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  1. Wellmont

    D/s wheel death don’t have no mercy.
  2. Wellmont

    And while I’m on the point ...if you’re gomma do an elective, consider electing to skip Drums/Space.
  3. Wellmont

    Set II hellp slip frank corinna cosmic charlie d/s sorry. I know this will be unpopular. Imho... at their best, this band is an equal conduit of grateful dead music as was the Grateful Dead. When they do electives....they are a cover band. Stick to GD music. Electives are not gd music. Electives suffer from the interpretation and creativity of an intermediary. No need.
  4. Wellmont

    Looking like an elective might as well ( fun opener) passenger - great energy, firing bullets duprees - nice jam in middle stuck inside mobile high time - Jeff killed it Tom Thumb loose lucy Gset- high energy hurts me too- Lisa sing deal- always an ass shaker
  5. NYE 2017 Electric Factory 12/29-12/31

    I would like to see Dirty Dozen Brass Band also. I am big fan of that type of New Orleans music. Rebirth Brass Band is one of my favorite acts going right now. Have been wanting to see DDBB for awhile.
  6. NYE 2017 Electric Factory 12/29-12/31

    not a fan of keller. Did not go in for his set.
  7. NYE 2017 Electric Factory 12/29-12/31

    They played a full show. There are many here who know the scene much better than I. However, I am fairly certain you have nothing to worry about. I have seen DSO a couple times when an opening act was on the bill. You will get a full DSO show. Go ahead. Be greedy. Hell, maybe you'll get more than the two sets and encore you are looking for. My first DSO show was about 6 years ago at the Electric Factory They did a 3 set recreation from 1980. Life is like a box of chocolate....
  8. NYE 2017 Electric Factory 12/29-12/31

    pretty sure Keller Williams was at the NYE run last year also. I only saw one night and he did not share the stage with DSO at all.
  9. JRAD....???

    Good Luck Rude. If you are the type of person who can willfully elevate your game, then you will succeed in having a good time. I am not. I spent a lot of time waiting for jams to end because there wasn't too much there. I have read many of your posts. I know dancing, dance energy, and dance space are important to you. On this particular night, there was none of that at JRAD. No dancers at all except a handful of people out by the concessions. This particular venue did not oversell and there was plenty of space to dance. I just didn't see many using it. Nor was I inclined to use it because much of the music was not danceable. A packed house of head bobbers, who were all perfectly thrilled with the band. As stated before, this was the Grateful Dead with a couple of extra Y chromosomes. No female energy at all. I don't mean to offend anyone with this statement. I am really only using it because I know it will be understood. I kept thinking that JRAD is Grateful Dead music for frat guys. I gathered by your post that you have not seen them before. If I am correct, I think a 4 night stand is a little risky. FYI - my friend and I got our tickets from Stubhub because the venue was sold out. If any of the venues where you are heading are sold out, you will not have any problem selling them. I think you are correct to stress it, and you may want to hedge your bet here and sell a couple tickets. As a side note.....the same person who coerced me to see DSO some years ago is the same person who got me to go to JRAD. He has great taste in music. So......take what I say with a grain of salt. Maybe it's just me. Either way, I had a great night with one of my favorite people.
  10. JRAD....???

    Well....I attended the JRAD show. As I had hoped, a fun night with a great friend. I figured I would put a bow on this thread. For those of you who have not seen JRAD, this may inform you further on whether you want to make the effort or not. In general, they are not my cup of tea and I do not see myself going again. Here are some observations. 1) They are playing Grateful Dead songs, but not Grateful Dead music. They are playing JRAD music, which is very different stylistically from the Grateful Dead. 2) A+ for creativity and providing an original take on GD songs. If that is your thing, then you will like this band. They stick to the structure in the verse/chorus......and then it's all JRAD from there. 3) There is definitely a buzz. Sold Out and people really love what they are doing. 4) One of my pet peeves within the Jam Band scene that came about in the early to mid-nineties (Phish, Blues Traveler, MOE, Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident, God Street Wine, etc...) is the abundance of what I called pointless jamming. Just because you can jam for 10 minutes in a song, does not make it interesting to the discerning listener, and especially the dancer. Therein lies one of the major differences between the Grateful Dead and Jam Bands. The Grateful Dead "jams" have texture, variability, interesting and unexpected crescendos.........and MOST IMPROTANTLY, Grateful Dead jams contain melody. I use the bands above as examples of the "jam bands" and not necessarily a statement of their ability to "jam" in an interesting way. That is purely in the eye of the listener. In my opinion, JRAD has a lot of pointless jamming. Long extended jams that were repetitive, non-melodic, and not very interesting or danceable. 4) Lots of shredding from one of the lead guitar players. This is an example of what I mean by playing "grateful dead songs, but not grateful dead" music. When they get outside of the song structure, they are a very different band than the GD. In the same way I felt Chan's "shredding" detracted from what Blues Traveler could do........so it is with JRAD. 5) Starting at the pre-show bar, and continuing through the end of the night........there was nothing but male energy happening. This is a Grateful Dead cover band with a couple extra Y chromosomes. All male energy inside. Lots of head bobbing. 6) Very little dancing. In the same way this is not GD music, this is not a GD dance scene. The jams were not at all danceable for me. That being said....when they were playing it straight, they could find an excellent dance groove. Their groove in Dancin In the Streets was excellent. 7) Very predictable crescendos in all of their jams. Start playing at a regular pace and then speed it up really fast, into a sudden and intense stop. To me, that is lowest common denominator "jamming". 8) Surprisingly, the one ballad they played was the best song of the night. The lead guitarist was awesome on Black Peter. It was amazing. 9) Keyboardist is excellent. The setlist was as follows; Gonesville Cats down under the stars Throwing stones must have been the roses Box of rain Saint of Cirsumstance Dancin UJB King Solomon Black Peter Other One Rider Touch of gray
  11. JRAD....???

    great reviews thanks. The idea of not playing full songs and straying too far away from the "constitution" are the kinds of things that are likely to kill a groove for me. However, nice to see others on the site speak very highly of them. Looking forward to it and the feedback from all is much appreciated. I can only say that after 16 years of thinking that transcendence through music was a thing of the past for me......I found DSO in 2011. I am so happy I found them, and should have listened to all the people who told me to go years earlier!
  12. JRAD....???

    I'm from Philly. I've got the itch, but Montclair wasn't in the cards this past weekend. Penn's Peak doesn't work for me either. A friend wants me to go with him to see JRAD next weekend. I am very discerning about my Dead music. Anyone have any reviews on JRAD they would like to share? Are they a Dead cover band......or are they DSO / Grateful Dead? Can they get you to those special places? I am going no matter what. Great fiend who I love to spend time with. Just looking to set my expectations.....cause I'm that type of guy.
  13. Sounded so Sweet

    I am going to interpret your question as follows....the Great Gig in The Sky tells me that I will have one last chance in life to dance. What song am I picking? The contenders are; Music Never Stopped Lost>Saint Sugar Magnolia>SSDD Big Railroad Blues China>Rider Almost any of the Bobby Cowboy Songs BIODTL I gotta go Sugar Mags>SSDD. It's never failed me.
  14. Great question PG. 1. Obvious question, but am interested in the answer.......does he have a favorite era/keyboardist to perform?
  15. A Little Help?

    Most prescription and drug deaths are self-inflicted. People choose to take the drug and they die. Is there a new epidemic of people forcing others to ingest drugs and killing them? Sorry, I have not heard of it. There is a major difference between people dying and people getting murdered. People use guns to commit murder. People do not use drugs to directly commit murder. Again....your equivalency is very flawed.