probably because we played that CD over and over in 91/92. I think Bill Walton would do a nice job doing the intro for DSO.
  11. Mojo Hand

    Portland #2

    Not much to dance to until the end. tough set list. I would have never been able to catch a groove at this show. too many songs from the weaker end of the catalog.....some not really even part of the catalog.
  12. I quit. I can't figure out what this one means.
  13. "Mama and Papa, little sister she makes 3"
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